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Artificer a generic build by wagamaou

by remaining-16-bit
Jul 06, 2020
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Follow the order: (Except for Legendary Items, take those as soon as possible)

[ Stage 1 ] You don't have mobility. You will take damage at some point, specially during Teleport. Prioritize at least 5 Tougher Times.

- 5x to 10x:

Tougher Times

[ Stage 1 to 4 ] Build up attack speed for faster charging and AoE damage for clean ups. Lifesteal, shield and mobility to help with survival.

- 5x:

[ Stage 3 to 6 ] You can kill most enemies easily with low risk. Keep focusing in survival tho. Enemies start to become lethal and tanky.

- 15 to 20x:

[ Stage 6 ] At this point you must at least have all of these.

- 9x to 10x:

[ As soon as possible ]

Ceremonial Dagger will automatically kill weak enemies, so you can focus attention on stronger ones.

Brilliant Behemoth, Shattering Justice and Resonance Disc will greatly facilitate killing enemies with higher HP.

Aegis helps survival.

Alien Head, Sentient Meat Hook, Happiest Mask will support your build.

- 1 of each:

[ Stage 7+ ] For the rest of the run you can keep stacking these:

As for Active Items take any of your liking (Buzz Saw wasn't in the list but it's included):

Others you may take as well

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