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Feb 26, 2020
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By iChase

A big thanks to iChase for the information in the video above.

What you need to know...

Call of Duty Mobile is based on the highly popular Call of Duty series that has been on consoles for years. It's something that has been expected to come to Mobile for a while now and it's finally made its appearance.

There have been many FPS(First Person Shooter) games that have come to Mobile devices. Most of them being clones of bigger FPS games that exist such as Call of Duty or Team Fortress 2.

But officially, Call of Duty is coming to Mobile devices and here is some of the information we have so far. There are two versions of the game with the Chinese version and the Global version.

Activision owns Call of Duty and because of that, they've enlisted a Chinese developer to work on the Chinese version of the game. They also have a few developers under them that are working on the global release such as King, which is the dev team behind Candy Crush.

There will be both an Android and iOs version of the game. However, in the current testing of the game, there is only an Android version. iOs will be specifically released with the global launch of the game.

In the game itself, we have seen some of the base mechanics that have been added to it. We know they've added a Slide mechanic in terms of actual gameplay mechanics.

They tested an Auto-Fire mechanic which they have said will not be in the final game. It got some backlash from fans so it's something they listened to and made sure to remove.

As far as the pay to win aspect of the game there's no real sign of whether or not there will be a lot of pay to win in this game. But it is made by Activision and they are known for putting a lot of microtransactions in their games.

So there may be some form of pay to win in the game but it has yet to be seen at this stage. There are events in the game where you can obtain free stuff by completing them.

Such as getting 500 headshots will unlock a special golden skin for the AK-47. We can expect more events and little challenges like this with the game's release.

There is also going to be a Battle Royale mode within the game. Right now it's only built for 18 players but as they continue to test it there will most likely be a full 100 man server in true Battle Royale form.

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