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Guns of Boom F2P Guide Setup Updated 2019

by GamerHub
Dec 29, 2019
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Big thanks to ♠️Insane Gamer♠️ for the information in the linked video.

F2P Setup

This little guide is designed to show you the best guns to use in your F2P setup for the game. Some are better than others so you can refer to this to figure out which ones you should use.

Assault Rifles

There are a few guns you can flat out ignore such as Legend, Guillotine, and Sting. The Slicer is a good gun to use for the early stages because it has a fixed scope skill.

Scattershot isn't something I'd recommend just because of the scope it has. And Vampire isn't worth the money you need to get it so don't worry about it either.

Warmonger isn't recommended mostly because you might not have it. It's a huge lucky pull and if you're F2P it may be more trouble than it's worth to get. And the same goes for the Cyclops.

Destroyer is good but it does require gold so that can go against the FTP aspect. Mamba is a good one to use although its look did get a recent change.

The incinerator is an average gun that requires too much gold for its worth. Anaconda requires gold so there's no real reason to focus for F2P.

Lifestealer is the New Mamba and a good one for you to put some focus into using. No real consideration for Dragonfire, Odin, or Firefly.

Out of the Assault Rifles, the top three recommendations are as follows.

The Slicer

Slicer has a really good scope and has the ability to fire bullets in great fire rate which is pretty good for a gun which costs 24k gunbucks.

  • Fixed Scope
  • Average Fire Rate
  • Better Perks


Mamba after getting the nerf in the model still rocks the arena with its fire rate, therefore, I think it deserves the 2nd spot.

  • Has better aim with a small crosshair
  • Very good fire rate
  • Available from lower levels


This had to be it as in the recent update the Lifestealer was buffed, therefore, now with its better damage and healing perk it has become better than the previous F2P king, Mamba.

  • Healing perk
  • Better damage
  • Average magazine size


Death Dealer is the first shotgun you want when you start the game fresh. Battering Ram is a waste of gunbucks so ignore that one.

Storm is good for lower levels as well as Onslaught which is a beast in low levels and average above level 34. Berserker is the biggest waste of gold so don't even bother on that one.

Thunder and Trejo's Ace are event guns so they aren't considered. Brawler was good at the beginning when the game was global but now it at least takes 5-6 shots to kill an enemy with it.

Traitor does not have that good damage but the freezing perk is good. Remedy does have average damage but the fire rate is too slow.

Everything else in the Shotguns won't be considered. Let's move to the top 3 shotgun recommendations.

Storm or Tempest

The Storm is better than the Remedy in magazine size and fire rate instead of being an only 30k GB gun.

  • High magazine size
  • High damage in long range
  • No crosshair


The Traitor is a decent or average gun in the game due to its freezing perk it is really up to the standards. Not really that great but can survive after level 34 as well.

  • Decent fire rate
  • Decent damage
  • Slowing or freezing perk


Onslaught even after its nerf is the best F2P yet. It has high damage and large magazine size so if you have gunbucks you have to get this gun.

  • High damage
  • Decent fire rate
  • Average magazine size


Ignore Veteran and Undertaker. Falcon was once an OP rifle but now it's not that useful.

Do not take the Punisher despite what others say it is simply not worth it. Manticore is not that good because it needs too much time to lock.

Scout is good for the speed and can be used in combo with Ranger and Onslaught. Quicksilver and Lizard need gold so they won't be considered.

Iceberg is a decent to an average rifle. Prometheus is nice but requires to much for upgrades.

For the top 3 recommendations.


The Scout is not for damage but for speed. The scout can help you reach behind the enemy in an instant.

  • Speed perk
  • No lock on required
  • Decent fire rate


The Prometheus has high incineration damage compared to any gun. Its lock on speed is decent and it goes through the Iceberg when it comes to cost and damage per shot.

  • High burn damage
  • Decent per-shot damage
  • High magazine size


The Iceberg may lose to Prometheus in damage but when it comes in fire rate or lock on speed the Iceberg overtakes it and in doing so does more damage.

  • Faster fire rate
  • Slowing perk
  • Decent damage per-shot

Machine Guns

In all honesty, I recommend not wasting any gunbucks on Machine guns. None of them are really that amazing or they required gold to get.

The biggest issues are that they all either lack the range or lack damage. Hydra and Persuader both lack range making them difficult to even use.

Whereas Fortuna has the range but its damage varies too much to be reliable. Jack Frost can honestly be said as the best Gunbucks machine gun.


The Persuader is the most rarely seen and used machine gun on the battlefield but I think it is a pretty balanced weapon.

  • Decent fire rate
  • Mid-range
  • No ability


Fortuna is still a good machine gun. Compared to any it has a good fire rate with high magazine size and that lucky increase in damage perk.

  • Lucky damage perk
  • High magazine size
  • High fire rate

Jack Frost

As you would expect the Frost is number one in machine guns because of its slowing perk with some long distance shooting. It does cost a bit but it deserves its price tag.

  • Slowing perk
  • High fire rate
  • Very long range

Kinfe and Pistol

For these two all you want to focus on is getting the Sudoku for the knife and the Eagle for the pistol. They are the best you can get out of their weapon types.

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