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Heroes Guide for Beginners

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Jan 04, 2018
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What is Heroes?

Heroes is a part of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Each player in the game gets to pick one hero before entering the battlefield to compete against each other. All heroes are different and unique. Every hero has their ups and downs, some are better with tanking or some are better with dealing damage, etc. There are different categories in heroes to assign each role and we will be discussing more of it very soon. Heroes starts at Level 1 in most game modes and they be leveled up to Level 15, which is the maximum level. Each heroes has different background story as well.


Heroes' Ability

Whenever a hero leveled up in the battlefield, they get a skill point which you can level up your abilities. Each heroes has one passive ability, two active ability and one ultimate ability. If you would like to know all of the heroes' abilities, don't hesitate to check them in our website under "Heroes".

What are the differences between the abilities?

Passives - These ability grants you bonus stats or special effects. Passive abilities applied to your hero and they can't used or cast. For example, Wukong's passive ability (God Of War) grants him 15% critical chance permanently and enhances his next basic attack after every time he uses an ability. They can't be leveled up with skill points unless the passive said otherwise.

Actives - These ability can be used or cast in game. There are different type of actives abilities in game. They could be skill shots, area of effects, mobility, basic attack enhance, targeted skill, etc. Active abilities have a short cooldown. (average 10s). There are six levels of ultimate, which can be unlocked at Level 1, Level 3, Level 5, Level 7, Level 9 and Level 11.

Ultimate - Each hero has only one ultimate ability and they are the strongest spells. They have all sort of different ultimate in the game, they are all very powerful that could turn a game. There are three levels of ultimate, which can be unlocked at Level 4, Level 8 and Level 12.


Ability Resources

Every time a hero uses an ability, it requires a specific resources to cast, based on your selected hero. There are currently three type of resources.

  1. Mana - Mana are the blue bars below a heroes' health bar. They are required to cast an ability, each ability costs different amount of Mana and it can be regenerated by Mana / 5 sec (stat). Most of the heroes in game uses Mana as their primary resources such as Violet, Murad, Zill, etc.
  2. Energy - Energy is a special type of resource. It regenerates over time by itself very quickly and can't be regenerated by any stats, items or Altar of Life. Currently there is only one hero who uses Energy - Raz.
  3. No cost - Yes, using abilities and it doesn't cost anything! You can spam your abilities as much as you want! There are some heroes that doesn't has any resources such as Lu Bu, Arthur and Butterfly.



Heroes Stats/Attributes

Every heroes has attributes to start with and they can be increased by buying items or leveling up. The higher they get, the stronger you will be. I'll be explaining every of the heroes stats so everyone could understand why they were buying a specific item!



Max HP - Also stands for Max Health Points, they are the main stats which defy death. Whenever your health points reaches 0, you would be entering into the respawn timer. Keep yourself healthy at all times!

Max Mana - One of the resources needed to use your hero's abilities. You can't use a hero ability if you don't have enough mana.

Attack Damage - Attack damage is the amount of physical damage you would deal with your basic attack. It can be increased by different ways. Attack damage also increases the effect, damage or shield of the heroes' abilities. The scaling would be based on each hero themselves.

Ability Power - Ability power is a source for Magic Damage. It increases the amount of magic damage that can be dealt by certain abilities. It doesn't apply to your basic attack unless your hero has a special passive.

Armor - Armor would help you decrease the amount of damage you would take from physical damage. The more armor you get, the higher the percentage % of physical damage reduction.

Magic Defense - Magic Defense are the magical version of Armor. They would help you mitigate the amount of damage taken from magic damage. The more magic defense you get, the higher the percentage % of magic damage reduction.



Movement Speed - The speed of your hero walk/runs. Can be increased by buying Boots, Arcanas and some certain items that increases Movement Speed.

Armor Pierce - The more armor pierce you have, the lesser the effect of enemies' armor physical damage reduction.

Magic Pierce - The more magic pierce you have, the lesser the effect of enemies' magical defense magic damage reduction.

Attack Speed - Increases the speed of your hero's basic attack.

Critical Chance - Whenever a hero's basic attack critical strikes,  it will multiply the damage based on the amount critical damage.

Critical Damage - The percentage of damage you would multiply whenever you successfully land a critical strike.

Life Steal - Amount percentage % of physical damage you would heal back to your hero after doing damage with basic attack.

Magic Life Steal - Amount percentage % of magical damage you would heal back to your hero after doing damage with abilities.

Cooldown Speed - Decreases the cooldown of each abilities and ultimate.



Resistance - Decrease the duration of crowd controls such as stun, snare, slow, silence, etc.

HP / 5 sec - The amount of health you would regenerate per 5 second.

Mana /5 sec - The amount of mana you would regenerate per 5 second.



Each hero is there to assign a role to fill in the game. There are different type of roles that do different things. Here are the roles and what they do.

Tank - They are the buffed targets. They have large health pools, armor and reductions. Their abilities are played around with crowd controls and staying in the front line to preventing them from charging into your team while soaking a lot of damage for your teammates.

Warrior - These are the semi-tank damage dealers. They do decent amount of damage but while still staying on the front line. Dealing as much as damage you can to the enemy front lines, try to breach into the back lines.

Assassin - They have the highest burst damage in game, they have patience and they wait for an opportunity to seize an opportunity. Assassins are there to destroy the enemy back lines by sneaking into it. They are very versatile and mobile.

Mage - One of the backline composition. The mages would be spamming abilities and deal a lot of magical damage in the back while your front lines are protecting you.

Marksman - These heroes are long ranged and they rely on basic attacks to deal a lot of physical damage. Marksman hit anyone they can in the teamfight and plays really safe with your teammates in the front protecting you.

Support - These heroes focused more on the ally than the enemies. Your goal and objective is to protect your team carries at all cost, helping them to peel and kite from the enemies assassins or warriors.



Skins are purely cosmetic and DOES NOT boost any special stats or benefits to your hero in game. Skins are there to just apply bonus visual effect and to look cool. It is not required in order to play a game but it wouldn't hurt to spend a dime to buy your favorite heroes' skin. It would help the developers to continue improving the game and making greater content everyday.

Skins can be obtained via the skin Shop, gacha or events. Skin costs an amount of vouchers in the Shop and voucher can be bought with cash via GooglePlay, AppStore, etc.


Hero Proficiency

By playing the heroes you OWNED, you can earn a certain amount of proficiency points after every game. There are no rewards or benefits for each rank, it's basically just to show how experienced are you on each heroes.

0/100 Proficiency

Requires 100 Proficiency points to level up to the next rank.

Every hero starts at this rank.


 0/300 Proficiency

Requires 300 Proficiency points to level up to the next rank.



0/1000 Proficiency

Requires 1000 Proficiency points to level up to the next rank.



 0/3000 Proficiency

Requires 3000 Proficiency points to level up to the next rank.



Legendary is the highest rank you can get on each heroes.

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