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Dragonball FighterZ Patch Notes Goku Day - New Character and Trailer

Dec 2019
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To celebrate “Goku Day” on 9th May - named to match the dates 5/9 (respectivelely pronounced go 五 and kyū 九 in Japanese) - we’re pleased to release the latest DRAGON BALL FighterZ character - Goku (GT) - available as part of the FighterZ Pass 2 or to purchase separately from today.

Watch the special trailer to celebrate this special day:

Connect online today before 23:59 Japan Time / 17:00 Central EU time / 08:00 Pacific Time (US) to get the exclusive Z Medal: Goku for your Z trophy room.
Pay also a visit to the Party Battle section updated today to test your might against the different forms of the most famous Saiyan around!

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