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Feb 01, 2019
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Guild is one of the game feature that can be found in the lobby/menu (Unlocks at Level 6). Players can create a guild on their own or join any guild of your choices. There are many benefits to join a gulid such as matchmaking, gold bonus and activity points that contributes to the Guild Weekly Chest. Active players can basically earn bonus gold each week or make new friends just by joining a guild for absolutely free. There are no fees or payment upon joining a guild. Each guild has a minimum requirement in order for players to join a specific guild which can be modified by the Guild Admins.


Creating a Guild

If a player doesn't wish to join a guild and wants to lead or show dominance/power, they can always create a guild of their own. It cost vouchers to do so. Guilds will first enter a charter period. If enough signatures are collected during the charter period, the guild will be established. The founder and the charter signers will become guild members with the founder becoming the Guild Leader and 2 of the signers becoming Guild Officers. There are 3 phase to be completed before successfully establishing a guild.



1. Create Charter

Before a guild successfully established, it is called charter.

-Input Guild Name, Region, Guild Emblem and Guild Motto

Guild Leader can choose their desired or favorite guild emblem


2. Collect 3 signatures

A guild needs at least 4 guild members including the creator/leader itself before it's officially formed. Your charter guild will be found in the "Charters" tab in the guild menu screen.


3. Guild established

Congratulations! If the guild has successfully collected 3 signatures/having four members in your guild, the guild is now officially formed.


Expanding your Guild

Each guild can be expanded to up to 150 guild members but it is going to cost a LOT of vouchers. If you are hoping to create a big community, you are going to need to open up your wallet. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with joining another community and make new friends and find players to play with. By expanding the guild, more people can join and contribute for the Weekly Guild Rewards, it will be a lot easier than with 5-6 active members trying to achieve the highest rewards possible.

The guild leader and officers can invite their friends to join the guild. Members can recommend their friends, but these recommendations must be approved by the leader and officers. Invitations will be sent once they are approved.


Joining an Existing Guild

If you wished to join an guild instead of one, you can search for guilds or use the filter system to look for your needs. All guild has a requirement on Levels, Rank and Activity Level. Prepare to level up and rank up if you wanted to join an active & competitive guild. Some guilds allowed any players to join the guild without any request, invites or application. Otherwise, you will have to apply on a specific guild and wait for the Guild Leader or Guild Officers to review your application.


Guild Weekly Rewards

Let's be honest, one of the reason why we all wants an active guild is because of the Guild Weekly Rewards. Every week, players are able to receive a chest ranged from Level 1 to Level 8 with Level 8 chests containing the best rewards. Gold is a very limited resource in the game, it's best to collect any gold you can find.

Level 8 (Maxed) Chests contains:

-100 gold

-60 gems

-Three 12-Hour Hero Trial Card Chest (Random)


Benefits of Joining a Guild

  • Weekly Chest Rewards - Gold, Gems, Hero Trial Card
  • Meeting more players and making more friends to play with
  • Showing off to your friends that you are in a strong guild
  • Requesting and sharing Hero Trial Cards in the guild
  • Discussing and chatting about gameplays among the guild
  • Gold Bonus - Guild members will receive gold bonuses when participating in Standard Matches and Ranked Matches. The greater the member limit, the higher the bonus will be (up to 50%).


Other Things You Should Know

  • Leaving a guild has a penalty of 24 hour (1 day) that prevents you from joining other guild
  • Level 8 Chest requires a total of 96900 activity points that are contributed from all the guild members
  • Each player can request a hero trial card of your choice in the guild with a 12-hour cooldown. You can also send hero trial cards to your guildmates!

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