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Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Items

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Nov 01, 2019
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Welcome! Here are all the up to date lunar items, with info on how to unlock them, and how to get lunar coins.

To see all items, you can go to Risk of Rain 2 Items and if you would like item recommendations for every character see Risk of Rain 2 Tier Lists.

How to get lunar coins

There's a small chance every time a monster dies that it drops a lunar coin. You'll have to pick them up off the ground, so don't miss them!

If you want to farm lunar coins quickly, you earn 5 lunar coins every time you sacrifice yourself to the Obelisk in the Hidden Ream A Moment, Fractured. You can do this repeatedly for a quick guaranteed way to earn lunar coins. This is the same way you unlock Mercenary, so you can check out our unlock guide to learn how to do this: How To Unlock Every Character In Risk of Rain 2.

If you just want to cheat, you can see our Risk of Rain 2 Cheats post to learn how to get infinite Lunar Coins.

Brittle Crown

Brittle Crown Icon

Item Effects

30% chance on hit to gain 3 (+3 per stack) gold. Lose gold equal to 100%(+100% per stack) of amount you are hit for OR lose % gold equal to 100%(+100 per stack) maximum health % you lost. Chooses the greater of the two.

Does this work with Engineer Turrets?

Presently this doesn't work well. Turrets can trigger effects just like Engineer can, but it doesn't give the effect to the Engineer, it gives them to the Turret. So items like Leeching Seed heal the Turret, not the Engineer. This makes Brittle Crown useless.


Corpsebloom Icon

Item Effects

Heal +100% (+100% per stack) more. All healing is applied over time. Can heal for a maximum of 10% (reduced by 50% per stack) of your health per second.

Gesture of the Drowned

Gesture of the Drowned Icon

Item Effects

Reduce Equipment cooldown by 50% (+15% per stack). Forces your Equipment to activate whenever it is off cooldown.

How To Unlock

Kill 20 Hermit Crabs by chasing them off the edge of the map.

Shaped Glass

Shaped Glass Icon

Item Effects

Increase base damage by 100% (+100% per stack). Reduce current health by 50% (50% per stack).


Transcendence Icon

Item Effects

Convert all but 1 health into regenerating shields. (shields regenerate faster than base health regen) Gain 50% (+25% per stack) maximum health.

Effigy of Grief

Effigy of Grief Icon

Equipment Effects

All characters within an area are slowed by 50% and have their armor reduced by 20%

Glowing Meteorite

Glowing Meteorite Icon

Equipment Effects

Rain meteors from the sky damaging ALL characters for 600% damage per blast. Last 20 seconds.

How To Unlock

Carry 5 Lunar items in a single run.

Hellfire Tincture

Hellfire Tincture Icon

Equipment Effects

Ignite ALL characters within 8m. Deal 5% of your maximum health/second as burning to yourself. The burn is 0.5x stronger on allies and 24x stronger on enemies.

How To Unlock

Kill 15 enemies simultaneously.

Spinel Tonic

Spinel Tonic Icon

Equipment Effects

Drink the Tonic gaining a boost for 15 seconds. Increases damage by +100%. Increases attack speed by +50%. Increases passive health regeneration by +300%. Increases movespeed by +30%. When Tonic wears off you have a 20% chance to gain a Tonic Affliction reducing all of your stats by -5% (-5% per stack) while not under the affect of the tonic.

How To Unlock

Discover and enter three unique portals

What lunar items are the best?

It's highly dependent on which character you're playing. We have tier lists for every character that ranks which items are best for your run! Check out Risk of Rain 2 Tier Lists next for that.

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