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Faramis Stats

Battle Point Cost32000
Diamond Cost599
Movement Speed260
Physical Attack222
Physical Defense36
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.94
HP Regen Rate39
Mana Regen Rate19

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Faramis Abilities

Faramis's Vicious Retrieval

Vicious Retrieval

When units die near Faramis, they leave their souls at the spot. By retrieving the souls, Faramis recover HP by 150 (+60% Total Magic Power) points. Each soul shortens Faramis's resurrecting time by 5-7% (Up to 90% and scales with level).
Faramis's Shadow Stampede

Shadow Stampede

Faramis enters the Shadow State, increasing Movement Speed by 70% and 60 points of Physical and Magical Defense for 3s. Faramis leaves the Mark of Shadow to enemy heroes that come into contact with him and deals 325 (+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. When he quits Shadow State, all the enemy heroes that have been marked will be pulled to Faramis and take 325 (+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. Meanwhile he restores 160 (+50% Total Magic Power) points of HP.
Faramis's Ghost Bursters

Ghost Bursters

Faramis extracts a burst of Evil Spirits in a fan-shaped area in front of him. The outburst deals 330 (+120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage, then the burst splits to deal extra 275 (+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. (Splits up to 3 times on enemy heroes and up to 1 on non-hero units).
Faramis's Cult Altar

Cult Altar

Faramis summons an altar that lasts 10s. Allied heroes who are eliminated within this altar will immediately surrect, obtaining 80% HP and 100% Attack. The resurrecting lasts up to 10 seconds.
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