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Call Of Duty Mobile Things You Need To Know

by GamerHub
Dec 28, 2019
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With CoD: Mobile being close to a full release, we have gathered some info on what you should be expecting from the official game when it comes out.

The game has elements from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series and various maps such as the Newtown and Crash Kill House. Even the weapons are mixed and come from previous Call of Duty titles. Things like killstreaks are also present in the game.

Micro Transactions

With this being on mobile, there is no question that you will be baited by weapon/character skins and other nifty perks. You will get a sneak peek of the weapon skins later on this post.

Daily and Level Missions

You can do daily and level missions to collect command points which can be used to get other items.

Multiplayer and Zombie Mode

There will be Battle Royale mode much like Fortnite and other popular FPS games. The other mode is zombies, where you get to kill many of them. There are also various guns and operators that specialise in killing them.

Weapons and Grenades (+Skins)

With various weapons from previous titles, it is great to see this as more players will be familiar with the awesome guns available. The cool thing is that they all have their own special skins (which is probably a micro transaction), which I have attached a few below:

Each of them also comes with some stats such as damage, fire rate, accuracy, mobility and range. Different modes will also call for different types of guns.

Soldiers, Operator Skills and Stats

You can choose and use various soldiers with unique operator skills that can aid you in battle.

You also check your stats to see how you are performing in game.

System Settings

The graphic quality for the game is quite high and you might not get the best experience if you are playing it on the lowest quality. But hey, it is better than nothing!

Check out some gameplay below to get a good idea on what you should be expecting. We are all excited for the game to be released soon!



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