1. Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier Lists

My Tier List SDSGC

Updated Mar 2020
Here's my Tier List for Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross
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King - The Grizzly Sin of Sloth

Meliodas - The Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas - The Dragon Sin of Wrath

Gowther - The Goat Sin of Lust


Arthur - Camelot's Sword

Howzer - Tempest

King - Forest Guardian

Diane - The Serpent Sin of Envy

Jericho - Godspeed Knight

Elizabeth - Liones

Merlin - Collector

Slader - Overpower

Elizabeth - Boar Hat Tavern

Weinheidt - Roars of Dawn


Gilthunder - Thunderbolt

Ban - Outlaw

Diane - Matrona

Elizabeth and Hawk - Reverse

Diane - Heart of the Land

Ban - Undead

Elizabeth and Hawk - Mobile Tavern

Slader - Roars of Dawn


Ban - Nunchaku

Ban - The Fox Sin of Greed

Gowther - Liones Hero

Helbram - Forest Guardian

Elizabeth and Hawk - Mascot

Cain - Burning Ember

Jericho - Adventurer

Jillian - Roars of Dawn

Jericho - New Generation


Ban - Snatch

Hendrickson - Melt

Arthur - King of Prophecies

Gilthunder - Star of the Kingdom

Meliodas - Boar Hat Tavern

Gowther - Wanted Man

Friesia - Weird Fangs

Vivian - Reincarnation of Obsession

Dreyfus - Omen of Chaos

Guila - Rapier

Alioni - Beard of the Mountain Cat


King - Protector of Dolls

King - The Seven Deadly Sins

Guila - Explosion

Diane - Kungfu Master

Elaine - Fairy Kings Forest

Howzer - Star of the Kingdom

Howzer - Liones Royalty


Griamore - Champion

Griamore - Adventurer

Simon - Roars of Dawn


Griamore - Iron-wall Knight

Twigo - Confirmation

Taizoo - Vaizel Fight Festival

Ruin - Weird Fangs

Marmas - Boom Boom Pow

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