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Jungle Lindis Strongest Marksman

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Nov 28, 2019
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The Guide

Lindis, The Sentinel

Lindis is marksman that deals high amount of physical damage with multiple shots at a time. She is excellent at jungling because of her movement speed bonus and clearing speed. To be honest, Lindis is strong as Violet in the jungle, sometimes even better. 

Lindis with Flicker is not a bad laner as well. There are bushes/grass in the lane where Lindis could use it to proc her passive and harass the enemies. 


“The silver moon shines eternal.”

Hidden among the population of Afata, there is a small tribe who worships the moon. Every thirty years, a young woman is chosen to wield the full power of the moon and become the tribe’s guardian priestess. As the time for selecting the chosen one neared, Lindis and Luna were deemed the two most promising candidates as they had displayed the greatest potential for developing their abilities and controlling the full power of the moon.

But Lindis knew her chances were slim. Luna, her sister, outshone her in every way. She was talented, smart, beautiful, and held in high regard by their peers. Meanwhile, Lindis merely stood in ehr shadow, unnoticed and overlooked.

Lindis bore her sister no ill will, however. She loved her sister and admired her beauty. And, in return, Luna lavished her normally quiet and reserved little sister with love. Their bond was incredibly strong, and as time passed, the two sisters developed a psychic connection with one another. Lindis was content just being Luna’s little sister. She had no sense of jealousy as all he wanted was for Luna to become the tribe’s priestess.

Sadly, that heartfelt wish would soon be dashed. Mganga the Unspeakable had quietly maneuvered his way into the tribe. He began to work his charm on Lindis, playing her with sweet lies and luring her into his trap.

Just as he was prepared to start siphoning away Lindis’s power, Luna, sensing her sister’s predicament, came to the rescue. Yet, she was not powerful enough to defeat Mganga alone. As Lindis returned to her sense, she was overcome with both guilt and despair. “I’ll take both your powers!” Mganga exclaimed with delight and avarice.

“I won’t dare let you!” shouted Luna. And with all her might, Luna released a bright burst of energy that drew out the full power in both sisters, melding their souls together inextricably. “You… What have you don’t?! You would sacrifice your own life and existence for her?!” an enraged and distraught Mganga roared as he tried to stop the fusion. But there was little he could do to stop the fully realized potential of the silver moon.

Under the light of the silver moon, Luna grew every weaker while her energy brought Lindis back from the brink of death. “Lindis, I’m so proud of you,” was all that was said before Luna’s physical presence faded, signaling the completion of their union. In a fit of anguish, Lindis fired a deadly arrow from her crossbow at Mganga. She could sense Luna’s soul within her as she raised her weapon, calling upon the full power of the silver moon together. Badly wounded and defeated, Mganga fled and never returned.

“Luna, I promise you. I will defend our tribe to the bitter end.”

Pros and Cons


-Good jungle clearing speed

-High movement speed and agile

-High damage dealer

-Scales well into the late game

-High base damage


-Requires bushes to proc her passive

-No mobility without the bushes

-Weaker without bushes

Abilities and Tips

Tread Softly (Passive)

When Lindis passes through the brush, she will increase her movement speed and strengthen her next normal attack for a short period of time. The strengthened attack will fire 2 arrows with each arrow dealing physical damage. 4-second cooldown.

-Bushes/brush/grass is Lindis best friend. Thanks to this passive, Lindis is extremely powerful in the jungle. Always look for a brush to proc your passives before a gank or a teamfight.

-The movement speed bonus can be an escape tool or also can be used in invading enemy jungle.

Piercing Gaze

Lindis illuminates the area around her and reveals the location of nearby enemy heroes for 5 seconds. This ability can be stored 2 times.

After learning this ability, when Lindis hits the same enemy 3 times, the target will suffer an additional physical damage.

-Its important to max this ability to have higher damage on the 3rd hit.

-Use the ability as an utility to scout bushes and grant vision. Dont facecheck a bush especially when its near to the enemy side.


Lindis sets a trap that lasts for 2 minutes. The trap will slow enemy movement speed by 30%, reveal enemy locations, and after a short while deal 360 (+220) physical damage. Linidis can store and set up to 2 traps. Traps will become invisible 2 seconds after being set.

-This trap can be used as zoning, ganking or utilities. Plant these near the objectives such as Abyssal Dragon or Dark Slayer and you will find out if the enemies are planning to take them down.

-Start this at Level 1 and stack them up at the Sage/Might Golem to clear it quickly.

Lunar Champion (Ultimate)

Lindis calls forth a spirit to attack enemies, dealing physical damage and adding any bonus normal attack effects from equipped items or buffs. She can store this ability up to 5 times.

-It has a very short cooldown and it stacks up to 5 times.

-This is your main ability to proc your Frost Cape or Omni Arms.

-The ultimate itself deals decent amount of damage and has long range.

-Dont spam this ability only, pair them up with your basic attacks for maximized damage.


Build 1 (Crit)


Highest damage build, with the Atrocity Arcanas and Claves Sancti, this item build has 46% critical chance which would be enough.

Build 2 (Non-Crit)

High damage, more consistent and stable build. This item build is better if you do not have Atrocity for your Arcana.

Items Replacement

You can skip Soulreaver if you have gotten yourself 1-2 kills, build Rankbreaker as soon as possible to powerspike and snowball quicker.

Omni Arms is a more offensive version of Frost Cape, its better if you have a support in your team that can peel for you.

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