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17 Tips to playing AS Gene and AGAINST Gene! [Gene Tier List]

Apr 2019
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By KairosTime - Brawl Stars

A big thanks to KairosTime - Brawl Stars for the information in the video above.

Tips for Playing Gene

The first seven tips about Gene are regarding his attack. The eleven tips afterward are about his Super and Star Power.

1. Use Range to Control

One thing that's unique about Gene's attack is the amount of control it offers from a distance. While it is easy to dodge a rocket from Brock at a distance it is almost impossible to dodge an attack from Gene at a distance.

However, it does inflict an incredibly low amount of damage at a distance. So you should not expend your shots when you're attacking at long range.

2. Conserve Shots at Range

Instead, you should attack when you have all ammo recharged, the enemy Brawler is about to start healing, or if you get a chance to land a complete hit on them. Always be sure about your aim and hit before you fire.

3. Check Bushes Often/4. Play on Bushy Maps/5. Attack Around Walls

Gene is one of the best Brawlers for checking bushes because of widespread at a distance which is something only Gene is able to do. This means that playing him on maps with lots of bushes is very effective. You can effectively deal damages to players who are hiding behind walls and with Gene's range, it's very easy to do this.

6. Back Up to Hit Multiple Brawlers

A tidbit about Gene is the range of his attack until it splits. A Brawler like Shelly has an attack that can hit an enemy and then go through them to hit another enemy with a split if they're close.

Gene's doesn't split like this until after it reaches a specific distance and then it splits. This means that if you are in a unique situation where you have an enemy that is close to being taken out and another one behind them it may be beneficial for you to fall back just enough so the attack will split up before dealing damage so it could hit both instead of just one.

7. Patiently wait for the right time

You should play Gene passively and defensively while you wait for the right chance to attack. Similar to Crow, Gene is a long-fight Brawler that wins by outranging and outlasting enemies.

8. Carefully aim Gene's Super

Gene's Super takes a lot of time to charge up especially if you're attacking from a distance. So this means you should be extra careful and only use your Super when you know you're about to land a hit.

9. Use Super when close to the team

A big part of knowing when to use Gene's super is knowing your own positioning. For example, going close to your teammate so that once you pull an enemy you guys can double team him instead of running the risk of being taken out in a one on one fight.

10. Use Super with full ammo/11. Pay attention to enemy ammo

One really huge tip to using his super is making sure you have all three of your shots reloaded. This is so you can burst out your shots once you pull them over to you.

Another tip is to actually pay attention to the enemy ammo as well. Being able to know the likelihood of you taking your opponent out or them getting you is a helpful tactic.

12. Compare your Health

But it's especially important for y0u to pay attention to your own health and the health of your enemy when you're about to use your super. If they have too much or you have too little you run a risk of it all backfiring and getting taken out.

13. Know your 1V1 interactions/14. Dodge hooked Brawlers

At max level, with 3 attacks and his super Gene can deal 4620 damage. Which means in a 1V1 battle situation the best Brawlers for Gene to use his Super on and quickly burst down are as follows.

Jessie, Penny, Tara, Dynomike, Barley, Crow, Piper, Ricochette, and Colt. Now, when you're using your super on Rico and Colt make sure you're careful to juke to the sides so you can get your attacks off before they have a chance to counter.

15. Hook when the enemy has no ammo

There are other Brawlers that can be taken out by Gene's Super because of their low health but they have a lot of burst potential. For Brawlers like Leon, Brock, and Spike you want to wait until they are out of ammo before using your super.

Or make sure they don't have enough health to withstand the first few shots you let off. Which brings us up to my next point.

16. Immediately shoot hooked Brawlers

Do not wait to shoot until the enemy Brawler has been pulled to you all the way. They are stunned while they are being pulled but you are not.

This means you are able to fire shots while pulling them toward you. If you walk backward while pulling them that should give you just enough time to unload one additional shot which does mean you can burst them down very quickly.

17. Stick close to teammates with Star Power

If you have Gene's star power it's a good idea to stick close to your team so you can group up. That way Gene can heal your team while being near them.

Playing Against Gene

Now let's talk about how to play against others using Gene. Some good Brawlers to use against Gene are Assassins like Leon, Mortis, and Daryl who can take Gene out even if they get pulled in.

Tanks work as well like Bull and El Primo who have too much HP for Gene to take out. Also throwers like Barley and Dynamike who can take him out at a distance though it's important as a thrower to stay behind a wall due to Gene's super pull.

Now, if you're a long-range Brawler like Brock you absolutely want to keep your distance in the fight. Gene loses long range fights because of how low his damage output it at a distance.

For other Brawlers like Nida, Colt, Bo, Poco, Penny, Spike, and Crow it's definitely going to come down to skill.

Gamemode - Gene's Tier List

For Gem Grab, Gene is going to the A tier. Gem grab is probably his best game mode to play because he's best played as a control brawler with the goal of keeping players pushed back from a distance and pressuring the enemy gem carrier with his super preventing them from being able to go in and get any gems.

While Gem grab is a team game the best strategy is typically to have one team member get all of the gems and keep them safe. Because of this Gene is one of the brawlers that can actually turn the tide of battle from a loss to a victory by using his super correctly.

He can be played somewhat as a long-range gem carrier but he does struggle a lot against Pam who has so much health and healing. Not to mention the fact that she and the other gem carriers typically do a lot more damage from a distance.

For Solo-Showdown Gene is going to the B tier. He can be played but he tends to struggle a lot on Showdown due to his own lack of damage.

This makes it very hard for him to get power points from boxes and his star power is completely useless there. Not to mention he has to be incredibly careful about which Brawler's he does actually pull with his super unless of course, you've already gotten a ton of power points at that point. You probably deserve the victory.

Another great game for Gene is Duo-Showdown where he is going into the A Tier. With the teammate Gene actually plays very well in duo showdown because you can coordinate supers and work together to open up boxes.

His star power also gets a lot of benefit due to the fact that it's typically a good idea to stay close to your teammate when you're playing duo showdown. His supers are also very threatening and can even be used to guard players or prevent them from getting too close to power points for fear of actually getting hooked and getting blasted by Gene and his teammate.

For Brawl Ball he's going into the B tier. I originally thought that he was going to be an excellent option in brawl ball due to his ability to grab a brawler and create an opportunity for you or your teammate to actually score a goal.

He still is a good option on the right map but his Super is not nearly as impactful as Tara's super and the meta really doesn't favor him at the moment.

For Bounty Gene is going into the B Tier.  He has the longest regular attacking range in the game aside from Spike if Spikes attacks are perfectly angled. I was actually kind of surprised to see that he had a little bit of viability in Bounty because of his range.

That being said his super is incredibly difficult to hit at such a long range and he does such little damage from a distance that there are just many other better options for Bounty.

Genes worst game mode by far is Heist where he's going into the F tier. Just don't play Gene in the Heist game mode he is awful.

Not can he hardly do any damage to the safe from a distance but his super actually pulls Brawlers closer to you, which means that he's actually closer to these safe and that is not good.

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