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Clint Stats

Battle Point Cost15000
Movement Speed240
Physical Attack115
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.84
HP Regen Rate36
Mana Regen Rate15

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Clint Abilities

Quick Draw

Each time Clint casts a skill, his next Basic Attack penetrates a line of targets, dealing Physical Damage that can inherit 120% of ATK Effect. This skill can be critical.

Blind Smoke

Clint projects a smoke bomb, dealing 200 (+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies in the area. The hit rate of enemies' Basic Attacks in the smoke area is decreased by 25% and their Movement Speed is decreased by 40%.

Heel Rope

Clint shoots a trap net forwards, dealing 140 (+30% Total Physical ATK)(+30% Total Magic Power) points of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by 40% for 2. He will also jump back a little at the same time.


Clint launches a grenade in a designated direction. The grenade explodes and deals 250 (+80% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies. 1 grenade can be restored every 10s up to 5. Restore time is affected by Cooldown Reduction.

Clint Guide


Are you tired of playing/seeing Moskov in every single game?

I have been seeing Moskov in every single game, yes I know it is the strongest marksman right now but Clint is strong as well. It gets boring with Moskov so why not Clint?!

Clint is a very special type of marksman, he is like a little mixture of spell caster + marksman which makes him really interesting. To make use of Clint's uniqueness, we have Endless Battle to have extra damage. Clint's passive makes him extremely safe in teamfight due to his longer range of basic attacks compare with most marksmen.



No one knows where he comes from or why he fights, but everyone born in the Wastelands knows that he is the only semblance of justice in these parts. Even the boldest of thieves wouldn't dare to challenge Clint and his six shooters. With his lightning reflexes and unparalleled accuracy, a flurry of bullets would be buried in his enemies' foreheads before they had time to blink. He only draws his guns for what he believes are just causes, but when he does, there's hardly a villain alive who can escape his righteous barrels.

Yeap, he is a cowboy.



Always use your abilities in between basic attack, don't spam all abilities at once, for example, Blind Smoke, basic attack, howitzer, basic attack, howitzer, basic attack so it goes on. It's for making use of your Passive and Endless Battle.

Max Blind Smoke first, Howitzer (Ultimate) whenever you can, Heel Rope rest.


 Quick Draw (Passive): After releasing a skill, next basic attack will penetrate attacks along a straight line, dealing 120% damage of basic attack as damage.

-No cooldown on this passive, so make sure don't spam your skill for nothing!

-Quick Draw's penetration works similar to Moskov, but only 1 basic attack after a skill used and hits a lot harder.

-Works well with crit

-It grants you bonus basic attack range


 Blind Smoke: Projects a smoke shell, dealing 160 pts of physical damage to enemies in the area. The basic attack's hit rate of enemy heroes in the smoke area will decrease by 25%, movement speed decrease by 60%.

-This ability is very strong against marksman as it reduce the hit rate of the enemy heroes, while slowing them, buying you sometime to run/chase/trade damage.

-Just auto-aim with this one :) don't bother manually aim (you could inflict more damage if you spend the time attacking instead of manually aiming)


 Heel Rope: Shoots a trap net forwards, dealing 160 pts of physical damage to the first enemy it touches and slow the enemy down. Meanwhile the hero will step back for a section of distance.

-Manually aim, just gonna take some time for getting the beat to this one.

-Your kiting/chasing/running ability, don't use this for inflicting damage if unnecessary.


 Howitzer (Ultimate): Launches a grenade toward the target, dealing 230 pts of physical damage when it hits and explodes. It can stack up to 5 grenades.

-This skill don't hurt too much in late game by itself, but it triggers your passive. Use it wise!

-Auto-aim, same reason as Blind Smoke.


Ignore the 3rd item build...

Well, obviously the first build is my favorite! I have changed my build several times and I loved this build the most. It grants you great clear speed (which you really need especially there is Moskov now if you want to compete farming), attack speed and some bonus damage in early game.

The power spike increases a lot, when you acquired a Blade of Destruction. There is when you deal massive, tons of damage. This item build works really good with your passive, Quick Draw. I feel that it's unnecessary to buy Tooth of Greed as Clint's skill set has made him very safe to play. The lifesteal from Endless Battle is more than enough.

Feel free to buy Immortality if you have trouble surviving against assassins, probably Karina or Natalia.

Battle Spells

My favorite spell on Clint, Purify or Flicker is definitely better in high ranked games for survivability but I love to farm quickly than the others, especially the enemy team so I could carry my team.

Best defensive spell on Clint. Works well against crowd controls such as Saber, Natalia and Tigreal.

More utility! and again, user's preference!


Emblem Sets and In-Game Settings

I have been using Physical Emblem Set, having no problem in ranked games or whatsoever. Easiest to level up and grants decent bonus but of course, use others if you have something else better!

Well let's talk a little about Hero Lock Mode. If you haven't turn it on, I highly recommend you to turn it on. You can find it in System/Settings > Controls in game. Takes some time for you to learn using it tho.

To be honest, I didn't know this "mode/setting" exist until I was bored and decided to turn it on for fun. I had no problems playing Clint without this mode. If you are curious, I made it to Glorious Legend with Clint only :P

So… don't force yourself if you don't like it! But it is definitely better with this mode, I'm pretty sure you can do better than me!


Game Plan

Early Game

Mid lane is the way to go, start with a Tier-1 Jungle Item Hunter's Knife (don't upgrade it!) or two Magic Necklace to help with sustaining your mana or both (user's preference). Myself, I prefer Hunter's Knife since I'm taking retribution as my battle spell. Unlike other marksmen, Clint is pretty strong early game so feel free to trade against the enemy if needed. Sometimes you might even get some kills!

Early game plan is fairly simple, farm farm farm. Clear your lanes, jungle, repeat. Make sure you don't miss any minions in lane. If your enemy mid lane missing, warn your team. Proceed to push mid lane if your minions is alive, otherwise jungle or help your team. Most of the situations, it's better to push the turret. Clint have fairly low gank potential, so don't gank! But of course, if your team needs help, give them a hand.


Mid Game-Late Game

Stick as 5, get ready for teamfights. Don't walk infront of your team, always stay behind. Don't get out of positioning. Get objectives, turrets, lords and turtles. Shoot whoever you can in teamfight, no matter what, do not proceed into their backlines and try to take them down on your own. Unless.. you can! :P

Don't spam basic attack in teamfights tho, use your abilities! Make use of your passive, Heel Rope out of danger zone if needed. Walk/Run to safe zone before start inflicting damage again.

Clint is too risky to split push (especially if the enemy team has assassin such as Hayabusa, Karina, Fanny, Natalia), your escape is slow and it's either you kill them or you die. If you do, don't get too far away into the enemy team, look at the map and prepare to whenever someone's missing.








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