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Island Invasion Guide + Shelly Gameplay!

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Oct 22, 2018

Coach Cory – Brawl Stars

This guide is based on Coach Cory - Brawl Star's video. Be sure to watch the video above for the full gameplay.

Island Invasion Guide

One of the new maps in the game is Island Invasion and it may be one of the best maps in the game. This map is one with mostly grass so shotgun characters are really good on this map.

Bull, Shelly, Daryl, and Bo are really good on this map. Other Brawlers can be used but they're not going to be amazing compared to the shotgun Brawlers.

In the video above it focuses on Shelly. She's probably the top Brawler out of all the shotgun Brawlers for this map but that could be argued.

A big issue with this map is both its biggest pro and con. All of the grass makes it insanely easy to hide and sneak attack characters.

As seen in the video it is easy to get boxed in by the other team without even knowing they're there. Trying to take out the other teams Bull but being blindsided by Bo due to all the grass.

Island Invasion is all about playing to your surroundings. Utilize the grass to your advantage but be aware of the opposing team doing the same.

There are center areas in the map that have small patches of grass as well. So being patient and staying within the middle of the map is a valid plan when waiting on an enemy to reveal themselves.

Bo can be a real problem on this map especially if maxed. He's an extremely good character when maxed and has more range than shotgun Brawlers do.


Having a good team comp is also really good too. In the video, it's Duo Showdown and one of the best team comps is double Shelly.

She is very good on this map and having two of them on one team is very good. Daryl is also a good pair with Shelly because he's kind of a tank for a shotgunner.

A great way to use your surroundings on this map is by utilizing the crates that are on the corners of the grass area. They are great for cover and can be used to easily lure out an enemy who's hiding in the grass.

Kiting is a major factor on Island Invasion because of how easy it is to just hide out and wait for someone to make a move. So learning effective ways to lure enemies into your sights instead of rushing into theirs.

In the video there are several matches played as Shelly. And the most common factor of death is usually when being boxed in while being in the grass or by being taken out by a Max Bo.

Don't let that sway any opinions though. Shotgun Brawlers are the best for this map but a Max Bo can be just as useful if used correctly.

Overall, Island Invasion is a great map and fun to play on. It can be rough when starting out because of having to get used to the terrain.

But once you get the hang of how the grass works and how to utilize it the map really opens up. It's like a game of hide-and-seek where everyone hides in the grass and you just have to find them.


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