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Top Player's BEST TIPS to IMPROVE IMMEDIATELY in Brawl Stars!

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Jan 14, 2019

By CWA Mobile Gaming

A big thanks to CWA Mobile Gaming for the information given in the video above. Be sure to watch the full thing for the full details of this guide.

In this guide, we're going to go over the best tips to improve immediately in Brawlstars. From first starting, you can get much better at the game from doing some of these simple tips.

Tip Number 1. Find a Club

The first tip to go by is trying to find an active club. Find players to build chemistry with and make friends with them and really play often to get good as a team together.

Because that is the fastest way you're going to move up in trophies if you have that advantage of playing with usual players. It'll also help you with communicating and learn good team play.

When looking for a club, the biggest things you want to look for are players around your level. The reason for that is because by playing with people higher than you, it will increase the difficulty of your game.

So if you're playing with someone higher than you the matchmaking system is going to take you to opponents that are using high trophy Brawlers while you're using low-level ones. It'll make the process of gaining trophies much more difficult this way.

Another point on finding clubs is to pay attention to what your teammates are doing. If you end up with a teammate who plays aggressively or doesn't play very good with the team don't bring them down or rag on them.

Try to be supportive of your teammates and give you advice if you see an opportunity. Positive reinforcement is better than negative reinforcement in this kind of scenario.

A toxic community is the worst thing you can bring into a team. So it's always important to encourage your teammates and build good connections with them.

Tip Number 2. Try to Learn to Play every Brawler and Game Mode

This is an important one. When playing Brawlstars you should make an effort to learn how to play every Brawler you have and playing them in all the different game modes.

Some Brawlers will be better at some game modes than others. So it's important to learn every one of them so you know who works well in what game.

It's also important to push every Brawler because that's the only way you're going to move up in Cups. For example, if you just focus on one Brawler and trying to get them as high as possible to around 500 Cups but all your other Brawlers are at 100 trophies you're not gonna move up in Cups much.

This way you're not going to move up in Cups, Trophies, or any real scenario. Focusing on Brawler should never be your default.

Here is a good example of which Brawlers are best for each game mode.

In Gem Grab you always wanna have a Gem Carrier and the best Gem Carriers are Pam, Jessie, Penny, and Poko. Those are the best Gem Carriers you can get so for those Brawlers you want to play Mid.

As for the sides, you want Brawlers that can control those sides or play aggressively so there are two Brawlers you can use for this. You can use a Brawler that is good control like Rico or Spike or you can use the aggressive method and go with Nida, Primo, Mortis, or Terra.

A really good comp for Gem Grab is combining those three. Having Pam for the grabber, Rico for the control, and an aggro style Brawler like Nida. So that's a good example for Gem Grab.

Next, we'll talk about Heist which has so many different comps you can use. You could just use three Tanks and do very well in Heist just by going with Colt, Primo, and Daryl.

However, some maps for Heist you definitely want a thrower like Barley or Dynomike in your team. Other Brawlers good for Heist are Spike, Brock, and Crow.

Next is Bounty. There are only a few Brawlers that are really good in this game mode but that doesn't mean you can't use other Brawlers in this mode.

The best ones are typically Brock, Piper, Penny, and Bo. However, you can make Tanks work like Daryl who's really good but is really underrated and Mortis is really good too.

The reason they're underrated is that it requires you to play differently with Tanks in Bounty. So knowing how to play aggressively with Tanks in Bounty is the key to using them effectively in that game mode.

And then there is Brawl Ball. For Brawl Ball I 'd say the best Brawlers are typically Primo, Mortis, Terra, Nida, Spike, Colt, and Shelly.

Those are some really good Brawlers for Brawl Ball. Primo is the best for new players because he can do it all in Brawl Ball making him ideal for those learning the mode.

Tip Number 3. Try to Work as a Team with your Team

This game is a team game unless you're playing Solo Showdown. You need your teammates to be on the same page as you if you plan on winning a match so you need to really focus on working together.

An advanced tactic to play as a team requires you to have the perception of what's going on in the field. Where you can help and where you can give the best assistance to your team.

For example, say you're playing Rico and you're on the right side and you have an enemy that's Primo on the right side. But that Primo is behind a wall so you can't get to him.

So you're teammate who's at the Mid, he needs to be aware of that Primo on the right behind the wall. So what you should do is help out by shooting from the left side while your team mate goes from the right and trap him and get the kill.

And once you get that kill you have a big advantage in the map. That's how you win games is by working together with your teammates.

Finding ways to help teammates anyway they can. Like if you're a Mid player and you're not doing anything to help out and just standing there taking to long to make any actions it's going to weigh down your team.

For new players, a lot of them have the issue of basically being countered by their opponents because they don't know the ins and outs of each character. For example, if you're new and going up against Spike with a Brawler that isn't fit to fight against him you're not going to feel like you're really contributing to your team.

If you try to aggro that Spike it's just going to end up worse for your team. So instead of focusing on a heavy hitter and trying to take them out try to think of other ways to be helpful to the team.

A good way is to focus on whoever is playing Mid on the opposing side. Focus on taking out their Mid player while another teammate focuses on the Spike.

Something pro players would do is have one player stay behind a wall for cover and keep the Spikes attention. Basically, waste time by keeping them focused on you while one of your teammates comes around from the other side of the Spike.

So what you can do is wait it out for your teammate to win his side and come help you. Or focus on the Mid player by being aggressive and taking them out if possible.

Extra Tip. When to Charge Supers?

When it comes to charging your supers a lot of new players try to get them charged and use them as soon as the match starts. When in reality it all depends on what game mode your playing.

The need for a character's super is not something every game mode focuses on. A game mode like Brawl Ball benefits from getting supers quick because if you're able to take out members of the opposing team quickly it makes it easier for you to play unopposed and win the match faster.

But in other game modes like Gem Grab it's not nearly as important to get your supercharged quickly. It's less effective in the long run than focusing on the objective at hand and helping out your teammates in order to get the gem carrier where they need to be.

So overall, supers are entirely situational. They're not something that should be heavily focused on in every game mode and are best used when you've got a clear shot.

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