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Events and Achievements

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Feb 25, 2019
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Events can accessed when players tapped the giftbox icon button (can be found in the bottom right along with friend list, chat, message and achievements) in the menu. There are usually different events every week that could obtain many free gifts such as free heroes, free gems, gold/exp boost card, skins, heroic shards, skin shards, gold and many more. As a free-to-play player, it's important to complete every single one of the event since gold is very limited to everyone, especially new players. It is known that some events remained the same but different rewards such as Daily Login for a week, New Hero Debuts, Log In for x days, Play Amount of x Games, etc. There are also special events (limited time) for new players in the game. The objective of the events are usually very simple and easy to complete. Keep in mind, every server has different events weekly, they are not the same. Some might be more rewarding and some might not, be patient and there will be some fancy rewards.

Don't forget to claim the rewards after you have completed the events! If you have forgotten to claim the rewards, it will resets at 12 AM and you will have to start over again.



The second tab in the giftbox icon is announcements. You can read every details about the upcoming Tournaments, special events, patches, etc. Players can also use the Item Code Redemption in here.

Item Code Redemption

How to redeem:

Please log into the account that you wish to claim the item on, and click the [Redeem] button below.

Please note:

  1. Items will be sent into your inbox as a system message.

  2. Your inbox can contain a maximum of 100 messages, please ensure you have sufficient space before redeeming our code.

  3. Items in your inbox will expire after 30 days, please claim them as soon as possible.

  4. Please take note of the expiration date of your codes.

  5. For further enquiries, please approach our Customer Service.


Item Codes can be found in eSports matches (they have codes giftaway for the first person who claims each of them) or some special events. There are exp/gold boosts ,free heroes, free skins and mystery boxes.



Achievements can be found in the same row as Events, next to the giftbox (between giftbox and message, it's a star icon). There are total of 48 stars of achievement, might be more in the future with better rewards. Only time can tell. Most of the achievements' rewards are gems, which players can spend in the shop for Magic Crystal (Gacha Spins) or gold and experience boosts! Keep in mind that the name of the achievements changes whenever it reaches the next star. Refer to the goal of the achievements for clarification.

List of Achievements: All Gems reward are 20/30/50 at 1/2/3 stars (Each achievement gets harder when reaches the next star)



Getting Started - Rewards: Level X Chest and Experience Points - Can be claimed after every account level. Contains gold, gems and Arcana. Reward increases at higher level.

Goal: Reach Level X


There Goes my Hero - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Obtain X heroes


Skin Lover - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Collect X skins


Practice Makes Perfect - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Reach level 5 proficiency with X hero.


Streak Star - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Achieve X win streak


All-Time Winner - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Reach X wins


Brotherhood - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Participate in a match with your friends X times.


Fledging - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Join the X league


Accomplished - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Reach level 3 proficiency with X heroes


MVP - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Earn MVP X times in total


Complete Annihilation - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Reach X kills in a single match


Assist Expert - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Reach X assists in a single match


Refusing Death - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Kill X enemy heroes with less than 10% HP remaining HP in a single match


Amuse Me - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Kills X enemy heroes with no deaths in a single match


Turn the Tides - Rewards: Gems

Goal: Achieve a victory when you are X points behind in a single match



Tips: Don't focus too much on the achievements. By just playing the game normally, most of the achievements would be completed without the player even knowing. Focusing too much on a goal and unable to complete it might be frustrating and disappointing. There isn't any special title, award or reward by completing all 48/48 achievements so don't worry too much about it.


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