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Basic Shop Guide for Beginners

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Jan 06, 2018
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What is Shop?

You can find shop while you're inside the battlefield. You can access the shop in the top left of the screen (right side if you have adjusted in the settings), below the mini map, it's a glowing trolley symbol. You can buy items in the shop which would boost your hero stats such as health, attack, defense and unique abilities. Each item has different stats which would suit the hero that you picked. There are different tabs in the Shop where you could select your items base on your needs.


Recommended - These items you found here are the recommended items for your heroes. They can be changed before you start the game in the Armoury tab which can be found in the Menus.

Attack - In here, you can find all the attack damage items. There are plenty of choices to build your character such as on-hit effects, critical chance, attack speed, attack damage, lifesteal, etc.

Magic - The magic tab consists of all magic items and can forfill your mage's needs. It consists of magic power, special effects, cooldown speed reduction and so on.

Defense - This tab provides all the defense items you will ever need. Mostly for tanks,fighters and situational items for other heroes. You can find Armor, Magic Resist and Health items here.

Movement - This is the place where you would choose one item out of different choices. There's different type of boots that depend on the gameplay and your heroes. It's purely situational and based on player's preference.

Jungling - You can only buy these items if you took the Talent spell "Punish". These items are mainly bought for junglers, they have powerful effects and bonus experience for killing jungle camps.


How to buy Items?

In order to purchase items in the battlefield, you would require an in-game currency named as Gold. Gold can be found in game by killing enemy minions, towers, heroes or the neutral jungle camps. You can also earn a very less gold over time when the game starts. Earning and farming gold would be a priority for any heroes so that you could purchase items to boost your heroes' stats to be stronger than the enemy heroes. Player's gold is displayed nearby the Shop button and also inside the Shop on the top left.


Purchasing an Item

1) Recipe

By clicking into the tab, you can see the Recipe and the items that are needed to buy before become into the final form of the items. Here's an example below.

As you can see from the image, Spear of Longinus is a Tier 3 item which requires Tier 2 Astral Spear and Platinum Gauntlets. After you have purchased both Astral Spear and Platinum Gauntlets for total of  1490g, you can upgrade both of these items into Spear of Longinus for the cost of  570g.


2) Pre-order

If you wished to purchase an item but you doesn't have the requirement, select the item of your choice and clicked the pre-order button. It will automatically preview the cheaper costs of the item needed for the selected ones until you have enough for the final tier. It's a very useful feature to utilize for purchasing items without needing to opening the shop every few minutes.

Here's an screenshot of it. It will display beside the shop button. You can enable or disable to display them in the settings.


Tips & Tricks for Shoppers

  1. I've seen many newbie's mistake. They tend to hoard their gold to purchase the final tier items. I highly wouldn't recommend for you to do so. You would lose a lot of potential and power for your hero until you purchase the desired item.
  2. Whenever you have enough gold, spend them! You can purchase your item anywhere in the map in most game modes, except for some such as Abyssal Clash and Hook Wars.
  3. Use the pre-order button to purchase your item step-by-step, quickly and effectively.
  4. Use both of your hands to play the game! While you are moving your hero back to the lane, you can always open the shop without disabling the movement of your hero as long as you hold your finger on the movement wheel.
  5. Don't open the Shop when you are in an unsafe zone. You might get caught and put yourself in the respawn timer. Only open the Shop whenever you are safe.
  6. Getting yourself killed by the enemies would grant them significantly amount of gold too, don't feed the enemies!
  7. Don't buy the same final tier item twice! The stats would be stacking, but the unique passive wouldn't!
  8. Only buy one boot from the Movement tab! Multiple boots does not stack your movement speed.
  9. Always complete one items first and proceed into the next! Don't buy multiple Tier 1 or Tier 2 items first that aren't belong into one final tier item. By doing so, you can speed up your process of becoming stronger in the battlefield.


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