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New Update in Brawl Stars [Lex]

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Dec 1, 2018

By Lex - Brawl Stars


Be sure to watch the video above for the full detail of the video. This goes over the new update in Brawl Stars and some potential ideas we hope to see in future ones.

New Update in Brawl Stars

So the first thing we know is that Global will be launching in December. There is no definitive date but it will be in December 2018.

However, another thing they haven't told us anything about yet is the update that comes with it. They haven't said that there even will be an update with it but it stands to reason that there would be.

So let's talk about some of the things that we hope are going to be in the update. Both a personal wish list and what may very well make it into the game.

Now, let me preface this all by saying it's purely speculation. So first off let's hope into the 5 personal things I'd like to see in the update.

5. Slight Auto-Aim Nerf

I do want Auto-Aim to be nerfed just a bit. Auto-Aim serves it's purpose in the game and has a use there but I do think it's a bit too strong.

So I would like to see it get nerfed, whereas others would like it completely removed. Though I don't see the game doing that because it is a very good thing for new players.

4. Voice Acting

I would love to see voice acting for all the Brawlstars characters. Having voice acting for every single Brawler would be a nice little cosmetic addition to the game.

With so many characters that have unique designs and personalities, it would be great to have some voice actors really bring them to life.

3. New Ticketed Event

Currently, all we have is Robo Rumble and Boss Fight for ticket events. If there was a third in there the rotation would be a bit fresher.

Instead of just bouncing between Robo Rumble and Boss fight. You'd get a space between the two by playing the third one.

2. A New Brawler

Now, this isn't completely necessary for when the game comes to Global. There are twenty-one Brawlers for new players to mess around with.

However, It would be great to have a new Brawler on the scene. For all the new players and veterans on the scene and it should be a Legendary Brawler.

A lot of people would be against that due to the rarity. But having very rare Brawlers drives players to keep playing and get better to get those rare Brawlers.

1. Leagues

This is something the game has needed for a while. A competitive league outside of normal ladder pushing and something that doesn't require trophies.

Something you can rise up through the ranks by playing and winning matches. Get special skins and rewards by getting higher in the League.

It would be a great attention and add something a lot of Veteran players would really enjoy playing. And it would really help round out the end game of Brawlstars.

Potential Update Possibilities

Now that we've gone over the personal wish list lets get into what may actually make it into the update. Note: This is purely speculation and by no means factual.

One of the things I see coming into the update is Band Mail. This is something that seems very simple and natural to have but it really is an issue communicating in basic chat.

Another thing I do think will be coming is voice acting for the Brawlers. As put above in the wishlist, It wouldn't surprise me if they polished off all the remaining Brawlers with voice acting before the game launches globally.

Moving on, new models for Brawlers is another possibility. I do think new Brawler models will be coming with Global because they really wanna push the new skins they have coming.

But to do that they have to redo the Brawler models. And that enables them to really crank out these skins much faster.

Balance changes are another important and hopeful thing that comes. Specifically for Spike and Penny, in my opinion, Spike needs a nerf and more than anything Penny's cannon needs one.

In terms of buffs, I think the prime suspect would be Colt. He's just outclassed by Brawlers like Brock and Richocette so a buff for Colt would be helpful.

Next up would be Brawler skins. I am almost certain that they will bring out new skins in this update which I love because skins are so much fun.

They don't help at all in the gameplay but they look great and the cosmetic side of the game is half the battle. As for new games modes, I don't think there are going to be any new ones.

We have five separate modes right now, six if you count duo-showdown as separate from the normal showdown. That is plenty for brand new players to really get into the groove of the game.

And the last thing I think will be getting some new maps. I know we just got like fifteen new maps but I do think that they probably have more on tap.


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