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Arknights 10 Mistakes To Avoid

by Tectone
Mar 06, 2020
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Mephisto hates doctors want to be him find out these 10 common beginner mistakes that you can avoid that way you can be just like him.

Okay now look y'all know i love park now it's okay. The ui super clean, the combat super fun but this game it has a lot of reading i ain't much of a reader. When i go to play a game, or a mobile game specifically, i'm not expecting to read the trilogy of lord of the rings and the amount of goddamn text that there is in this game… I'm not gonna fail anybody who skims over some potentially important information in the piles and piles and piles of info. There's some shit in this game that's crazy important that you have to do but i have still not been told to do it yet it'll benefit you from like literally stage one so i'm gonna explain all that shit and is neat and compiled as possible hope you enjoy

If it's your first time the channel i hope you'll subscribe but if you don't it's okay i understand i hate me too let's get into the video you know one of the beautiful things that this game does right off the bat is when you do your first ten poll you're gonna get a guaranteed match six which is the highest star level in the entire game now when you get that you're gonna be really excited like oh shit mat 6 baby i'm gonna dump all my shit into it you cannot do that okay you cannot do that you need to spread out your resources amongst 12 different units and yes i'm going to make a video in the future of full and death beginner's guide talking about what units to invest in and like a whole team of 12 that you can invest in right off the bat and be super clean but for real don't invest into the big shiny not six that you get right off of that you can use them but you're gonna want to level everything up at the exact same time and not be like i'll get this one guy at level 50 and the rest of my other cares be absolute trash cans you will get stuck it will suck and you won't win.

okay the next thing that you're gonna get into me about an hour into the game is you're gonna unlock this whole big bassy which is a lot of fun but you need to put units and each one of your bases in order to keep things running smoothly and as efficiently as possible it would be incredibly easy for you to overlook that using specific units benefit you more if they're using certain areas so if you go into your little operator section click on the character it'll be like assigned slot right here each character that you click will have a little blurb at the bottom left that will actually tell you what area there that they have the most benefit and so for example currently i am in the let's let's go to the factory right we'll go to the factory and we'll click operator and currently we have cardigan in here and in the bottom left it says when this operator is assigned to a factory capacity limit plus 6 and productivity plus 10 right here same thing for across the girl who never shuts her mouth when this operator is assigned to a factory productivity plus 50% now the game does do a nice thing and moves all the characters that have more benefit in whatever area that you're in further to the left so generally you should be good but a lot of people may not think that and they may just think oh i want my cool character being here because i want to see them in the factory just giving you a heads up it does matter what you put in there and you wouldn't want to overlook that.

so another big thing to note about in this game you don't gain like experience and strength ah when you use specific units in combat you gain trust which is a totally different thing that i'll talk about in another video but you still need to level up your units and the way to do that is to get tickets which you can drop from pretty much anywhere and get credits which can also drop in pretty much everywhere but there are special dungeons that you can do other cargo escort which is open on tuesday thursday saturday and sunday and then the tactical drill to farm exp tickets is open pretty much all the time but some people that i see farm exp tickets over and over and over and over and over again but if you only farm exp tickets you need to have currency in order to use those exp tickets so when you're farming tickets are when you're farming credits you have to do them both at the same time or at least have checks and balances to make sure to have the proper credits and or to spend the tickets because if you don't then you're going to have all these tickets and have no money to spend them on or you're gonna have all this credits and no way to do anything with them so just for example all you know i'll pump like you know like ten and cross right now and if you see next the attributes it actually says this will cost eleven thousand two hundred and eighty eight experience to use and let me really get out of the way to get to level twenty eight right there okay so it does cost esp tickets and credit so when you are farming them both just make sure that you're balancing the amount that you have together.

so look if you played a gotcha dude you know it sucks ass having to disband polls and spam polls whenever you just so happen to get the ability to summon but organize this something really dublin i really appreciate and pretty much let you pull like every single time that you log on if you log in i don't know three times every day okay so it brings in the recruit system and now when you look at the recruit system you can get overwhelmed by how many different buttons there are to press in order to get free shit okay like there's a lot like you increase this time by increments of ten and it's not changing anything so why would i do that well what it does is the higher that you increase it the longer or the higher change that you'll actually get up getting a three star 4 star 5 star as a blanket rule pretty much always keep this shit at nine hours if you don't know what you're doing other is more complicated shit that i will explain in a future video i don't want to do it on this video to keep this video shorter and more digestible but trust me if you want to see that video make sure to subscribe if you like and yeah the recruits ism is extremely generous but for now just keep this shit on nine hours no matter what use whatever tags that you like yeah just nine hours of blanket rule when you're starting off

okay now here's a mindset that ain't nobody gonna be in unless there's some it's like japanese kid in an anime and that mindset is oh maybe if i kill myself i'll get good shit let me show you what this game does okay so when you summon a unit right now i'm gonna go up to thirteen right and now i'm gonna summon vigna it's gonna cost eight so i'm gonna go down to five now she's out there and generally when i started playing i was like okay she's out there she's good to go okay but what's gonna happen is when your unit dies she's dead and she's gone but what you can do is is if your units are getting low and they're about to die you can click on them again and you can presley retreat from battlefield button and she cost eight so when ira funds in her i got some of the cp back now generally there are certain units particularly in the vanguard field that you can get all of the cp back that you used but as a blanket roll it doesn't stop right there so i summon her for like i don't know 15 i click on her again and i retreat and i get half of her points back again which is a general blanket rule of every single units you need to micromanage everything one of the units do not let them die make sure to retreat them to get half of your cp back that way you can keep the pressure and ree summon another unit otherwise you're gonna get super behind on cp and that is gonna be an essential tip that you need to know to it like start progressing yourself at a more rapid pace for the early game so don't let them die make sure to retreat it

this one's probably gonna make a lot of people a little bit more relieved but when you start off the game you don't need to be like too stingy with your gacha currency which is the red shit up here okay it has some other name oh yeah or random you don't have to be too stingy with your abundant okay if you want to rip a temple you should okay because you're gonna get a guaranteed match 6 and also dude if you just want to rip another one go for it okay you can pretty much do 210 pulls right off the beginning of the game guilt-free okay or at least on the first day like you don't have to worry about it too much so if you just want to like you know get that gotcha off your back shirt just rip to temples right off of that you won't have to worry about it you'll be fine

now i touched on this a little bit before and i want to go a little bit more in detail on something a little bit more advanced okay now i did say to not just invest into one unit okay so don't just invest into one 6 star unit but it's also not it's also very important to not invest into one unit type now there's a lot of different unit types in this game you know you have like defender you have guard you have healer you have specialist make sure that you round out your team a very good like staple like set of units to use or these twelve okay you want to use to ban guards two medics two guards two defender two sniper and two caster okay it's like for example this right here is a vanguard this right here would be a healer this right here would be a caster this right here would be a guard and this right here would be a defender so on so forth this is a specialist but if you just have just keep it spread out like if you have a full team of healers yeah ain't gonna do shit if you have a full team of casters you ain't gonna do shit so just keep in mind and just try to keep your team well balanced and i will have another future video about in-depth team-building yadda-yadda-yadda before the lbt comes out don't worry that's coming out soon

just because the unit has low stars does not mean that it's shit yes this game is very nice balancing there are a lot of great three stars in this game and that's good because there's gonna be this system called promoting when you get a unit up to a max number you can be able promoted to increase its stats and unlock new abilities doing that for a 3 star is way easier than doing that for a 4 star 5 star or 6 star it's pretty much guilt-free just credits does not require any special materials whatsoever so use your three stars shit you can use some two stars too if you like they're way easier to promote like literally i'm talking about for like pennies on the dollar rather than an arm and a leg so don't overlook your 3 stars their two stars mainly your 3 stars just just don't be in the mindset of all this shit has you know less than 6 stars so it's trash it's really not the case especially for a beginning game just understand that the majority abuses this game actually do have a purpose and are useful for something so use them and save yourself the time if i'm gonna grind out of the special materials that you would need otherwise

if you haven't joined the arc knights reddit or official discord yet or even my discord you have to talk about art knights i highly recommend that you do the community is fucking amazing like they're hilarious my email spam all the time which is something that i love and they're a bunch of weaves and if you're playing this game well you're probably weave yourself but if not you can still find at home and then reddit in the discord and even my discord

okay now it's important to do that because getting involved with the community will only benefit you because there is a clue trading system that you can do with other doctors okay so definitely become a part of a community if you want to stay by yourself and be secluded that's okay but the communities for my discord and the official discord are extremely welcoming i highly recommend that you do it it will only benefit you to get more involved with the other players in this game and it'll just make the game more fun so that's one of the biggest things that i don't want people to overlook just really i know it's just pve but still you didn't know the other players well just to help you get more free shit for your game so like why wouldn't you do that.

hey last tip okay most important one if you're gonna take one tip from this video please take this one if you're going to play the game alright and if you're gonna use cross in your team you need to take all right turn it over this video y'all i hope you enjoyed the video tons more art nerds buddy to come very very very soon which i also hopefully will hope that the obd will be coming soon as well so if you enjoyed the video i encourage you to leave a comment you can like and subscribe if you like but leave a comment let me know if you're excited about the game if you still want to shit on it because it's tower defense game for the genre it is i don't know it's weird i mean i guess i get if it's like fucking cookie clicker issue but like our defenses are fun whatever alright hey i'm gonna get the hell out of here hope you enjoyed the video i've been tattooing y'all been great hope y'all having a damn good one and as always peace

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