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A Brawl Stars Strategy Guide to Winning as a Team!

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Jan 6, 2018

Hello Fellow Brawlers! I’m KairosTime and it is time to for another Brawl Stars Strategy Guide! Today, we’re going to be talking about the Team Mindset, How to get it, and how to win more Brawl Stars! This Strategy Guide is meant to help anyone get better at the game, whether you’re new to the game, or an experienced player.

Before covering the Team Mindset, it’s important to cover the MVP Mindset! Someone who plays with the MVP Mindset focuses on killing the most Brawlers, dealing the most damage, and getting the Star Player award even if it means that they sacrifice their teammates.

An MVP Mindset player will focus only and who they are shooting, and not pay attention to their teammates who may be taking heavy fire. They will jump into the enemy side of the map while carrying lots of gems or when they have a big bounty, and play without regarding the map’s win condition. Indeed, their whole goal is to cause pain for others, and that usually means your team losing. MVP Mindset players can get really good at the game, but no matter how good they are at 1v1, they’ll lose a lot of team matches that could have been won if they tried to have more of a Team Mindset.

Alternatively, someone who plays with the Team Mindset focuses on knowing where their teammates are, they pay attention to when their teammates need assistance or are taken out, and they play with the goal of winning as a team rather than getting the Star Player award or defeating the most Brawlers. Players with the Team Mindset will actually win more with Randoms because they have their team winning as their main focus.

All of this sounds nice, and makes sense, but Where do you start?

The first step in playing with the Team Mindset is gaining Team Awareness. This is where you know where your teammates are, you’re aware of their health, if they are taking damage or dealing damage, and if there’s an opportunity to assist them in taking out an enemy brawler.

An Assist is when you leave your own area of the map to come help an allied Brawler in taking out an enemy Brawler. Because 2 players is stronger than 1, a lot of times leaving a fight against a Brawler to get an assist is a great way to turn the tides in your team’s favor. After the two of you take out the 1 Brawler, you can both return to the Brawler you left to take him/her out and before you know it, your team will have dominance over the map. It’s simple math, but 2v1 and 3v2 are always better than 1v1, so you’ll greatly improve your game as you focus on having the team advantage more often.

Here are some different ways that you can assist an allied Brawler:


  • Attack from different angles - This seems like a no-brainer, but attacking from multiple angles gives you two advantages. First, it makes it harder for enemy Brawlers to hit you and your teammate. Second, it makes it more difficult for the enemy to escape your fire. Even the best players at dodging will struggle against 2 or 3 Brawlers shooting at them from different angles.
  • Surround an enemy from the side - Brawl Stars is built to give the most sight to players vertically. This results in players focusing more on what’s in front of them than what is to their sides. Coming in from the sides takes advantage of this aspect and even if they are good at covering their sides, surrounding them like this makes it more difficult for them to escape your fire.
  • Come in from behind - Although overextending to the enemy side of the map can result in you getting surrounded if you can do this when you know enemy Brawlers can’t surround you, surrounding an enemy Brawler from behind almost always guarantees a kill for your team.
  • Cornering - Have you ever had an enemy Brawler circle around terrain to try and heal up before facing you? Using a teammate to go around opposite sides of the terrain to take out an enemy Brawler is a great way to end the circle and earn your team a kill. This is called cornering.
  • Baiting - Baiting requires 2 Brawlers, or 1 Brawler and a Trap like Bo’s Super. This is done by pretending to be weak and run away so that an enemy Brawler will chase you into a trop. Once they are caught in the fire of the trap or your allied Brawler, you can return fire on them. If they take the bait, this is a great way to use teamwork to take out an enemy Brawler.
  • Blocking - If you have an allied Brawler that you want to keep a live because they have a high bounty or are your team’s gem or ball carrier, you may want to consider Blocking for them. This is where you purposefully get in the way of enemy shots and take the hits so you are damaged and your teammate is safe. This does charge enemy supers and may result in both of you being killed so do this very cautiously.


Now that you understand various ways to assist your teammates, it’s important to understand some basics about teamfights, as they’ll greatly increase your success. A Teamfight occurs when Brawlers from both teams come to one area as a team to fight. In teamfights, it’s important that you maintain good positioning so that the enemy team cannot single you out and pick you off one at a time. It’s also important that you work together as a team to attack the same Brawlers so that you can quickly take them out one at a time. The winner in a teamfight is usually the team that maintains better teamwork and positioning in these regards.

If you decide to dive into a teamfight without the support of your team, this is called Going Rambo. This will almost always result in you being quickly taken out which is why you should almost ALWAYS avoid Going Rambo. It’s far more worth it to wait until your teammates respawn or catch up to you before pushing so that you can fight as a team rather than take turns being taken out. That being said, there is one situation where it is acceptable and encouraged to Go Rambo: When the match is almost over and your team is behind, but you don’t have enough time for you to wait for your team to catch up. This requires skill to pull off, but if done correctly, it can even result in a victory.

Finally, I wanted to talk about Overextending and when you should and should not do it. Overextending is when you go into the enemy side of the map without your team. This is a great way to get good positioning, but it is also risky and may result in you being surrounded and taken out. When Overextending, it’s important to pay attention to two things: Enemy Brawler Positions, and Brawlers that are killed.

When deciding to overextend, it’s important that you consider where enemy Brawlers are because if you don’t know where they are, it’s likely that they’ll be able to surround you and take you out. If you do know where they are, and they’re not in a position to surround you, you’re set! That being said, you should also pay attention to Brawlers being killed. If a teammate is killed, it’s likely that their killer will be on the lookout for more Brawlers to take out. If an enemy Brawler is killed, it’s only a matter of seconds before they respawn and will come looking for you. As long as you do this, you should get a good idea of when you should fall back and when you can overextend.

Thanks for checking out this guide! Know that you understand how to play with the Team Mindset and to focus on playing as a team rather than with the MVP mindset, you’re all set to go practice these principles and up your game! For more Strategy Guides, here’s my channel on  YouTube!

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  • Team Mindset - Playing with the mindset of winning as a team rather than being the MVP.
  • MVP Mindset - Playing with the mindset of being the MVP or Star Player and getting kills rather than playing as a team.
  • Team Awareness - Knowing where your teammates are, if they are in danger, and if they could use some assistance.
  • Assist - To help an allied Brawler in killing an enemy.
  • Teamfight - When multiple Brawlers from both teams gather in one area to battle.
  • Cornering - This is where an enemy Brawler is using terrain to hide and you and a friendly Brawler come around the terrain from different sides to corner the enemy Brawler.
  • Baiting – To run or feign weakness in order to lure the enemy into a trap.
  • Blocking - Purposefully getting in the way of fire to protect teammate Brawlers from taking damage.
  • Overextend – To push into the enemy side of the map without the support of your team.
  • Rambo - Diving into a teamfight alone, usually a suicidal tactic and should only be done when absolutely necessary.


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