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Strike of Kings (Arena of Valor) General Guide

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Jun 13, 2017
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Strike of Kings, also known as Arena of Champions is an awesome MOBA developed by tencent. It is the perfect mobile version for League of Legends on PC. We will be giving you a well-rounded general guide on what you should know about the game.

Basic Mechanics

Strike of Kings is just like other MOBA games in many different ways so it'll be familiar to anyone whose played them before. The first thing anyone will notice is the match style it has being a team based game.

The main mode of the game is a 5v5 style match where players go from one end of the map to the other in order to reach the other teams base. The team who destroys the other players base first wins the match.

Of course getting to the base isn't as easy as just traversing the map there are tons of road blocks and obstacles you have to get through. The main ones being the enemy turret towers.

Each team has a set of towers that protect their bases and are set up through out the maps lane. In each lane there are turrets that deal heavy damage to anyone in their range.

The turrets are your first line of defense and offense against you so they are going to be the main target while you go for the enemy base. Aside from the turrets there are the minions which are essential to the game play.

Each team has an army of minions that march to the other enemies base and assist the Heroes in their fight. Minions are highly important because they're what make it possible to attack enemy towers.

A minion must enter the towers range before the heroes then once the tower takes target on the minion the heroes have free range to attack the tower. Minions have low health and can be taken out pretty easy so you want to get as many minions as possible within the tower range before the enemies minions show up.

And speaking of enemy minions you can expect them to be accompanied by enemy heroes. One of the highlights of the game are hero kills.

Players taking out other players with the help of their teams. Hero kills are all about knowing your surroundings, having your characters built with the right equipment, and generally having some skill at the game and knowing what to do in the given situation.

There's no real impact in Hero kills other than gaining levels to make your hero stronger and add to the score count. The main objective is destroying the teams base, that's how you win the match.


It is all about taking objectives in this game. Kills are fun, but there are some key mechanics you should know.

The first thing is the map layout itself because it varies depending on the game mode but we'll get into those later. The base game map is laid out in three different lanes, top, middle, and bottom.

These lands typically decide what kind of hero you're playing because there are better heroes for better lanes though this is mostly determined by the players. If you're an Assassin you'll probably be taking the middle lane, it's the straight shot to the base and has the least amount of resistance.

Where as if you're a Tank or a Mage you'll probably go Top or Bottom lane because of the longer run it is and how much you'll be dealing with you'll have to be able to survive the trip. So it's really all about play style and there are no locked classes to lanes.

In each lane there are also little bush areas that you can go into. When inside these grassy patches you are completely invisible to anyone.

They're used as an advantage to gain a sneak attack on any enemy heroes that come further down the lane toward your towers. Use it to your advantage because it is a very viable and helpful strategy.

Aside from lanes there is a center area of the match where several monsters roam that you can slay. This is typically called the Jungle area but the name varies depending on the game.

In this middle brush, or jungle, you're able to slay monsters to get different bonuses and buffs for you and your team mates. It also grants some experience to boost your heroes level in the match early on so that can be helpful.

As the match goes on and more monsters are slayed in the jungle eventually a boss monster will appear. It'll take your whole team to take out this boss monster but if you do the buffs you get are extremely good.

Game Modes

In Strike of Kings there are several different game modes that can be played aside from the main Grand Battle mode. This section will go over all the available game modes in the game.

Grand Battle

The Grand Battle mode is the main game mode that is played in Strike of Kings.

  • It's 5v5 Teams
  • The goal is to destroy the opposing teams base core
  • Each team has minions and turrets laid out in the allies
  • There are jungle areas with monsters for extra buffs and bonuses

Abyssal Clash

Abyssal Clash is a 5v5 team game mode where two teams fight each other in one single alley land.

  • Players start with a random hero at the beginning
  • No recall mechanic
  • Base does not recover health
  • Health can be picked up through drops on the map
  • Items can be bought only after a hero has died
  • Goal is to destroy enemy turrets and base

Valley Skirmish

Valley Skirmish is a mode that is very similar to Grand Battle in many regards.

  • 3v3 Teams
  • Only alley lane map
  • Jungles on top and bottom
  • Boost can be found as drops in the jungle
  • HP recovers at base
  • Goal is to destroy enemies turrets and base

Solo Battle

Solo battle is an interesting game mode that puts two players against each other.

  • Match is 1v1 being a single player team
  • Goal is to destroy the enemy turret and base
  • Health is recovered at bases

Death Match

Death Match is probably one of the more different modes in the game compared to all the others.

  • Teams can be made up of 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5
  • The mode contains no turrets, minions, or jungle
  • Players all begin with maxed out level heroes and items are chosen before the match begins
  • The modes goal is to kill everyone on the opposing team and who ever is left standing at the end wins


In Strike of Kings the heroes are probably the biggest draw for anyone who plays the game. There are so many different characters with amazing designs and each play in their own unique way.

Every hero has a set of 4 abilities, 1 that is passive and 3 active ones. Every heroes abilities are different making it so every hero plays different.

Below i'm going to go over 3 different heroes to give an idea of the differences they have, the ways they can be played, and a general idea of what the classes look like.


Valhein is a Marksman class character who specializes in long ranged attacks. His attack damage is extremely good but he lacks in Constitution.

His 4 abilities are as follows:

Pocket Glaive: Passive - Every 3rd normal attack becomes a glaive with an additional random effect and grants 1 stack of the Hunter buff, which increase 8% movement speed for 2 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

Bullet Storm - Valnhein fires six silver bullets at once. Each bullet deals 100(+84) magic damage to an enemy. Each hit increases movement speed by 10% (up to 60%) and attack speed by 8% (up to 48%) for 3 seconds.

Curse of Death - Valhein throws a golden glaive, dealing 150(+98) magic damage and stunning the target. grants 1 stack of Hunter.

Bloody Hunt - Valhein throws a red glaive, dealing 190(+153) magic damage to the target and enemies nearby. Grants 1 stack of the Hunter buff.


Veera is a Mage class character who specializes in long range attacks. Her Ability Damage is extremely good but like Valhein her Constitution is very lacking.

Her 4 abilities are as follows:

Come Hither: Passive  Passive: Veera applies a Come Hither stack to every enemy hit by her skills. Each stack reduces an enemy's Magic DEF by 30-72 (scales with hero's level), up to a maximum of 3 stacks.

Hell Bat  Veera summons a Hell Bat that glides forward, dealing 520(+0) Magic Damage to the enemies along the path.

Mesmerize - Veera blows a kiss, hitting the enemy with 285(+0) Magic Damage and stunning them for 1.5s.

Inferno Bats - Veera summons 5 bats to attack surrounding enemies. Each bat causes 325(+0) Magic Damage. If multiple bats hit the same target, each subsequent attack only does 50% damage.


Taara is a dual class hero playing both Warrior and Tank. Her stats are pretty well rounded all landing in around the same area making her a very decent and basic Tank style character.

Her 4 abilities are as follows:

Fighting Spirit: Passive - Earns extra 2 to 4 Phys. ATK for every 1% Max HP lost (scales with hero's level)

Colossal Smash  Taara leaps into the air and uses her heavy hammer to smash the ground upon landing, dealing 120(+80)Phys. DMG.in the area and slowing their Mov. Speed by 40%.

Obliterate - Taara spins while swinging her hammer damaging all in-range enemies twice. Each hit causes 125(+96)Phys. DMG.

Steel Body - Taara utilizes all of her potential to recover 6% Max HP every second for 5 seconds and increase movement speed by 30%.


In Strike of Kings there are dozens of items that are used to buff your hero in every match to make them stronger. To gain items in a match you gain gold as you play and use that gold to purchase the items.

Every item has their own stat lay out and effect that they give to a hero. So some items are better suited to one hero than they are to another.

The best thing to do when it comes to making builds is find a hero you like and browse the armory. In the armory you can see every equipment item in the game and learn what they do giving you an idea on how to make your heroes build.

When making builds you want to pick items that give effects that benefit the hero your playing. You don't wanna give a Tank hero something that's gonna boost their attack because that isn't what they're gonna be focusing on.

You want to match up what your hero is best at and build them with equipment that compliments their strengths. If you're running an Assassin give them equipment like Shuriken and Muramasa both are great for attack speed and damage.

It's all about learning the game mechanics and learning what kind of items benefit your hero. It'll take a bit of research and studying before you find that perfect build but it'll be worth it.

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