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In-Game Controls

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Jan 28, 2018
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Match Interfaces

A. Movement Wheel

-This wheel is used for moving your hero around the map.


B. Shop & Quick Buy

-By tapping the trolley symbol, players will gain access to the Shop where you can purchase your desired items.

-The items shown beside the Shop are the Quick-Buy access. The items will show in the quick-buy by following your recommended/selected armory items or by tapping Pre-Order on any item in the shop.


C. Mini-map

-It's a mini-map where players can see visible allies, jungles and enemies in the map.

-Players can tap and hold the map to look around.


D. Mini-map Pings

-By tapping the magnifying glass, the map would expand in size and you are able to setup a ping in the map. Tapping the map once would choose the default "select" ping.

-Holding the map would reveal 3 more option of pings - Missing, On the Way and Beware.


E. Targeted enemy info

-After targeting an enemy target, players can see it's armor, health , attack damage, magic power and magic resist.


F. Team Score and Timer

-The timer shows how long does the game goes on, also helps with timing jungle spawns, etc.

-Blue number = your team and the red number = enemies team. It shows how many team kills against the enemy team.


G. Scoreboard, Settings, Leaderboard,etc.

-Scoreboard shows how many kill/deaths/assists the player have. 1/0/0 = one kills, 0 death and 0 assists.

-The gear symbol will expand the settings and options.

-Leaderboard shows both enemy and team's KDA (Kill/Death/Assist), Gold and Items.

-Battery Life, FPS (Frame per second) and Ping (Internet Connection)


H. Team commands

-Consists of "Attack", "Retreat!" and "Rally!"

-The chat cloud symbol will refer you to quick messages and you can enter your messages there.


I. Heroes' Abilities

-2 Active Ability and an Ultimate which can be unlocked at Level 4.

-Using the "+" symbol would level up your ability.


J. Recall, Restore and Flicker

-Using the Recall button would put your hero on channeling. When it's completed in a few seconds, your hero would return back to the Altar of Life. Taking damage would interrupt the channel.

-Restore would recover your hero's life and mana over time. Taking damage would disable the effect.

-"Flicker" is a talent slot, players are able to choose their favorite talent to use in the battlefield.


K. Basic Attack action button

-Tapping the button would control your hero to basic attack the nearest enemy target. It will always prioritize enemy heroes over minions or jungle monsters.


L. Minions and Tower action button

-You can enable these button in the settings, they works the same as basic attack action button but they prioritize minions or towers than enemy heroes.


M. Heroes' Attributes and Abilities

-It would show your hero's attributes and abilities damage, scalings, etc. Everything about your hero's stats.


Recommended Quick Chat

Players can set up their Quick Chat before entering game by going into Settings (In the top right) in the menu, then Quick Chat. The quick chat is really important when it comes to team game where you need communication between each other. In the game, you need your teammates to do everything. You can't solo-carry 1v5 by your own, admit it. Try to give commands and shotcalling your team into taking jungle objectives, ganks or pushing towers. It takes a long time to type in chat due to mobile and you might die while you are typing. Here's the recommended Quick Chat I would use in every game.

Enemies Missing! - It's very useful to let your team know when your enemy laner has gone missing, they could be planning to invade jungle or gank your allies. Letting them know first might help them to fall back than overextending.

On my way to gank. - People do make mistakes, most people don't pay too much attention to the map. Let them know that you are on the way to gank so they could follow up at an appropriate speed.

Watch the jungle! - There are many aggressive junglers in the game who might steal your team's jungle monsters in the early game. Players always walked into their lanes without guarding the jungle. It might help sometimes, if they are willing to listen.

Let me get the buff. - You'll probably need sage/might buff whenever you are a carry. Sometimes your other teammates don't need it at all. If you believe in yourself that the buff will help you more than your allies, go ahead.

Don't feed the enemies! - Well, every MOBA games there are always feeders. Nothing much you can do about it, just quick chat and hope for the best.

Attack the Abyssal Dragon! - One of the important objectives in the early-mid game. Let your team know that you want to secure the Abyssal Dragon. They will group up and aid you. Doing alone is always risky.

Attack the Dark Slayer! - Important objective to have in the mid-late game. Know your timing when to get attack the Dark Slayer and request your team for help!

Taunt - That all you got?

Don't forget to use Attack,Rally and Retreat commands as well. It will help your team to understand what you are about to do. Feel free to check around the different categories of Quick Chat. There are Defense, Attack and Misc. but by far, these quick chat messages are the most useful in my opinion which helps me a lot with the games I've played.









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