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Risk of Rain 2 Artifact of Command Will O' Wisp

Updated Jul 2020
You can use this build on any character, although I recommend Artificer or MUL-T since they have high damage ranged abilities which synergize very well with Crowbars to start your combo. The core of the build is stacking Crowbars and Will O' The Wisps until killing an enemy kills everything else nearby. Next your goal is to trigger this continually without having to use abilities. Once you're in late game, spam ATG Missle MK. 1 and lucky clover to quickly destroy high-health targets.
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Core Build. Get a lot of these, only 9-10 lenses.
Will O' The Wisp icon

Will O' The Wisp

Crowbar icon


Buy one to heal.
Buy these to setup your combo.
Disposable Missile Launcher icon

Disposable Missile Launcher

Gesture Of The Drowned icon

Gesture Of The Drowned

Fuel Cell icon

Fuel Cell

Unstable Tesla Coil icon

Unstable Tesla Coil

Soulbound Catalyst icon

Soulbound Catalyst

Destroy late game with these.
Stay Alive
Move Faster
Sometimes Useful
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Lunar Equipment
Alien Head icon

Alien Head

Backup Magazine icon

Backup Magazine

Bandolier icon


Beads of Fealty icon

Beads of Fealty

Berzerkers Pauldron icon

Berzerkers Pauldron

Blast Shower icon

Blast Shower

Brainstalks icon


Brilliant Behemoth icon

Brilliant Behemoth

Brittle Crown icon

Brittle Crown

Bustling Fungus icon

Bustling Fungus

Cautious Slug icon

Cautious Slug

Chronobauble icon


Corpsebloom icon


Eccentric Vase icon

Eccentric Vase

Effigy of Grief icon

Effigy of Grief

Focus Crystal icon

Focus Crystal

Foreign Fruit icon

Foreign Fruit

Fresh Meat icon

Fresh Meat

Frost Relic icon

Frost Relic

Fuel Array icon

Fuel Array

Gasoline icon


Genesis Loop icon

Genesis Loop

Ghor’s Tome icon

Ghor’s Tome

Glowing Meteorite icon

Glowing Meteorite

Gnarled Woodsprite icon

Gnarled Woodsprite

H3AD 5T v2 icon

H3AD 5T v2

Halcyon Seed icon

Halcyon Seed

Happiest Mask icon

Happiest Mask

Hardlight Afterburner icon

Hardlight Afterburner

Helfire Tincture icon

Helfire Tincture

Irradiant Pearl icon

Irradiant Pearl

Jade Elephant icon

Jade Elephant

KjarosBand icon


Lepton Daisy icon

Lepton Daisy

Little Disciple icon

Little Disciple

Medkit icon


Milky Chrysalis icon

Milky Chrysalis

Monster Tooth icon

Monster Tooth

N'Kuhanas Opinion icon

N'Kuhanas Opinion

Ocular HUD icon

Ocular HUD

Old War Stealthkit icon

Old War Stealthkit

Pearl icon


Predatory Instincts icon

Predatory Instincts

Preon Accumulator icon

Preon Accumulator

Primordial Cube icon

Primordial Cube

Queen's Gland icon

Queen's Gland

Radar Scanner icon

Radar Scanner

Razorwire icon


Rejuvenation Rack icon

Rejuvenation Rack

Resonance Disc icon

Resonance Disc

Royal Capacitor icon

Royal Capacitor

Runalds Band icon

Runalds Band

Rusted Key icon

Rusted Key

Sentient Meat Hook icon

Sentient Meat Hook

Shattering Justice icon

Shattering Justice

Spinel Tonic icon

Spinel Tonic

Sticky Bomb icon

Sticky Bomb

Strides of Heresy icon

Strides of Heresy

Stun Grenade icon

Stun Grenade

Syringe icon


The Back Up icon

The Back Up

The Crowdfunder icon

The Crowdfunder

Titanic Knurl icon

Titanic Knurl

Transcendence icon


Tritip Dagger icon

Tritip Dagger

Ukelele icon


Visions of Heresy icon

Visions of Heresy

Volcanic Egg icon

Volcanic Egg

Wake of Vultures icon

Wake of Vultures

War Banner icon

War Banner

War horn icon

War horn

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