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Item Guide

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Jan 19, 2018
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What is an Item?

Items are the part of the game that can be found in the battlefield, which you are able to increase your heroes' stats such as attack damage, maximum health and defense. Every players start the game with a total of six inventory slots, each player can only obtain up to six items at a time. Items play a huge part of the game which defines a hero strength, which is why it's very important to farm gold and get the core items. Players can purchase their items in the Shop by spending gold. You can learn more about Shop here:- https://mobilegamerhub.com/arena-of-valor/basic-shop-guide-for-beginners/

There will be four categories to differentiate the items, such as:

Core Items - These items are the most important items to a specific hero. It scales really well with the hero and does a lot better than any other items. There will be no replacement that can substitute the Core Items without losing any strength.

Situational Items - Mostly defensive items, these items are bought based on the current gameplay. For example, enemy has too many magic damage, it's recommended to purchase magic resist items.

Bad Items - Naturally, they are not bad items. It's just that every other items outscales this item and beat it to the very best. There is literally no reason to purchase these items on a specific hero unless you are ready to lose games.

Boots - Every hero need a boot. It increases your movement speed which is very important to make a move. Be aware, Boots do not stack so you can only have one boot at a time.



In the main lobby/menu, you can access the armory. Armory are set and used pre-game to change your item build on any hero. It's very useful because you don't have to select and purchase the items you wanted manually in game which would be frustrating and annoying. With armory, players can just quick-buy the desired items in game easily.

You can change up to three different item build for each hero in the armory and you can choose between them in the hero selection screen. Remember, it's important to have a tier 2 Boots, movement speed will change the game.



Item Builds

There are always multiple variations of item builds for each hero. They can be more offensive, defensive or more towards a supportive side. Here's an example, there are two different builds for Violet:-

Offensive: Soulreaver, Boots, Rankbreaker, Claves Sancti, Omni Arms and Muramasa.

Defensive: Soulreaver, Boots, Claves Sancti, Frost Cape, Muramasa, Fenrir's Tooth

It all depends on the player's playstyle and gameplay, if they are more offensive or defensive. There is no right or wrongs in different item builds, there is only pros and cons. Players can also use the recommended build in game or  checking out our hero guides to learn more about item builds on each heroes.


How to make an Item Build?

First, learn more about every items and your hero. You need full understandings about what your hero can do and cannot do. Read about your hero's abilities and see what they are scale of, build based on your hero needs. What is your role, goal and objective? In the end, there are only one or two item build that is the most effective and strongest.


Role - Marksman (Yorn or Tel'Annas)

Goal and Objective - Dealing as much damage as possible with basic attack in the teamfight while relying on your team to protect you.

What can these Marksman benefit from? - Critical Strike Items, Armor Pierce, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, etc.

From there, you can start choosing your items. You can always experiment the items with your selected hero in the custom games, hero trial or against the AI before entering into the PvP matches.


Having trouble surviving in the battlefield?

If you are dying too early or too fast before contributing for your team, don't panic! It's okay to sacrifice some damage if you are an assassin, warrior or marksman for more survivability! Purchase items based on your needs. There is always a way to shutdown the enemy team, you just gotta find a way to do it. Play smart and purchase your items effectively.

The enemy has heavy crowd control and magic damage?

-Purchase Medallion of Troy and Gilded Greaves to counter against them! If it's not enough, there is Gaia's Standard.


The enemy has heavy attack damage?

-Purchase Sonic Boots and more armor items to counter against physical damage! Frost Cape is one of the strongest defensive items that has health and armor in game. Mail of Pain and The Aegis are great choices to counter against enemies that basic attacks as their main damage.


You get burst-ed by assassins way too easily?

-Purchase Ancestral Glory for a second chance!



  • Unique Passive with the same name does not stack!
  • Omni Arms and Frost Cape does not stack! Even tho they have different names (Penta Power and Frost Power), they don't stack for some reason. Don't buy both of these items at the same time!
  • Buying multiple boots does not increase your movement speed!
  • There is an attack speed limit cap, buying too much attack speed items would be useless.
  • Sell Ancestral Glory to purchase another item whenever it's on cooldown (Late Game).
  • Don't buy Curse on Death just to counter health regen heroes like Taara, it's not worth it.
  • Uriel's Brand, Curse on Death, Devil's Handshake and Blitz Blade is a bad item to buy.

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