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[Marvel Strike Force] Top 10 Best Characters and Teams - Feb 2019

by GamerHub
Feb 26, 2020
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By OhEmGee

Big thanks to OhEmGee for the information in the video above.

Top 10 Characters and Teams - February 2019

1. Nick Fury

Nick Fury seems to be the most well-rounded team and character. Fury and four of the SHIELD Minions are quite amazing.

Useful on defense and offensive in the Arena, Blitz, and outright godlike in the Raids. Pretty much the best team in the entire game.

Fury is hard to unlock because he requires five 5-star Kree Minions. But since the Kree Minion rework it makes it a bit easier.

By himself, Fury is a high tier character having a self-heal and being able to chain his basic. And his Passive is one of the best in the game.

2. Magneto and Brotherhood

Like Nick Fury, Magneto can be a bit to get due to the requirements. But he is one of the better characters in the game, especially when paired with the Brotherhood characters.

Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro, and Juggernaut. It's one of the best teams in the game and they're amazing at Blitz and Arena.

Everyone that has them seems to rave about how well they do on offense especially in the Arena.

3. Iron Fist and Defenders

This one is a bit of cheating because it's Iron Fist but mostly the Defenders as a whole. Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones is a team everyone should start off with in the early game.

They are very easy to get early on and they're a benchmark team. You're gonna run into them a lot in the game and you don't wanna go against the Defenders because you won't outpunch their high power.

When all together you have a good team comp with the four. Between Daredevil and Jessica's damage, Iron Fists heals, and Luke's taunts you're looking at a well-rounded bunch.

4. Ronin and the Kree

Ronin and the Kree characters are very good in the Raids and Blitz. Ronin is what fuels the whole team and his skills are extremely helpful.

Kree involves Minn-Erva or any of the Kree Minions. Especially with the rework, it makes them much better to use and since you need Kree to get Nick Fury anyways it's good to start with getting Ronin.

5. Vision and Tech

Vision works well on Tech and Avengers team because he gives Defense up from the beginning of the fight. So that makes squishy heroes like Rocket and Star-Lord viable.

He's a good support and buff character because of his flexibility in what he can do. But he's also good at dishing out damage when he needs to.

6. Rocket and the Guardians

The Guardians are becoming more viable and useful in the raids with the addition of Groot and Mantis. But Rocket is making the top ten because he's a heavy damage dealer.

He's got a massive AoE and when paired with Groot it does even more. You pretty much have to run Rocket and Star-Lord together because they're one of the best pairs in the game.

Each of the Guardians does heavy damage and make it very easy to blaze through Blitz quickly.

7. Thanos

Thanos is amazing mostly because he has one character ability that really makes him stand out. On the death of an enemy, he generates 2 ability energy for himself or any Cosmic ally character.

There are tons of Cosmic characters in the game. Including the Kree which are all considered to be Cosmic so they fall in line with this ability.

So putting Thanos on a Kree team makes the whole team very good. Guardians are included in the Cosmic title too.

8. Spiderman and the Spiderverse

I think Carnage is the key to making a true Spiderverse team but Spiderman on his own has an ability that brings the defense down. So you can chain him with Iron man or really any other hero because of the decreased defense.

He also does decent damage and has some of the best dodge rates in the game. It can get annoying when going against a Spiderman because it can always just be dodge, dodge, dodge.

9. Captain America

Captain America has dropped a bit in my opinion lately. He used to be the best Tank in the game and he may still be but he's lost a bit of importance of late.

He's super tanky and that's really the most he has going for him. But with the recent game meta, the Avengers as a whole is just kind of falling out of favor.

10. Black Widow

Black Widow has been called the best character in the game and is not currently farmable. But the reason she is amazing is that she's really fast.

She also makes the rest of the team really fast, she has stealth and several helpful effects. When in stealth her basic attack clears status effects.

The only back thing about her is that you can't farm her. Other than that she's probably one of the best.

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