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Training Camp

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Feb 21, 2020
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What is the Training Camp?

Most players doesn't bother to enter the Training Camp or knowing what it is. The Training Camp is actually very useful for both newbies and experienced player. There are three categories in the Training Camp - Tutorials, Practice and Guide. Here's everything you can learn more about Training Camp.



There are four different training in the Tutorials and every each of them teaches the player more about the game basics and game mechanics. Each players are required to start with the Beginner Training, Practical Training and Advanced Training before unlocking every other feature of the game to motivate the players. By completing each Training, players are rewarded with some rewards for newbies.

Practical Training - Free Valhein Hero

Advanced Training - Free Hero (Depend on server: SEA- Arthur, Taiwan- Zanis, etc.)

Antaris Battlefield - 30 gems


Beginner Training:

Learn the basic controls - Movement wheel, Basic Attack and buying Items

Learn how to use and upgrade abilities

This tutorial can't be skipped, every player has to complete it. Especially when you new to MOBA games, it will teaches you how control how heroes.


Practical Training:

Learn how to fight on the Antaris Battlefield - In here, you will learn about the map, lanes, towers and what is your objective to win the game. You will get an idea on how the game works by completing the training.

This training can't be skipped and once you've completed it, you would unlocked a free Valhein hero.


Advanced Training:

Learn how to aim abilities - Your hero would be Valhein and the training is to learn how to aim your abilities. The training's selected ability would be Valhein's ultimate Bullet Storm but in a slower speed or motion.

Learn how to cancel abilities - Whenever you have accidentally tapped your ability but you didn't want to cast it, here's how you can cancel it.

Upon completion, players would receive a free hero based on the server. Players can't skip this training as well.


Antaris Battlefield: Jungle Strategy:

Introduction to the Antaris Battlefield Jungle - Players would learn more about the jungle camp placements and the jungle itself.

Learn about the different monsters - There are different type of jungle monsters which serve a different purpose.

Upon completion, players would receive 30 gems as a reward. Players can complete this training by entering Training Camp > Tutorials > Antaris Battlefield Jungle Strategy. It is not required to unlock any other features of the game but free 30 gems is always nice.



In the Practice Mode (as known as Hero Trial), players can choose one in between many heroes (even if you haven't purchase or unlocked it) to play in the Antaris Battlefield. There are special commands you can use in the game and this is the best way to try out your desired heroes before purchasing them. Minion wave will only spawn in the middle lane, only one enemy hero (Thane AI)  and Talent/Arcana Page selection would be disabled in this mode.

Giant jungle camps such as Dark Slayer, Abyssal Dragon and Spirit Sentinel would be spawned by the time you entered practice mode. Whenever you have slayed them, they would be instantly respawn, there would be no respawn timer. As for the normal jungle camps, the respawn timers are same as usual.

Practice is an offline mode, you would be 10ms ping at all times. You can exit the Practice mode any time without taking any penalty by going into Settings > Leave Match.


Special Commands

Our Heroes:

Upgrade - Level up your hero by 1 level

Reset level - Your hero would be back to level 1

Turn off cooldown - Your hero's abilities does not cost any mana and does not have any cooldown

Turn on Invincibility - Your hero does not take any damage from any sources


Enemy Heroes:

Upgrade - Increases enemy hero level by 1

Reset level - Enemy hero goes back to level 1

Turn off AI - Enemy hero would be staying in the Altar of Life



Turn off Battle Lane - Minions won't be spawned

+1000 Gold - Adds 1000 gold. Enemy heroes does not buy item, it won't affect the AI



Guide is the final part of the Training Camp which you can use daily! You can check your daily gold, daily quest and friend gifts limit here!

Matches - Play casual or Ranked matches against other players! Win or lose, you'll still earn lots of Gold!

For SEA servers, players can earn 500 gold daily and for EU, 750 gold. To find out if your gold is capped for today's basis, you can always check the Guide.

Daily Quest - Earn gold by participating in battles each day!

By pressing the "Go" button, it will lead you right away to the Daily Battle Rewards.

Friend Gifts - Claim up to 5 gifts of Gold from friends per day! Send Gold to friends without losing any of your own!

Each player can receive up to 25 gold daily from friends. Be sure to make more friends and play together!

Arcana and Heroes tab would lead you to the Shop, which shows you where to purchase your Arcanas and Heroes for an amount of gold, gems or vouchers.







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