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Extraordinary Ones Global Release Things To Know

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Jan 13, 2020
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Preregistration Now Open

NetEase's highly anticipated 5v5 Brawler "Extraordinary Ones" is now in Pre-Registration for its English / North America / Global Launch on iOS, and Android, so it won't be long until players can get their hands on the new anime themed top down MOBA, in early 2020. Ahead of the release, we've put together a handy overview of things you need to know, and we're excited about the game so we're looking forward to bringing you player guides and Hero tier lists soon.

Gamers with busy schedules can look forward to getting into quick 15m matches.



MOBA fans should feel right at home in Extraordinary Ones, with a familiar top down view, controls, and base-destruction mechanic. Teams' primary motivation is getting to the enemy base via the 3 lanes, destroying towers and enemies along the way, and finally eliminating the enemy "Base Principal." Like in other MOBA style games, defeating enemies earns bonus gold and experience, and dying causes you to respawn at the base after waiting for a few seconds.


EO features the same classic roles as many other MOBAs:

  • SUP (Support)
  • These characters specialize in crowd control and providing team buffs / healing
  • Tank
  • Tanks can take tons of damage, and are primary focused on absorbing hits from the enemy team
  • AD (Attack Damage)
  • Balanced heroes that can both dish out and take a medium amount of damage.
  • ASN (Assassin)
  • Assassins do what their name suggests: eliminate enemy team members quickly.
  • AP (Ability Power)
  • Provide special abilities like crowd control and damage spells that buff the rest of their team. Best to focus on firing off abilities with great timing
  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry)
  • These heroes power up over the course of the game to dominate the late-game


At launch 40 heroes will be available. New ones will be unlockable with coins, gold bars, and other in-game currencies (like Gems, which can be purchases with real world money). Limited edition / timed heroes will be available as well.


EO is heavily based on Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academy, so fans of the anime will immediately enjoy the visual style and setting.

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