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How To Counter Rosa

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May 07, 2019
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Rosa is currently one of the top heroes dominating Brawlstars right now. And a lot of players have issues playing against her because of it. She is tough and hard to put down but she can be put down if you know what you’re doing. In this guide, we’re gonna go over some tips that will help you counter Rosa without it feeling like an absolute chore.

The first thing to know is that there is no perfect way to counter Rosa. No matter what method you use it’s still going to be rough. There are a few Brawlers that work well against her but even with that, you have to play very carefully against her. But let’s get into some dos and don’ts with Rosa.

Rosa's Stats


First off, do not feed her. Do not let her build up her super through damage because once she has her super it’s pretty much over. She can start chaining supers very easily and if she’s got it and you’re up close then you’re flat out dead. Once she kills you, she basically gets her super against immediately from killing you. There seems to be a lot of people who charge head first whenever Rosa has her super and that is the wrong tactic. Keep distance at all costs when Rosa has her super.

If she’s able to get one kill with her super then she’ll most likely get it again. And if she gets a second kill then she can easily start chaining her supers over and over again.Rosa is all about damage and you will not out damage her when she’s in her super. No matter how hard you try there is no way to out damage Rosa’s super. Distance and patience is the key to dealing with Rosa. Stay clear when she is using her super and only go in for damage when you see an opening.


There are a few Brawlers that work well against her but even with them, it’s still a distance game. Deal chip damage, keep your distance, etc. The first one is Crow because his playstyle is doing chip damage by poking enemies with his attacks. Staying back and dealing damage while you follow her around and pester her. Make her think twice about coming out to close because Crow can keep her health going lower with chip damage.

The other thing you should be doing against Rosa is when she is out in the open and not in super everyone should focus fire on her. If she is open then everyones attention needs to be on her.

Another good Brawler is Spike, and yes he’s a Legendary so you may not have him but he is useful. Though between the two Crow is the better to use against Rosa but Spike is viable.

In Showdown, just pick any long-range Brawler for that distance. Long-range is the key to Rosa so if you’re not good with any long-range Brawlers now is the time to practice with them

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