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Estes Stats

Battle Point Cost24000
Diamond Cost499
Movement Speed240
Physical Attack115
Physical Defense13
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed10
HP Regen Rate36
Mana Regen Rate18

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Estes Abilities

Moonlight Immersion

Estes restores 250 (+30% Total Magic Power) points of HP for the target hero immediately and links himself with the target for 3s, restoring 325 (+30% Total Magic Power) points of HP for the target slowly. Linking with an ally will also improve his own Attack, and increase the energy charging speed of the Code of Moon Elves. (Scales with the number and the attributes of allied heroes.) Being too far from the target will break the link.

Domain of Moon God

Estes drops a flood of moonlight upon the designated area, dealing 350 (+70% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemy units within it. Afterwards, it turns to a domain of Moon Goddess. Enemies will be slowed down by 90% when they touch the barrier of the domain area. Lasts 1.5s. (This slowing Effect will disappear slightly with the time.)

Blessing of Moon Goddess

Estes will immediately cast ehanced Moonlight Immersion to all allied heroes nearby. Enhance Moonlight Immersion within 8s. Meanwhile, he will regenerate 1260 (+105% Total Magic Power) points of HP continously.

Scripture of the Moon Elf

Code of Moon Elves will charge energy into Estes slowly. When it stacks up to 100, it will improve his next Basic Attack, dealing 250 (+100% Total Physical ATK) (+150% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to the target. The damage will ricochet, dealing 125 (+50% Total Physical ATK) (+75% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to nearby enemies and slowing them by 60%. Lasts 1.5s.

Estes Guide


Estes, the Moon Elf King is a support, healer with some crowd control. Estes is specialized in team healing and MORE healing. Support role is not really a "thing" in Mobile Legends:Bang Bang due to the meta, but Estes could definitely be a real support in the game and help your allies to win the game. If you like supporting, healing tons of allies' missing health point while dealing some crowd controls, Estes is the right choice for you.



At the habitat of moon elves, somewhere west of the Moonlake, here locates the legendary Emerald Woodland, which was the birthplace of the first generation of elves. Every elven king was born in the Tree of Life at the center of the Emerald Woodland. The elven king of present generation is the unique Estes, who was badly hurt during the second plane war and had to go into sleep in the Emerald Woodland. Moon elves lost the guide from their king ever since. However, when the flames of wars between human and orcs burned on this peaceful woodland, the young Moonlight Archer - Miya, stood up and gathered rest elves to protect their homeland. However the dominator of dark abyss is thirsty for more believers and the dark force has been growing stronger in secret. Seduced by the Blood Queen, Alice, some young elves have fallen. The race of moon elves was once again at stake, which outraged the great elven king! At a night of thunder and lightning, Estes woke up. He's strict but benevolent, and entitled with the strength by the sacred moonlight to protect his people and to support his allies. With the Code of Moonlight in his hands, he sword to repel every enemy who dares to violate his homeland.

To be honest, Estes's lore is one of the longest but also interesting, I would never know Alice, Estes and Miya is related if I didn't read it.




You can either max Moonlight Immersion for massive heal or Domain of Moon Goddess for more damage, and poke. I would recommend maxing Moonlight Emersion first for full support.

 The Code of Moon Elves (Passive): Code of Moon Elves will charge energy into Estes slowly. When it reaches the max stacking layer, it will improve his next basic attack, dealing 450 pts of magic damage to the target while slowing it down. The damage will ricochet and deal 225 pts of magic damage to nearby enemies.

  • Harassing, free bonus damage for poking.

-Keep an eye for the layer stacking, make sure to use your basic attack to harass your enemies, especially during laning phase.


 Moonlight Immersion: Restores 200pts of HP for the target immediately and links Estes with it for 3s which will restore 250 pts of HP for the target slowly. Linking with an ally will also improve the energy charging speed of the Code of Moon Elves. Being too far from the target will break the link.

  • Your main healing ability, this ability makes you and your ally so strong in laning phase that you could almost win any enemy.

  • Do not hesitate to trade damage, poke against the enemy as you have heal to back up your health points.

  • You can manually aim target to heal your desired ones but I don't see a point doing it. It will automatically heals your allies who had the lowest health points % in your ability range.

  • You can heal BOTH you and your ally at the same time.


 Domain of Moon Goddess: A flood of m0onlight falls upon the specified area, dealing 350 pts of magic damage to enemy units within it. Afterwards, it turn to a domain of Moon Goddess. Enemies will be slowed down when they touch the barrier of the domain area.

  • Your AOE harassing ability, you can do so much annoying stuffs to frustrate your enemy such as using it to stop their regeneration due to the ability's range.

  • The crowd control isn't huge but good enough to chase down enemies and slow them down for your team to finish them off.


 Blessing of Moon Goddess (Ultimate): Incarnates into the Saint King of Moonlight for 8s, intensifying the effect of Moonlight Immersion. After casting the Blessing of Moon Goddess, Estes will release Moonlight Immersion one time for surrounding allied heroes. In the duration of the Blessing of the Goddess, Estes will consistently heal for himself totally 1080 pts of HP.

  • Estes's Ultimate works different among the others. Basically, when you use Blessing of Moon Goddess, it removes the remaining cooldown of Moonlight Immersion and enhances it into a better AOE multiple target team heal.

  • Basic healing combo in teamfight would be as follows: Moonlight Immersion > Blessing of Moon Goddess > Moonlight Immersion. But of course, stay in the range of healing so you could heal your entire team.

  • The healing is so huge that you could turn a losing teamfight into your side.



The ideal of item build for Estes is to be fast, high/maxed cooldown reduction and tanky enough so you don't be the first one to die, otherwise you can't support your team!

The core items to do so would be:

Rapid Boots - The only useful boots for Estes, speed is all you need to follow up your team.

Enchanted Talisman- Cooldown reduction, some HP and Magic Power, everything Estes needs.

Dominance Ice- More cooldown reduction, mana, armor and unique effects.

Immortality- HP , Magic resistance, resurrection. You are gonna need to survive the teamfight longer than your teammates.

The other two slots could be anything you like base on your preferences, it could be Courage Bulwark to boost your teammates, more magic damage, it could be anything, it's really up to you. Most of the games would end by the time you got your fourth item.


Battle Spells

At this point, Estes don't really need any other spells than Purify or Flicker to increase the chance of yourself surviving, it's important. Don't unlock flicker with 199 gems tho! Wait till you're level 19 if you haven't already.



Game Plan & Summary

Always, always, always lane with a good hero for Estes. What would be a good hero to lane with?

It could be any fighter, any marksman.

Bad hero to lane with Estes?

Any mages, some tanks "such as Franco", and obviously, not with another support LOL.

NEVER EVER go solo lane with Estes.

Get your two Magic Necklaces as your first items to maintain your mana, poke and harass as much as you can, follow your ally and heal whenever you can, don't get too deep and get caught by enemy. Do not hesitate to trade damage and use your abilities!

Estes's role is simple, follow your team, heal and harass, do some crowd control and don't forget to basic attack to proc your passive. Try not to be the first to die in a teamfight, you won't able to heal and support your team this way.

Stay behind your team , together with your marksman , carry, or mages. Heal, ultimate whenever your team is low, use your crowd control ability, etc.

Most important thing, DON'T DIE FIRST!

I had a blast with Estes, he is really fun, especially when you are playing with a friend who is playing some sort of fighter, carry such as Freya, it's really fun seeing Freya goes god-mode and un-kill-able because your heals are so high. Let me know what heroes guide you guys would want to see in the comments below, I'll be sure to write one whenever I got experienced with it! Peace out.

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