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Shadow Mask

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Shadow Mask Stats

Gold Cost1750
Cooldown Reduction10%
SummaryGroup Stealth


"Unique: +25% Movement Speed. Active Skill: Conceal - Use to conceal you and teammates around and increase movement speed by 15%. Lasts 5s. Dealing or taking damage will end the state. Cools down every 90s. Unique Passive: Devotion - Gains 2 gold and XP per 4s. During the first 6 minutes of the matchthis equipment makes you gain nothibg from minions or creeps when your teammates are around you. They will share the whole XP or gold. Unique Passive: Thriving - Gains extra 30% gold and XP with assists. When your gold ranks 5th in your teamincrease gold you gain to 20 per 4s. When your XP ranks the 5th in your teamincrease XP you gain to 35 per 4s."
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