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REX Stats

How To UnlockPower Plant: Obtain the Fuel Array from the back of the Escape pod. Take it to Rex in the Abyssal Depths. Falling below 50% health while holding the Fuel Array will cause you to die.
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REX Abilities


Fires 3 syringes for 3x80% damage. The last syringe Weakens and heals for 30% of damage dealt.

Natural Toxins

Certain attacks Weaken reducing movement speed armor and damage

Seed Barrage

Costs 15% of your current health. Launch a mortar into the sky for 450% damage.

Under Construction

This piece of content is still in development

Tangling Growth

Costs 25% of your current health. Fires a flower that roots for 200% damage. Heals for every target hit.


Fire a sonic boom that pushes and Weakens all enemies hit. Pushes you backwards if you are airborne.

Seed Volley

Costs 30% of your current health. Launch a series of seed bullets into the sky raining down for 450% damage per second.

Bramble Volley

Costs 20% of your current health. Fire thorns that pushes and damages all enemies hit for 550% damage. Pushes you backwards if you are airborne. Heals for every target hit.

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REX Videos

REX Character Guide (Risk of Rain 2)

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