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Star Powers Part 2 by Bobby

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Feb 1, 2018

This is a continuation of the previous Star Powers guide. If you haven’t read Part 1, go back and read it first. It also has some bonus tips about the Star Powers in general.


Super Bouncy is a phenomenal addition to Rico’s already awesome arsenal. It is unique in that it affects both his normal attack and his Super.

Certainly, the boost is much more obvious in maps with lots of walls, such as Stormy Plains for Showdown. Notably, in Bone Box for Smash and Grab he is an infinitely more effective flanker (ranged support/agro who guards one of the sides of the map) and the bounce from his bullets can deter the occasional invader from venturing into the center to try and take control.

In addition, if you land bullets with the Star Power, your Super charges faster, which in turn charges the next Super faster, and so on… As you can see, quite a good Star Power.


Da Capo is absolutely devastating when used with the right team comps. It’s a much-needed Poco buff, but aside from the obvious, it just adds to Poco’s healing theme.

With the Star Power, Poco can deal damage and heal at the same time! This is very useful when a sponge/tank such as Primo or Bull is going up close to the enemy and hitting them hard while taking lots of damage; Poco can hang back a bit and deal damage to the enemies while simultaneously healing the hard-hitting tanks and charging up his Super.

In Smash and Grab maps like Deep Hollows or Crystal Cavern, a Colt or Rico can sweep fire in an arc from one side of the center, a bit away from the gem mine. This chips away at potential enemies and keeps them not healing, while a Poco-tank team as described above rushes in and claims control of the center.


Circling Eagle is an insane boost to Bo and does a superb job of contributing to his “hunter” feel. It allows him to spy on bushes in Showdown, detect enemies who want to take over control of the gem mine in Smash and Grab, expose hiding Bulls/Primos/Darryls in Bounty to prevent them from getting easy kills, and many other uses.

In Heist, there are some maps which have a strip of bushes surrounded by walls on the defensive side. Bo can detect any Barleys or Dynamikes hiding in those bushes waiting to wreck anyone who comes for the safe.

Bo has a huge edge is maps like Snake Prairie and Outlaw Camp which have large amounts of bushes, as well as Hard Rock Mine, in which the center is ringed with bushes. Overall, if utilized correctly, a great asset for any team.


Ambush can be extremely useful when used in the right maps and team compositions. The huge damage increase means not only is it much easier to kill enemy Brawlers, but there are many other effects.

First, the damage increase of over 20% means that her Super charges that much faster; every hit from a bush will count for more Supercharge. Also, now she can two-hit many mid-health Brawlers like Tara, Poco, and Bo.

This is useful in maps that have optimally-placed bushes, such as Hard Rock Mine where the bushes ring the center, making for easy center control from the bushes, or Snake Prairie when practically the whole map is bushes!


Mama’s Hug is a welcome addition to Pam’s already huge healing power. This just strengthens her role as agro/gem carrier in Smash and Grab, because while she is shooting the opposing agro or potential gem carrier she will also heal up her support Brawlers.

The healing radius goes through walls, so in a Heist map such as Safe Zone Pam could be flanking and healing up her teammates in the middle as they make a run for the safe. Also, if a close range Brawler comes up to Pam and tries to attack, she could heal herself and teammates for up to 330 health per attack (if she lands all 11 bullets).


Creepy Harvest grants Mortis and only Mortis the power to detect and collect “souls.” This seems relatively straightforward; kill a player, collect their soul, heal for 1000; but that’s not always the way to use this Star Power to its full potential.

Sometimes, skilled players think ahead and kill people at specific places on the map, and then leave their souls there for collection at a later time. For example, in Brawl Ball, Mortis could run in with a Dynamike and they could shred the three enemy Brawlers.

The smart thing to do would be to stagger the kills, one near the center, one 3/4 of the way down, and the last right near the goal. This way, on the next reset Mortis can run with the ball, and have no fear of dying because he can pick up the souls that the enemies dropped earlier and keep up a constant stream of healing, all the way to the goal.

Or in Smash and Grab, some support characters can kill people near the center, and leave the souls there until Mortis has to make a run for the crystals. Then he can pick up the souls and have no chance of dying, even under enemy fire.


Black Portal has a rather high skill cap but when used well it is devastating and can lead to chaining Super after Super. The little alien has an extraordinarily high hit speed and mediocre damage, but very high speed; therefore no Brawler except one with a jumping Super can outrun it. (NOTE: Damage done by the Pet reloads Tara’s Super…)

If your team has Tara, a tank, and a thrower/area denial (Barley/Mike or even Spike), you can use the tank to absorb hits and get you to their side of the map, then Tara attacks loads Super, and groups up all players there. Her alien spawns, and then Barley and Mike use area denial to keep enemies near that alien.

If there’s a Spike, he can cast his Super to slow down enemies so the alien can deal massive damage. Then you can chain Supers over and overland spawn kill everyone. —<{[(OP…)]}>—


Fertilize is amazing in super-clutch situations when there is a close range tank that would normally kill Spike instantly. This enables Spike to heal up while slowing down the enemy so he can escape and heavily damage them.

Also, in Smash and Grab, if Spike wants to make a run for the gems he can cast his Super to prevent others from contesting the gem mine as well as healing himself up. In Heist, he can cast that Super at critical chokepoints to prevent opponents from hitting the safe and healing himself, and even in Showdown as a desperate panic play to heal up.

In Brawl Ball he can cast it to slow enemies near the goal, as well as aid his own goal rush, considering he has one of the lowest health pools in the game. And in Bounty, it’s a good utility in general.


Extra Toxic is quite good and gives Crow yet another niche utility, from healing denial to chip damage to high mobility, and now debuffing?!? Crow was already good enough…

This Star Power can be used most effectively on Brawlers that deal the most damage, such as Piper, Darryl, and Bull because this reduces the damage done by them more effectively. When used in combination with Brawlers who have to get close up to deal damage, it can increase the chances of those Brawlers not dying while trying to do damage, due to the reduced damage of the enemies.

Especially for Crow, who has very little health, the debuff ensures that he will stay alive a little longer, so as to run in, shoot a bunch of people, then Super out. One of Crow’s most effective maneuvers is to play a well-placed Super, shoot some shots, and use another Super to jump out of there into another team fight, and so on; the Star Power will make his presence in any fight more noticed and influential than it already was.

This concludes Part 2 of my guide to the Star Powers. I hope this helps you to better use those (quite expensive) Star Powers to give you the advantage that they should be giving you. If you haven’t read Part 1, go read that as well, as it covers the first 9 Brawlers and gives some bonus tips. Thanks for reading, and keep Brawling!

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