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My personal prefrence as a Mecenery

Updated Jul 2020
This is what i like to pick with the mercenery but it can be helpful for everyone.
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Dont think just take!
The best stuff u can find or get as merc.
Beads of Fealty icon

Beads of Fealty

Dio's Best Friend icon

Dio's Best Friend

Unstable Tesla Coil icon

Unstable Tesla Coil

Frost Relic icon

Frost Relic

Alien Head icon

Alien Head

Rejuvenation Rack icon

Rejuvenation Rack

N'Kuhanas Opinion icon

N'Kuhanas Opinion

Soulbound Catalyst icon

Soulbound Catalyst

Irradiant Pearl icon

Irradiant Pearl

Halcyon Seed icon

Halcyon Seed

Genesis Loop icon

Genesis Loop

Foreign Fruit icon

Foreign Fruit

Gnarled Woodsprite icon

Gnarled Woodsprite

Harvester's Scythe icon

Harvester's Scythe

Ukelele icon


Leeching Seed icon

Leeching Seed

Red Whip icon

Red Whip

Fuel Cell icon

Fuel Cell

Energy Drink icon

Energy Drink

Focus Crystal icon

Focus Crystal

Syringe icon


Preety nice!
Good & useful most of the time, get if u find.
OK I guess
can be good without them but still if u have them its very fine
r u sure?-
there r so much beter stuff for him but if you got no other choice...
Dont You Dare!
Can ruin ur run & kill u.
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