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Arknights Beginners Guide

by Tectone
Feb 27, 2020
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Are you tired of every single person you've ever loved betraying you? Are you tired of working for a boss that you know is dumber than you? Are you tired of every single time you drop a piece of toast it lands peanut butter side down? Well today gamers in this video i will be helping you with none of that but i can teach you how to play Arknights.

Hey there bud how's it going and welcome back to my channel and if you're new here hi my name's tek dom pleasure to meet you if you liked the video make sure to leave a like and a comment and subscribe if you want. Mow that i've got my youtube corporate schilling out of the way let's get into everything that you need to know if we're starting off in Arknights.

Okay so first things first let's talk about the main hub now this is the stuff that you need to understand off the bat now when you're here there's a lot of different options. Of course i'm gonna break down literally everything here and they're gonna get into it okay first things first top top left on the right to the screen this side over here don't need to worry about you know operate a level this is where you pick up the goodies daily event a warning settings all that stuff you know special events gay friends blah blah easy as stuff understand.

Next thing okay blue rectangle things okay these are your standard currency in this game like your like your earn about currency okay like the real bread-and-butter like you know this would be like your goal equivalent of another a gotcha game now right here the red stuff or people call it a random this is the gotcha currency this is how you know do polls and all that stuff and yeah this would be your open up like gems in another game over here we have the yellow cubes which are pretty much use for refills and all that's it's like kind of overfill your sanity or energy as you call it in this game now right here this is where your sanity is shown sanity once again is the energy form of the gacha so right now have 120 out of 120 um you want to make sure this is below your cap that way it generates slowly over time combat this is where you do you know your general combat progressing the story all that stuff collect supplies gather goodies to upgrade your units the main station of fighting in the game.

Now we have squads now squads is where you can orchestrate your main team your default team before going into level operator is where all of your units are shown store is where you buy like various materials in order to upgrade your units it's like upgrade your base which i'll get into what a base is later and then recruit is to you're kind of like it's kind of like three poles every single day on units that you can kind of a pseudo aim down you can kind of increase the chance of getting a unit that you want and sometimes if a chance of getting a six-star but generally the way that you're gonna go about it to be only three fours and five stars and then you have head hunts the main way to actually you know do gotcha do polls all that stuff and then missions are kind of like your daily tasks your weekly tasks how to get free stuff by doing things that you were are going to do regardless.

Your base is where you set up kind of like idling experience and getting three supplies and materials while you're not playing so you want to make sure that's optimized all that jazz and then the depot is where you can see like your inventory where all the maps that you have it that's where they're gonna be located okay now that you're familiar with kind of how to navigate all that thing which is in my opinion the most important thing for a beginner players know.

now we're going to talk about preparing for combat before we get into combat so the big thing to know about Arknights is that almost every unit is different but there is a kind of like a way to identify in what ways that they are different um at face value before you know anything else about them so there's eight different class types so first you have vanguard which is gonna be kind of like your melee beater unit which is something that you want to start off right at the beginning of the game whenever you can because that is going to give you cost points or what cost points do is it allows you to summon other units faster and ban guards of what supply with that and you do generally innately generate cost points over time but these will also speed it up and there are some areas where you don't generate cost ones names but generally you do.

next we have sniper which is just your typical range physical dps units sometimes it might be a a we sent ob single target but generally snipers are great for being used against aerial units because melee units come out target aerial units whereas snipers can and they will blow the stuff out of them sometimes prioritizing them first before anything else so those are kind of like the best things to do in order to count to counter flying units like helicopters.

Then you have guard a guard is essentially a vanguard that doesn't give you any cost points but like kind of strictly better like it'll just do more damage it'll take more hp generally there are some outliers but generally it's kind of like a vanguard that's beefier does more damage but doesn't get you as much cost points and by that i mean gives you no consequence whatsoever then you have cast her in the exact same stuff as sniper only it's magical damage you use these type of units encountered armored units armored units are a pain in the ass if you only have physical damage because then you'll be doing **** all for damage you will be doing absolutely nothing so you use caster for aoe or single target to counter armors.

then you have defender this dude is just up it's a meat sack okay just some guy to get beat up just to stall that's pretty much all there's a stall protect your other units get beat up this this guy you know it's it's a it's it's me and third grade i'm just the guy who gets beat up.

Then you have medic a is the healer you know they heal things a wee single-target nothing complicated about that stuff put him down they heal everybody around in the vicinity.

Then you have specialist specialist it's kind of like well stuff we don't know what to call these guys so we'll just call the specialist because they do some weird stuff we don't know how to classify let's promote old special somebody have sporter yeah buffs they give buffs make you stronger make you healthier make you more thick won't make you more handsome but you know it'll make you better in battle.

Okay now that you know about class types let's talk about the elephant in the room tech tone i see a bunch of different stars is this mean all of the low stars are unbelievable no that's not really the case but there is a key difference okay so in this game there is this system called promote which is how to get to elite level zero to eat little elite level one and elite level two ok elite level two is pretty much what you want to aim for on certain units now three stars and one stars do not have elite level two okay three stars only have elite level one and what's gonna happen is each time you promote to a new elite level it's gonna reset your base level which is right here solo 40 would go down to level one and then you could upgrade all the way back up to max level again but you will keep all the sets that you have innately and now get even more so pretty much start off.

let's say you have a power of one at a base then you can go to 1.5 okay now you can reset stay at 1.5 but now you can go to two okay so now you're at two now if you don't have a level 2 then you're stuck it too but if you have a li little too then now you can go from 2 to 2.5 but you better grind your ass off and you're also getting a bunch of new traits and abilities for each time you can promote.

Now most people would think that means that all three stars 2001 sides are not reliable that's not the case for the majority of content duda obviously the higher star level you go you're gonna be stronger dude it's gone sir right it's a gotcha game okay they want you to spend money this is how they get you to spend money but i assure you Arknights is an extremely free-to-play game and a lot of the 3 stars are very very very viable and i will be making a guide in the future highlighting the best 3 stars two stars 1 stars all that ships that way you know how to aim for a nice view you're playing this game on a bunch of other than that don't worry about it ok don't worry about it.

So you know what class types and then you know about elite and promoting and how to upgrade all your stuff with that you know currency and exp there's in case i didn't explain that you pretty much just go right here you press the + button you use your currency in the top right you use these tickets that's how you level up i click check i lose a thousand five hundred currency but i get a little bit experience.

Okay now i'm gonna hook you up with a basic team composition okay now this is gonna be the team comp that you have like default before going into battle but i will encourage you to manago what it look like tinker with a little bit to suit your environment better okay so the base team come that i highly recommend is going to be - vanguard - medic - guards - defender - sniper - caster.

Okay so we have two defender right here so we have cross song and cardigan and then for our snipers we have shirayuki and we have kotal soothe and then for vanguard we have vigna and courier for medic we have shining and hibiscus and forecaster we have amia and lava and for defender we have silver ash and matsui mudder okay that's pretty much gonna be your basic comp while you're going in and progressing to the story and it's important to have that kind of bread-and-butter thing especially if you're not really wanting to you know kind of if you don't want to look into joint things if you just want to go at it just have a base team comp give it a couple shots see what doesn't and then replace.

Okay all right now we're about to get into combat but when you go to queue up into like any type of operation to fight whatsoever you're gonna see this bar right here which is recommend operate a little this will kind of give you a baseline of where you should be at before you fight but it's really not that strict i mean i do the final level where it recommends you to be elite level one at level 70 when i was still a lead level zero with like a little fifty with some characters and like elite level one it like level twenty so it's really not that strict but it is a good indicator if you just want a flat brain it and not strategize whatsoever also very important note enemy intelligence this will tell you every single unit that you are about to fight that way you can strategize proactively rather than reactively and this will show you the map.

Okay so now we can go in there and there's also this is the rewards make sure you three start otherwise you will not get all the rewards the qualification for three stars just just beat it without a single unit passing you by and also you'll unlock auto deploy and challenge mode if you three start and um deploy is really dope in this game because if you beat a map okay it will remember how you beat it and replay it exactly so it's a very easy way to grind it's a very it's a great system because there's a very very small chance that you'll actually lose once you unlock the auto deploy which is very rare and gosh because generally they set you up to lose i'm also you can't use support units through on a three-star but if you do want to use a support unit you'll get in from your buddies you can put them in but the max you can get is to start okay so that's kind of if you just don't really care about getting the auto deploy if you just want to pass it right mission start oh now we're gonna go in the loading screens actually aren't too bad in this game so they're not really gonna be a pen so we're going.

Also i highly encourage you to play the sound on the soundtrack this game is actually awesome i once again i'm gonna stop it on times too because i'm gonna absolutely roll through this content it's important notice these red lines that you see you'll see them right here this is going to show you where the enemies are going to go so you can block accordingly i'm looking vigna right in the middle because i love her and she's a vanguard and she will increase my cp generation we're gonna slap down a window korea and he will also regen my cp faster as well that were gonna put up more units we're gonna put kanasu here and now why did i put cross here okay so she is a ranged unit and i know on this map there's this dickhead right here and he's coming with a sniper rifle now what he's gonna do is he's gonna get down mic oh dal-su like a degenerate and the slit in the street unless i hide them now why is she headed because when you see a tile that is not familiar you can click it and hold it and i will actually tell you what the tile does so grass for example is the target inside the grass block will not be able to be targeted by a ranged attack now you can do that for any type of square and there's tons in this game you got holes you got lava you got other stuff oh yeah plus signs that heal you whenever you're standing in it the whole nine yards is at tons.

Make sure to click and hold so you know what you're dealing with are we're gonna continue also it's also very important that when you put down a unit okay let's put the biscuits right here when you drop her down you can be prompted you can go up down left right all that stuff you're on make sure that anybody you want to heal is in the blue zone so that way she heals whatever in that zone if something is not in that zone they will not be interacting with that zone okay same thing with everything else now also you have a blue bar which is your health pool and then you have a green bar which is your energy pool now when your energy pool fills up you'll have certain units that will activate an ability automatically or you will have other units that some have a manual ability to use and yes the only reason why that dog passed is because i'm sitting here talking okay i am not paying attention at all to this comment okay if you wanna stuff talk to me go ahead.

Also very important to note you can put you in front of other units but if their attack range exceeds um the user in front them they can't attack past them and while also being secured which is really really really nice to have yes silver ash is a base my favorite six star okay once you have another unit this will actually this year you key and when i activate her ability shut up it on a giant shuriken it'll slow them on place let me also drop some more importance as my caster this would be an aoe unit and so in some it steps up close also these guys are shrouded once again every single map has a new mechanic so we're using the stealth mechanic for us they're using their shroud mechanic i cannot target them until they hit something or if i have a stealth revealer which i do not have so they're gonna walk straight past me which is like none of my units are interacting but yeah i'm always stay on your toes this game there will be different mechanics like this all the time there is barely any static miss in this entire game you will never get comfortable you will never be doing more of the same everything will be changed its really really really cool.

Also important to note if you click right here some units should only block one thing at a time if you can notice the stats right here this year you can only block one thing whereas currier can block two things silver ash can block two things so on so forth but regardless you want to make sure that the amount of blockers that you have is in accordance to how many units are coming because if you cannot block the amount of units that are coming they're going to pass and you are going to lose and that's pretty much everything you need to know about combat now of course there's a ton of more stuff to talk about this game k this is a huge game and if you want to hear all that stuff when it comes out feel free to subscribe i'm gonna be updating this stuff constantly but the last thing that i feel that every beginner should know without overwhelming anybody too much information it's like what the hell is a bass man okay what is this stuff cuz this is actually it's complicated it really is but once you kind of get it it's like riding a bike once you learn it once you'll never forget so the notifications up here and be like what all do you need to interact with and then you look down here after you click it i'll kind of move out of the way here and cuz the collectables you can tap that stuff all that goes in your inventory orders you go to your trading post you click the orders and then you tap this stuff if you have more than one you use the tabs click this stuff and then we go over here and then we see the distracted operators.

And what distracted operators means is that a distracted operators morale has reached zero whenever when they when the operators when we're out reaches reaches zero that means they are not going to do stuff for you anymore and you better give them a break ok so then any distracted operator that you have needs to go to the dormitory when they go to the dormitory that's how you regen your morale okay so i'll take these three out because their max as you can see by their meter fully happy whereas these guys are fully depressed probably listening to green day or bayside some stuff like that ok so you're on here the morale will generate over time you'll be good to go and you can put them back wherever you need them now when i say put them back wherever you need them how the hell am i supposed to know where you're gonna need them so if you go to the operator section stewards about a leave anyways ok he's a tired boy we're gonna go to a sign and you'll click right here ok and then right here on the bottom left it's gonna tell you everything you need to know about the operator so right here it's gonna say when this operator is assigned to the hr office hr accumulating people's 40% and also when this operator is assigned to a trading post order acquisition efficiency plus 25% and the order limit plus 1 now the game does a great job of if you are trying to assign a unit into a certain station it'll move that unit as far left as possible that way you don't really have to think too much i'm gonna slap work it in there and we're gonna be good to go.

okay so you know about morale you know about that where you got to put them in how to regen all that stuff and what the three facilities do power plants you put units in here there they help you generate power power is something that generates every other operation in the entire facility so for example you know this factory right here is going to take 10 power ok and then this power plant is going to generate 60 power so you can have one factory or so you have six factories per one power plant that you have that way everything will run smoothly okay so now we're gonna talk about base setups and this is the most important thing is about these nine slots right here what do you want to fill in with okay so there are two routes that i can recommend you can go the two five two routes which is two trading posts five factories two power plants or you can go to trading post five factories three power plants they are they are sorry two trading posts four factories three power plants they are both fine you can do either personally i'm gonna do - five - because i'm gonna stay more on top of my stuff but you if you want to be more lucky days ago with it you can go two for three it's a more balanced way that's not too intensive it is whatever you want to do they are both fine now the control center is where you upgrade your entire facility if you upgrade your control something you can put a lot more buildings down you know more dormitories more factories more power plants more trading post and there's also a great place to you can put your your best units in here i pretty much always recommend having a man here i don't have her in here right now but the units that are put in here are going to generate try a lot faster in a case i didn't explain it earlier trust is kind of like your battle experience and that will make your unit stronger innately over time until you cap it out so the more you use your units in combat or the more they're in a base the more trust will generate to you and the more allegiance they will have towards you which means they're gonna want to fight better for you all that stuff it's very intuitive the more somebody trusts you the more they're gonna try for you and it's very very simple and that's pretty much everything that you need to know about basis as fundamental of course i'm gonna do a full in-depth kind of base later and i'll explain absolutely everything but to keep this video digestible i'm gonna call it here.

okay this is a huge game all right this is a massive game and there is so much more that i need to explain than i did right now and i'm going to in the future but if you're like thirsty and hungry first of all subscribe get updated instantly also join the reddit it's reddit.com force as Arknights just google it join the Arknights discord join my discord talk about that stuff all you like i'm gonna make a lot more videos on this but just to keep it digestible i feel like this is like the bare bones that you need to know when you go into guys like dude when i entered this game i was lost his stuff i was like holy **** this ui is clean but there's so much stuff to understand so i'm hoping if you've never played the game or if you just started playing the game hopefully that clarified stuff a little bit more once again this is just a stream lament and i didn't want to do anything like you have to do this you play the game however you want to boo boo okay i'm just here that if you want a helping hand hey i doubt you buddy okay wash your hands okay looking kind of gross regardless i'm gonna get out of here i hope you enjoyed the video.

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