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Three New Weapon Builds for Patch 0.12

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Nov 20, 2019
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The following is by J Dog th3 Wise (Check out his channel!)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the channel for another escape from tarkov video.

In this one, I'm going to do a showcase of three weapon builds I've been playing with that uses many new attachments as possible in the build I haven't unlocked all of the level three or four traders yet so there's a ton of new attachments I'm still waiting to get my hands on but there's definitely a nice selection of new additions that you can play around with in the mid game while leveling from 15 to 30 I'll go over each build and highlight the new attachments where you can find them and show some gameplay for each build as well so without any further delay let's take a look at three weapon builds using some new attachments.

First up for this video is an old classic of the tarkov early game the aks-74u an extremely common weapon in tarkov and one of the first automatic rifles you can get a hold of this weapon is a common drop a chief purchase and with a little bit of modding actually ends up being a very versatile little CQB rifle for maps with a lot of close range fighting like interchange Factory and labs I'll start with the new parts I used in this build and first up is the alpha arms Goliath handguard which is sold by mechanic level 2 for about 5,000 rubles and gives your ak-74 you a small booster recoil reduction and ergonomics as well as a new look which i think is really nice this handguard also comes with four rails attached allowing you to add sites for grips and tactical devices without needing to buy any other rails for the cheap price this is actually quite a nice handguard and the one thing I would say makes it a little less versatile than I would like is that it restricts your muzzle device options so far I have only found the tgp a suppressor and the default 74u compensator work with this handguard for this build I went with the tgp a suppressor that I found on the flea market for about twenty five thousand rubles for the stealth advantage but the default compensator actually gives you better recoil reduction if that's what you're looking for.

Next up for the new attachments I added the Trijicon SRS reflex sight sold by peacekeeper level 3 for about two hundred and twenty dollars and the Pech - laser sold by peacekeeper level - for about a hundred dollars at first I thought this reflex sight looked a bit clunky when I saw it in the trailer but after using it I must say I liked it quite a bit it has a nice field of view a very clear dot reticle and was easy to track targets with even on the 74 you with notoriously high recoil the am peck - is also a nice new addition in my opinion especially for people like me who love having their laser on the top rail of their weapon this thing has a very low profile and most sites will have no trouble seeing over the top but it does have a -5 ergonomics penalty which is kind of a big hit to that stat to finish off the build I added the Zenit rk1 for grip from skier level 2 for about twelve thousand rubles for its high recoil reduction and the Tapco saw style fde pistol grip sold by peacekeeper level - for about $40 just to add another fde accent to the rifle finally I just added the GP 25 rubber pad from proper level - to the basic stock but for max recoil reduction you can add the Zenit PT clásica stock from skier level to overall I definitely had fun using this build it's not something you can snipe or spray people from 300 meters with but it was a blast to run around interchange with and the new look for the ak-74 you is a welcome addition in my opinion.

This next build can be used with an m4 or a dar and is meant to be a versatile medium to close-range rifle for patrolling maps like shoreline and customs or you need a little bit of range to scout for enemies but also need to be effective at close range if necessary first off I added the KAC urx eight-inch handguard sold by peacekeeper level 3 for about a hundred and seventy dollars this handguard kind of serves as an upgraded version of the KAC ris handguard with a slight boost to recoil reduction you will need to add the MK 12 low-profile gas block to use this but thankfully it's now sold by peacekeeper level 2 and mechanic level to making m4 modding in the early game way easier the urx comes with several rails on it by default and is also the first handguard I have found that allows you to add rail covers for a small organ Amish post and extra operator points I think the extended version of this handguard would look cleaner on a long barreled rifle like the Adar but I haven't unlocked it and couldn't find it on the flea market either so I was stuck with the 8 inch version onto the handguard I added the a n peg to laser from peacekeeper level 2 just like with the ak-74 U and a rail cover on the sides I'm not using for the grip I tried it with a few different options first I used the Magpul rvg grip sold by peacekeeper level 3 for about $70 this is a great grip that has an awesome balance between recoil and ergonomics so I find myself using it quite often however I also tried out a few raids with the KAC urx stopper panel which is basically a super cheap angled for grip that only fits onto this handguard it gives a small boost of 1% to recoil control and 3 - organ aam --ax but for the price of just a few thousand roubles I think it's a pretty efficient upgrade for my site I went with the newly added monstrum compact Prizm - time scope sold by Jager level - for about 30 thousand roubles this scope has a very low profile and a really clean reticle and I find that 2 times magnification makes it quite versatile as well it's not perfect for close-range or for long-range sniping but if you can adapt and pose in yourself well the scope is really handy and gives you just enough range to scout while being low-power for those close range shots you might consider adding a canted site using the MPR 45 mount from peacekeeper level 3 but I found no problems using it without a backup site I also put it on top of a LaRue Picatinny riser to get overtop of the laser the last new attachment I added to this build is the Magpul CTR stock which is basically an MOA carbine stock with the rubber butt pad already attached to it the stats aren't quite on par with the MOA setup but it gets close and lets you achieve the same look on your rifle however this stock doesn't seem to be sold by any traders I've unlocked yet so if you can't find one for a good price on the flea market the MFT B US stock which is about 80 dollars from peacekeeper level 3 is a great second choice I also added the KA c QD compensator from peacekeeper level 2 and the NT for suppressor which I've been seeing on the flea market for 20,000 rubles or less at some points I had a lot of fun creeping around the bushes with this build and honestly I can see myself using it even more when i unlock the extended version of the urx.

Last but certainly not least we come to the mp5 a classic of the tarkov early to mid-game that just never seems to go out of style while perhaps not as effective late-game as most assault rifles the mp5 nevertheless shreds in the early game when everyone is running low armor and you seldom see helmets with face shields there's a few new hand guards for the mp5 in this patch but the first one I unlocked was the CAA HX 5 handguard sold by peacekeeper level 3 for about a hundred and forty dollars this handguard gives you five rail slots and adds three percent recoil reduction and a huge plus 13 boost to economics making it a substantial upgrade even without any additional attachments I added the MF IH came out from peacekeeper level 2 for about $80 so I could fit the Trijicon SRS reflex sight which was even better on the low recoil mp5 onto the handguard I added the Magpul rvg grip and the steiner DB al tactical flashlight and laser sold by peacekeeper level 3 for about a hundred and thirty dollars this Steiner flashlight is actually likely to replace the X 400 as my favorite tactical device because it has a nice green laser in addition to the flashlight which I much prefer over the normal red laser beams finally to suppress my mp5 I added the three lug threaded protector from mechanic level two and the rotor 43 9 by 19 suppressor which in my experience is almost always less than 20 thousand roubles on the flea market making it a very cheap suppressor this build is pretty simple to put together and when combined with the AP 6.3 nine millimeter ammo I was shredding through players with level 3 armor without much trouble at all.

Well, that about covers it for today's three weapon builds using some of the newly added attachments in patch 0.12 as a huge fan of the weapon modding in this game I'm super excited to keep grinding and get my hands on all of the new attachments so I can make even more new builds I'll be streaming my progress in the 0.12 patch on twitch at twitch.tv slash j-dog the wise and I'd love to see you drop by!

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