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Brock Stats

Ranged Sniper
Move Speed


"Brock is great for those who are happy to affect a fight from a distance. He’s great for establishing early positionand keeping enemies away from key objectives & choke points. Brock is weak and can be destroyed easilyso if the fight comes to himbe prepared to use his Super ability to take down any aggressor. Brock’s Super ability works nicely to open up line of sight to the enemies and reduce the places they can hide from his rockets."

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Brock Abilities

Rockin Rocket

Primary Attack
Brock lets fly with a single Rockin' Rocket that really goes the distance.

Rocket Rain

Super Ability
Brock only wants to see you bathing in Rocket Rain: an explosive deluge that takes out enemies and obstacles.


Star Power
The impact of Brock's attack sets the ground on fire. Enemies in the area take 300 damage per second!

Rocket No. Four

Star Power
Brock loads a fourth rocket into his launcher, increasing his ammo capacity (and discarding the thermos bottle he's been keeping in his launcher's #4 tube).


-Very high damage output.

  • Can be lethal from long range.
  • Can destroy walls & cover with super ability.
  • Super is nearly an instant kill on mid-to-low HP targets.
  • Great pairing with a tanky pursuit character like Bull or El Primo because you can predict enemy movement.


  • Lacks utility.
  • No crowd control abilities, no movement buffs of any kind, and no gap closing, or escape abilities.
  • Fragile and can be one-shot by stronger Brawlers.
  • Primary Fire is a straight shot, straight line, reasonably slow missile… easy to dodge.

Brock Guide



This guide is pulled from the video above so be sure to watch that first. This guide is for the Brawler Brock and will go over his general usefulness as a character


Brock is a common Brawler and his purpose is being a ranged sniper. Brock carries a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and fires one rocket at a time that does heavy damage.

His range is incredible but that missile is a little bit easy to dodge. His primary attack is the Shoulder Rocket where Brock lets fly a single rocket that really goes the distance.

It really alludes to Brock's superior range. His super ability is the Rocket Jive where Brock shoots a ballistic barrage of rockets that destroy walls and cover and enemies that do survive get pushed aside.

Brock's super is very very devastating and one of the top supers in the game and if you do find yourself targeted by it there's a big chance that you're dead. Regardless of how powerful your hit points are.

Strength and Weaknesses

Let's break down Brock's strengths and weaknesses. First, let's look at his strengths, he's got a very very high damage output and he can be lethal from long range and sometimes your eating missiles that are being shot off the screen entirely.

Brock is able to launch them from all the way across the map though they don't quite go the full distance of the map they still go quite a long way. Brock can also destroy walls and cover with his super.

His super is almost an instant kill on mid to low hit point targets and he's a great pairing with tanky charge characters like Bull and El Primo because you can really predict enemy movement.

Brocks weaknesses are lacking utility. He's got no crowd control, no movement buffs of any kind, no gap closing or escape abilities. He's fragile with low hit points and can be one shot by stronger Brawlers.

His primary is a straight shot straight line attack and a reasonable slow missile making it pretty easy to dodge. So some tactics and tips when playing Brock, establish your position early and to destroy popular gathering and choke points.

Use your super to destroy walls in addition to the enemies this eliminates their potential escape route and also gives you a line of sight. If they can't hide behind the walls then they can't hide from Brock.

Try to predict where your enemies are going to be and that is often in the bushes. Preemptively fire into those bushes before they're actually there.

Many times people will walk straight into your rocket. The last tip is to stay back from the battle. A dead Brock is just simply not useful.

Stay back from the battle, stay at your maximum range and just lob rockets into the fight. Key on where your melee characters are and take note on if the enemy characters are melee or ranged.

If they're melee then they're probably up close with your Tanks and Melee's whereas if they're range they'll be sitting back out of their reach. So try to follow your tankier allies into battle and support them with suppressing fire.

The best game modes for Brock are Smash and Grab, and Heist. Brock is one of the top Brawlers for Heist because he can actually destroy obstacles with his super, including the wall that covers the safe.

Once the wall is gone he's able to attack the safe in rapid succession without every getting close and doing so in rapid fashion by extremely high damaging rockets. Smash and Grab he's great because he can cover the gem mine in the center of the arena very effectively.

He knows where to fire simply because gems on the ground are fair game and you know that opponents will go for those. So timing your rockets to arrive at the gem when your enemy arrives is a great way to get easy kills.

The worst game modes for Brock is easily Showdown. Showdown is a free for all mode where the last man standing wins.

Not only does Brock have low HP so he's fragile if he does happen to encounter someone by surprise but he can't keep them at maximum range he isn't going to be very effective.

In addition to that, in a 10 person arena it is very likely you're going to be flanked or take an attack from a direction you didn't predict.

Brock is not good at adapting to those situations and his positioning is key and while he is lethal when he lands shots it's very hard to land shots when you're on the run.

Bounty is also a mode that is both not good and not bad for Brock to be in. He's better suited for objective type modes whereas death match modes are not really his cup of tea.

Matchups (Favorable)

Brocks favorable match ups are as follows:


Crow has to stay back from the battle as well and quite frankly Brock does more damage than crow and his range is longer.

Colt has a slightly shorter range than Brock so Brock can easily sit back and dodge his fire and also land huge shots on Colt to take him out. Next up is Jessie.

Jessie's huge attributes are that she is a very useful Brawler. Jessie brings Scrappy with her to the fight which is a turret that she summons with her super.

Brock is able to take out that turret in just a couple of shots at range so it's really never an issue in the fight. This really takes away Jessie's usefulness as a character so Brock could be considered a hard counter to Jessie.

Another favorable matchup to Brock is Bull. Bull is slow and has short range so Brock is able to sit back and destroy Bull before he gets into range. Similarly Shelly is in the same boat as her range is far too short to get to Brock, and Brock can simply retreat at the same speed Shelly advances.

Matchups (Not Favorable)

Difficult matchups for Brock are as follows:

[brawlers]ricochet,barley,dynamike,nita,el primo[/brawlers]

Ricochet is the same and does quite a bit of damage. He also fires more bullets than Brock does at the same time so while Brock may miss entirely and do 0 damage, Ricochet may land 1 or 2 of those hits and chip away at Brocks health.

Barley and Dynamike are also difficult matchups for Brock. While their range is shorter they are able to dodge his shots and drop area of effect attacks such as Dynamite and whiskey bottles onto the ground where Brock happens to be standing to force him to move.

This will push him and flush him out of position and do enough damage to him to take him out. Nita is also a very tough counter to Brock.

You can't afford to look the other way when the bear is incoming so Brock has to use his limited ammo taking out the bear, which unfortunately leaves very little for him to combat Nita with.

El Primo is a difficult counter simply because he has so much HP. With that many hit points, Brock can run out of ammo multiple times before Primo is actually dead and Primo is able to close the gap and do a lot of damage two shotting Brock and taking him out.

Hard counters for Brock include Mortis.


Mortis can very very quickly use his swipe ability to evade the rocket that's incoming so it's very unlikely that you'll ever land a shot on Mortis unless you get lucky and he walks into it for you.

In addition to that Brock's hit points are low and Mortis is able to very very easily take him out once he gets into melee range. Which is not hard for Mortis to do.

My overall recommendation for Brock, he's great for people who are happy to affect a fight from a distance. He's great for establishing early position and keeping enemies away from key objectives and choke points.

Brock is a weak hero though and he can be destroyed pretty easily. So if the fight comes to him be prepared to use his super ability to take down any aggressor.

Brock's super opens up a line of sight to enemies and reduces the amount of spaces they can use to hide from his rockets. So feel free to use that ability early and often.

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Brock Tips

Tap Brock's star power 3 times to kill boxes in one shot (if you're maxed)

by haxo8 months ago

Brock is one of the most versatile Brawlers, feel free to choose him for any mode!

by haxo8 months ago
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