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Aurora Stats

Battle Point Cost24000
Diamond Cost499
Movement Speed245
Physical Attack105
Physical Defense17
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed1
HP Regen Rate34
Mana Regen Rate23

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Aurora Abilities

Pride of Ice

Each time her skill is cast, one unit of frost energy will be added to Aurora. When 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next damage of Frozen freezes the target. Lasts 1.5s. All skills can deal extra 30% Magic Damage to the targets with Frozen Effect.

Frost Shock

Aurora fires a Frost Energy Missle. Upon hitting enemies, it will detonate and deal 300 (+130% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slow enemies by 25%. Lasts 1.5s.

Cold Destruction

Aurora summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location, and all enemies hit will take 900 (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and be slowed by 90%. Lasts 1.5s. Surrounding enemies of the target will also take 450 (+90% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slowed by 60%. Lasts 1.5s.

Bitter Frost

Aurora deals 530 (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage at a designated target and slow the target by 80%. Lasts 1.5s.

Aurora Guide


Hey guys and again, welcome back to the guide. Today I will introduce a hero that I have been playing in this free hero rotation week. Guess who? You may be right, you may be not but anyway it's Aurora, Queen of the North (sounds like a Game of Thrones reference). I have a "BLAST" with her. She is a burst + crowd control type of mage. I will explain more about her ability and kits below, don't forget to check out pros and cons to know what you're stepping into. I would say the difficulty level would be… 3/10. It's really easy trust me!


Aurora, born in a windstorm and with a great power of controlling ice and snow, is the queen of the northernmost land – Nost Gal, the dominator of the Frozen Sea and the Guardian of the Land of Dawn. Although they are all on this northernmost land, Aurora never had any interest in the conflicts between Franco and Bane. She was born powerful and extraordinary. As one of the four Guardians of the Land of Dawn, she undertakes all those responsibilities of protecting the world, protecting its border and ensuring its safety from the spacetime rifts and monsters. During a horrible plane fight, Aurora lost one arm, along with her guardian knight. after this experience, the young queen became solemn and cold, silent and full of sorrow. When she riding on the wind of travels, there’s only snow and ice keeping her company.


 Pride of Ice (Passive): Each time the skill is released, one unit of frost energy will be added to the hero, when 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next skill damage will freeze the target. All skills can cause extra magic damage to the frozen target.

-Very important ability. You SHOULD to stack to 4 units of frost energy before you unleash your ultimate to do a massive crazy AOE damage and freeze the entire enemy team.

-All your ability will only freeze IF IT'S 4 UNIT STACKED.




 Frost Shock: Fires forward a Frost Energy Missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonate and deal 240 pts of radial magical damage and slow enemies down.

-Max this first! Very annoying/harassing AOE ability.

-Spam-able and also your constant damage ability, the only problem would be your mana pool.




 Bitter Frost: Deals 420 magic damage at specified target and causes target's movement speed to drop 80% for 1.5s.

-Target skill, you won't miss! You can use Bitter Frost with 4 stacks of Pride of Ice (Passive) to do a gank early on.



 Coldness Destroy (Ultimate): Summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location, all enemy heroes hit will be slowed down and receive 800 pts of magic damage. Surrounding enemies of the target location where the rock lands also will be slowed down and receive 400 pts of magic damage.

-Massive-large AOE damage, very destructive with passive stacked. Extremely powerful in teamfights!



Pros & Cons


  • Very stable/constant damage
  • Crazy amount of crowd control
  • Large AOE freeze and slow!
  • High burst
  • Very strong in teamfight
  • Game-changing ultimate


  • Mana is a problem for your first ability
  • No mobility..
  • Squishy

But hey, don't feel disappointed, every heroes should have pros & cons at the same time, otherwise it would be OVERPOWERED. Aurora is very strong, but balanced.



Items & Battle Spells

The main core items are:

  • Enchanted Talisman - Mana regen, a bit of HP, CDR reduction and of course, Magic Power. Overall, the best item and a must-have on Aurora.
  • Holy Crystal - Lots of magic power, combo well with ultimate. 3 stacks of passive -> any ability -> ultimate to make use of AOE ultimate damage
  • Arcane Boots - Magic penetration!
  • Devil Tears - Magic Power , A LOT OF MAGIC PENETRATION!

Good items: (At this point, game usually ends after all the core items have been bought, if not here are some good items)

  • Lightning Truncheon - Magic Power , Mana regen , another bonus damage for your ultimate
  • Blood Wings - Large magic power boost , and HP


Flicker seems to be the best choice here as always, otherwise Purify for more defensive instead of mobility-defensive-offensive (Flicker). If you don't like these both, try something different and let me know if it works out for you!





Game Plan

Early game plan - Start out with magic necklaces (2-3 is recommended) to sustain your mana problems, if possible get blue buff early on would be extremely helpful, especially when you are low on mana. Get a non-upgraded boots early on might be useful for early-ganks as Aurora ability could actually help ganks other lane easier than any other heroes due to her crowd control potential.  You don't have to wait till Level 4 for your ultimate. Simply stack to 4 units of your passive, proceeds into any lane you would want to gank, Bitter Frost to freeze and slow the target, finish the target with your teammate. It sound simple but it can be a very powerful gank.


Mid-late game plan - You really want to make sure you have 3-4 stack of your passive AT ALL TIMES. You will never know when a teamfight will occur, you will want to be ready all of the time, especially when your team is grouping. You can always start or initiate a teamfight with your ultimate, combined with your passive, Coldness Destroy can be extremely powerful, burst-ish and massive AOE freeze. Otherwise, if your team have another initiator for example, Tigreal, you could always wait for a wombo combo. Another reminder, 3-4 STACK Pride of Ice (Passive) at all times.

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