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Black Clover Global Release Date

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Jan 15, 2020
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Black Clover Phantom Knights Global Release Date

When is it finally launching? Fans only have to wait a few days, since the global release date of the hotly anticipated gacha game has been announced as before** January 30**, 2020 with pre-registration now open on Android & iOS.

What Is Black Clover Phanton Knights?

Players of Bandai Namco's newest gacha will be able to "defend their kingdom while creating the strongest magic knights brigade" using mechanics familiar to players of games like



Battles take place on grids of various sizes, eg 3x7, and two teams face off over the course of multiple turns, attacking across the center of the screen to deal damage and knock out the enemy team. Individual units can be upgraded, and have unique abilities that make them more or less suited to specific scenarios and team comps.


Players can experience an engaging story set in the Shonen world of "Black Clover" as written and Illustrated by Yuki Tabata in the original Manga, and available in Anime form on CrunchyRoll.


For registering early, players will get

  • 30,000: 1800 x Black Jewel
  • 50,000 Enhancement Items Set
    • Gold Nuggets
    • Relic Enhance Materials
    • Character Enhance Materials
  • 100,000 5-Star Yuno

Who is looking forward to this one? As soon as it's out, we'll be looking to the GamerHub community to create the first Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List

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