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The Alderman


Battle Point Cost32000
Diamond Cost599
Movement Speed260
Physical Attack129
Physical Defense22
Magic Power0
Magic Resistance10
Attack Speed0.84
HP Regen Rate45
Mana Regen Rate18



Contract Transform

After every 2 basic attacks, the 100% damage dealt by Aldous's next attack will be transformed into a shield that lasts for 3 seconds. Activates every 3 seconds.

Contract Soul Steal

Aldous unleashes his inner energy to strengthen the next basic attack. Deals 50(+134) points of physical damage. If this attack eliminates the enemy hero or unit, the additional damage of this skill is permanently increased by 40/20 points. When attacking minions or monsters, the damage of strengthened basic attacks are raised by 100%.

Contract Explosion

Aldous assumes a defensive stance that lasts 2 seconds. During this time, Aldous is immune to basic attacks, while damage from other forms of attacks are reduced by 30%. After 1 second, he can reactivate to end it immediately, his scute will explode, dealing 200(+26) points of physical damage to surrounding enemy units. The Defensive state will cause a stun effect for 1 seconds at most.

Contract Chase Fate

Aldous gains the ability to see the positions of enemy heroes for 5 seconds. During this time, if Aldous uses this skill a second time while it is still in effect, then he permanently sees the position of one enemy hero. When Aldous hits that enemy hero, he will deal 400(+134) points of physical damage and cause 1 seconds of knock back. Ending this ability early results in a 30% increase in cool-down time.

Recommended Builds


by League Of Graphs
Enchanted Talisman