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All Brawlers' star power explained: How to use, advantages, etc. (Part 1)

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Feb 1, 2018

Hello guys! This is my first work submitting to mobile gamer hub, so please excuse any inconveniences. In this article I will be talking about all of the brawlers in brawl stars' star power and how to use them. I will also be stating disadvantages if there are any. So, without further ado, let's start!

1. Shelly: "Shell Shock"

"Shelly's shocking super shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!"

In short, what this does is when shelly shoots here super attack, not primary, whoever she hits will be slowed down for 3 seconds. They will be as slow as when someone stands in spike's super.

What this does is allow shelly to completely turn around a fight. When she is at low health, she can use this super from long range, and even though only one shell would hit the enemy, they still get slowed down.

She can then constantly shoot the enemy, whttiling down their health, and they will be the one running from her now.

This can also work in team compositions. If two or three brawlers are grouped up, then a shelly could throw her super and slow all of them down. Then, a brawler that requires good aim like Ricochet or Dynamike can clean everyone up.

This can also be used to catch someone who is running away from you with low health. If one of her super shots hit the enemy, since they get slowed down to a very slow speed for three seconds, it gives time for shelly to catch up to them and kill them. The only exceptions are if a brawler with a super that gets them out of sticky situation (e.g. crow, piper) or mortis is the victim, they might just get away with a sliver of health.

Shelly's super can also be used to run away. When another brawler is chasing you when you are at low health, you can use your super to slow them down and make a gap between you and them. Overall, shelly's super is not OP, but definitely is not something to underestimate.

2. Colt: "Slick Boots"

"Colt gets slick new boots that put a spring in his step, increasing his movement speed!"

This is a passive star power that is one of the best in the game. This ability increases his speed by 75 (from 650), so now he is almost as fast as crow. This can be used for getting away as well as chasing another person, and also, the speed helps dodges dynamike, piper, brock, etc.'s shots easier.

Another very good ability of colt is that if he mirrors opponent movements, he will land all six shots on them. This ability is a very good passive ability, and there is't much else to explain. Sweeping is also much easier with this ability.

Colt was a good brawler but his only problem is that he didn't have any movement buffs, so if he was stuck that was the end of him. His movement speed paired with his very high damage output makes him one of, if not the best brawler in the game, in my opinion.

3. Nita: "Bear with Me"

"Nita recovers 300 health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deals damage, her bear regains 300 health."

This is unique ability. Before the update, nita was not a very good brawler because her bear would die quickly and she did not output a lot of damage. But now, this changes everything. With the addition of Nita's damage buff, nita is not a bad choice now.

What this mainly does is that let her bear survive longer. Before, since her bear does not have any range, it would just quickly die because it could easily be defeated with just as much health as Pam. Whenever Nita attacks now, her bear will be healed 300 health. This will pose a bigger threat to the enemy and they have to focus on Nita's bear instead of nita, who will also be doing damage, further healing her bear.

For the part where the bear does damage to heal nita, that isn't very helpful. Sure, maybe the bear might get two shots on a Mortis, but since the bear is truly melee, every single brawler can outrange it except for maybe mortis. This has changed because of the recent buff to her bear's speed, but smart players can easily defeat it. The healing can only be helpful when they underestimate the bear and let it get shots on them.

4. Dynamike: "Dyna-Jump"

"Dynamike can now use the concussive force of his attacks and super to propel himself into the air, even over walls!"

Now this is a very unique ability and opens up a huge window of possibilities for this brawler. Some basic things to note: Dynamike goes opposite of the direction his dynamike lands, for example if you throw his dynamite to the left of him, he will jump right. Also, he can go over walls, like the description says. Dynamike also cannot get hit while he is in midair.

This ability can be helpful in many situations if you master it.

The most overpowered this ability will be is in offensive heist. In heist, the goal is to break through walls and destroy the safe as offense. But dynamike found a loophole. Just jump over the walls! The strategy is simple. Jump over water patches of walls and advance your way through the compartments, and you're guaranteed to get quite a few shots off on the safe before dying. Repeat this, and you're almost guaranteed a win!

This is very helpful in many maps because there is probably only one choke point, and all the defenders have to do is defend that choke point. For example, Safe Zone and Bandit Stash only has one choke point (besides barley's super on Bandit Stash), and only a few brawlers can cause environmental damage. Then, after he's at low health, he can jump back and try to heal, and even if he doesn't he can just hop is way to the safe from spawn!

Another very useful factor is in bounty and Smash and Grab. Here, it requires some skill, but after mastering this, dynamike will be unstoppable. What to do is don't go too aggressive, but don't stay at one place.

Whenever it seems like you're in a sticky situation, throw down your super at your enemy and run into it. The super will knock you back a lot, and will also greatly damage the enemy. Your normal attack can also be used to run away when at low health and next to a wall. Dynamike can also be a potential new gem carrier as most brawlers can't throw over walls and Dynamike can easily jump over them. As for brawl ball, Dynamike isn't very good here, so his super doesn't help much. He is only good for breaking walls with his super.

In my opinion, this is a very good star power because of the versatility. With dynamike's recent damage buff, he is one of the strongest brawlers in the game in my opinion.

This is it for my first work submitting to MGH. Thank you for reading! The remaining parts will come out soon.

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