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El Primo

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El Primo Stats

Melee Bruiser
Move Speed

El Primo Abilities

Fists Of Fury

Primary Attack
El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. That's a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!

Flying Elbow Drop

Super Ability
Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that pounds and pushes away anything he lands on!

El Fuego

Star Power
Enemies caught in El Primo’s Super will burn for 800 damage over 4 seconds.

Meteor Rush

Star Power
El Primo gains a 32% speed boost for 5.0 seconds after using his Super.


  • Extremely strong brawler with some the highest sustained damage output in the game.
  • His range is deceptively long - much farther than you’d anticipate a melee character to be.
  • In addition to hitting really, really hard… he also has a giant amount of hitpoints.
  • His Flying Elbow Drop can work very well both offensively and defensively. Defensively it can be used as an Escape. Offensively you can use it to separate a - straggling player from their team.
  • His super also destroys walls/cover and provides a knockback effect to other brawlers. This makes him a great choice for opening up Line of sight to the safe on Heist, or for destroy cover that enemies can hide behind in in Bounty or Smash & Grab.
  • Primo is never out of the fight with his ability to close the gap with his super, and if he does make it into Melee range, you can expect to lose several hundred hit points with each thundering slap sequence.
  • His extreme damage and hitpoints make him the #1 choice for the Showdown game mode, and because of this, he is likely the brawler with the most overall wins on Showdown.


  • Very kitable if his super is not up.
  • Prone to missing slaps if the target is in extreme proximity (basically at point blank range).
  • Killing spawnables allows enemies to build super energy up.

El Primo Tips

El Primo's best modes: Solo Showdown, Heist. His best maps are ones with lots of walls to jump over and smash enemies from above

by haxo2 months ago

When in close quarters, punch through nearby walls to ensure you always have an available exit

by haxo2 months ago

El Primo can punch through boxes - if you're contesting them, line up your shot to get multiple at once

by haxo2 months ago

El Primo's damage is devastating up-close, so if you can ambush unsuspecting brawlers who wander by from the bushes, you'll usually win the engagement

by haxo2 months ago
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El Primo Videos

How to Use & Counter El Primo!

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