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  1. TeamFight Tactics

TeamFight Tactics Takes The World By Storm

Jun 25, 2019

It's really, really good!

If you're looking for a new strategy game, TeamFight Tactics is definitely one to check out. Set in the universe of Riot's massively popular MOBA "League of Legends" it features characters many already know and love. But, even if you've never played LoL (like me!) the game might have a lot to offer. It's rocketed in popularity since going into open Beta on June 26th, when servers were immediately overloaded, and to preserve the experience quality, queue times were as long as 35 minutes! (Thankfully, Riot has addressed this, and you should be able to get into a match quickly now) So, what's it all about?


How it works

The 9-player matches take place over successive rounds, each of which has 2 parts: a "buying phase" and a "combat phase."

The Buying Phase

Before combat begins, you have the opportunity to spend gold on heroes from the shop. Choosing the right characters is key, since combining multiple units of the same type yields performance bonuses, and you have to carefully consider what you already have, as well as what you've seen on the battlefield. Once your heroes are chosen, you can place them anywhere on your board, making sure to take advantage of the placement bonuses that arise under certain conditions.

The Combat Phase

Once combat begins, either your units will visit someone else's board, or you'll receive challengers on your own (who goes where doesn't actually make a difference) and fighting will begin automatically. Since you don't have direct control of your fighters, you can actually look away and take care of business while the minions duke it out. Depending on team comp, one team will emerge victorious, and the losing player will take damage. If you run out of health, it's game over!


Interested in playing? Make sure to check out a Tier List before you start!