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Ideas For The Future Of Brawl Stars [Part 1]

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Jan 17, 2018

Ideas For The Future Of Brawl Stars [Part 1]

Hey brawlers today I will be going over some cool ideas/concepts that could be implemented in future updates for Brawl Stars. Since there are a lot of ideas, this will be a 3 part series. Enjoy!


QOL Changes

Here are some small quality of life changes that I believe will make the game even better and more polished. Although they may not be as exciting as a new brawler or gamemode, most players will appreciate these features.

Public Game Rooms

When the game goes global, more customization with game rooms would be amazing. You could set the location of the room, minimum trophies for entering, which brawlers you are looking for, etc. There are so many options to help you find the right team for whatever gamemode you are playing. For example, if you are playing Robo Rumble with a Ricochet, and want a Colt and Barley on your team, this game room concept will make the process quick and efficient.

Credits to: NickPlus02

Brawler Selected

This small change will just remind you what brawler you have selected for the match, and make the screen less dull with all the grey in the background. Additionally, if you are in a game room, it will show all 3 of your team's brawlers.

Credits to: SenorCreamPuff

Choosing to be the boss

Similar to Overwatch, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to be the boss before entering the Boss Fight. However, this won't mean that you always get what you want. Instead, it's a way for you to have a higher chance of getting your choice.

Credits to: NickPlus02

In-Game Emotes/Phrases

Adding in-game emotes/phrases would be a huge improvement for overall gameplay. There is a small button in the top left corner of the screen that you can press to open up a drop-down menu of emotes. Possible emotes could be "Heal me", "Regroup", "Target the top player", and "My Super is at ___%" (depending on what percent it as at). Furthermore, there could be different phrases to choose from for different game modes. For example, in Brawl Ball you could say "Pass the ball!" or "Clear the obstacles!". These team communications will also have a 5-10 second cool down to avoid spam. Just to be clear, the enemy team will not be able to see your team communications. Finally, you have the option to drag the emotes around the map and place them where you want to. Suppose you have the ball in Brawl Ball, but there are barrier in front of the enemy goal. You could drag the "Clear the obstacles!" over the barriers to let your teammates know what the plan is. This will eliminate the need for using external methods such as Discord for communication. Note: Emotes such as "Heal me!" and "Pass the ball!" will automatically display over you head, so there will be no need to drag it over yourself.

Credits to: IrrelevantSithLrd


The spectate button will allow you to watch your friends and people in your band play. It's a nice little feature that the community has been requesting for a long time, and has been implemented in Clash Royale, another Supercell game.

Credits to: jhomsy9

This is another option for spectating. If you are in a match and someone begins to spectate you, the words "Someone is spectating you!" will appear for a very brief moment. You can also choose who to spectate by clicking on other brawlers to get their perspective. Note: You can turn this feature off if you are in a private game room or doing some sort of competitive event. However, for any public match spectating is possible.

Credits to: NickPlus02

Battle Log/Replays

By clicking the yellow button near the top left of the home screen, you will be able to view your previous matches, and watch them if you so chose. It will work similar to the battle log system in Clash Royale.

Credits to: Arighzz

New Display/Loading Screen

This new loading screen will show the map for the event that you are finding a match for. This will let you have a quick glance at the map if you forgot what it looked like, and just generally look cleaner than the grey dynamic background that is currently in place.

Credits to: JavaMega

Another idea for a loading screen would be to show a quick preview of the map and the brawlers that are competing. This would look really sweet, especially if there was a small animation for how the "VS" and brawlers appear on the screen.

Credits to: boyupnext

Coin reward for maxing events

After maxing out all the events in terms of gold for the day, you should be able to obtain a special bonus of around 16-32 coins to incentivize players to play more each day.

Credits to: EpicBen157

Kill count in Showdown

During a showdown match everyone will be able to see how many kills you have, making you seem even more (or less) of a threat. This could also go hand-in-hand with another change around showdown. In high trophy gameplay, players win a mere 2 trophies for 2nd place, and getting 5th or less results in 0 or a loss of trophies, which is insane. Therefore, you should gain 1 trophy for every kill you get, meaning if you get 8th place with 2 kills, you would lose 2 trophies instead of the normal 4.

Credits to: RabuSamurai

Improvement to Spike

This improvement to Spike will make him an even more skill based brawler because currently his spikes are random, but this will eliminate that. The arrows could be rotating so that you have to aim in 2 dimensions to deal a lot of damage to someone behind a wall.

Credits to: LslsS

Minion HP Bar

The little circle next to your super will be the minion HP bar, an will only show up if you are using Nita or Jessie or Pam. The bar turns red when the minion is under attack, and also displays what percentage of health it has left with the yellow meter.

Credits to: rrrrrrr8r

Alternative Star Powers

Alternative Star Powers are exactly what they sound like. They provide more customization for your brawler, and make each matchup more unique and challenging. Here are some alternate star power ideas proposed by Arighzz:


Shelly grabs herself a lighter shotgun, allowing her to run faster while carrying it with a +50 speed boost, but this new shotgun costs her some range of -0.15 tiles.


Colt grabs himself a new pair of handguns, whose first two bullets penetrate through opponents.


Nina's bear moves faster with +50 and gains the ability to attack while moving.


Pressing the super button when below 800 hp will make Dynamike explode damaging nearby enemies for 1800 damage.

El Primo

When El Primo jumps onto his opponents, he drags the closest opponent that was in his supers impact close to him for a good old-fashioned fiat fight.


Once bull drop below 35% health, he gets an increase of +50 speed.


Jessie puts together a new shock rifle, whose bullets are capable of bouncing off opponents 5 times and gain +5% speed after each individual bounce.


Brocks new rocket launcher shoots rocket that are slightly homing. By that I mean they have the capability to turn a direction to hit the enemy, but to make it balanced it can only turn a max of 1.5 tiles.


Barley's new and improved arm allows him to throws bottles with a stronger force. Bottles fly faster.


Poco's super plays a deafening melody that damages his opponents for 1000 health abd stuns them for 0.25 seconds, but to make up for it the melody heals his allies less.


Bo gains a fourth mine.


When Darryl goes below 25% health his barrel blocks 45% of all incoming damage.


When Ricochet hits all 5 bullets on his opponents, his opponents get a concussion and get stunned for 0.5 seconds.


Enemies inside the radius of Pam's healing station take 250 damage per second.


Piper reloads 30% faster when in bushes, this effect lasts for an extra three seconds after you leave the bush.


Mortis uses him vampire ability to steal life force from his opponents, each hit restores 500 health.


Tara's super explodes twice after all opponents reach the center. Second one dealing 750 damage.


His poison slows opponents down for -65 speed.


Opponents caught in super will remain slowed 5 seconds after escaping it.

Credits to: Arighzz

Band Boxes

In the clan tab there will be a couple icons for the band box that explain what it is and how it works. Every band box appears once every 4 weeks and is completed by your clan working together, similar to the Clan Chest in Clash Royale. You and your teammates are trying to get kills in multiplayer battles to get through all 15 tiers and earn the ultimate reward. Each Band Box lasts for 7 days, so your band has 7 days to get through 15 tiers that get progressively harder. In order to actually receive prizes, you must have at least 20 kills. This makes sure that you aren't reaping the benefits of your clan's hard work while contributing nothing.

Furthermore, if your band finishes the box early, the top 3 contributors (the people with the most kills) will receive an extra gem reward. This would currently be the only way to get gems as a f2p player, therefore incentivizing people to play even more! As mentioned before, the tiers get progressively harder, with the first one requiring 100 kills and providing 3 boxes, and the last one requiring 2000 kills and offering 40 boxes. Overall, your band would need 14,500 kills in a week and receive a total of 304 boxes for completing all 15 tiers! Note: These rewards and requirements are subject to change as they might provide too much value.

Finally, there will be a screen where you can see who in your band has the most kills and how many kills they have. It's basically a mini-leaderboard for your clan. The top contributor overall will receive 100 gems, 2nd place will get 70, and 3rd will get 40, just as a bonus for getting so many kills.

Credits to: Arighzz

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