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Darryl Stats

Harassment / Pressure
Move Speed
Super Rare

Darryl Abilities

Double Deuce

Primary Attack
These double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage.

Barrel Roll

Super Ability
Darryl jumps into his barrel and rolls around, bouncing off walls and damaging any enemies he hits.

Steel Hoops

Star Power
Darryl's newly reinforced barrel shields him during his Super roll, reducing all damage he takes by 70%.

Rolling Reload

Star Power
When Darryl uses his Super, he reloads 3.0 ammo instantly.


  • Strong damage from close range, High hit points, Always in the fight due to a unique super ability.


  • Difficult to get into effective range on certain maps & modes, no support of his team mates with any abilities, No ability to destroy obstacles

Darryl Tips

Darryl's super meter charges automatically over time, and takes 20 seconds to fill, but you can speed that up further with damage and kills

by haxo2 months ago

If any of the following have their super, avoid them: Jessie, Tara, Barley, Piper, Crow, and Penny

by haxo2 months ago

If you have your star power, always go after: Dynamike, Bo, Poco, Ricochet, Brock, and Frank.

by haxo2 months ago

Do lots of chip damage, then go after medium-low health enemies with your super

by haxo2 months ago
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Darryl Videos

500 TROPHY DARRYL! Best Tips/Tricks | Brawl Stars Gameplay

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