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Basic Game Mode Guide for Beginners

Jan 2018
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Arena of Valor is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game which is currently available on Google PlayStore (Android) and Apple AppStore (iOS). Arena of Valor is also coming soon on Nintendo Switch, which is gonna be a game-changer for console fans. The game itself is currently one of the best Chinese Game and it is published by Tencent Games, which is also the owners/parent company for League of Legends. There is no doubt that the game will make it to one of the largest eSports scene in the future.

Now, let's talk about the game. Arena of Valor has various game modes available, every game modes has different type of maps, objectives, and winning goals. Some modes are faster and quicker than the rest, they are all unique and fun to play. There are

  • 5v5 PvP Ranked Match
  • Standard 5v5 PvP Grand Battle
  • Valley Skirmish 3v3
  • Hook Wars 5v5
  • Abyssal Clash 5v5
  • Solo Battle 1v1

In Arena of Valor, there are tons of heroes to choose and some of them are specifically stronger in some game modes but weaker in the rest. Without further ado, let's proceed with the mechanism of the game.


Altar of Life,Health Pots, Bushes, Walls & Minions

Altar of Life

Before proceeding into the game modes, I would like to talk about the Altar of Life & the Health Bars. Altar of Life can be found in every game mode, the place where you are spawned and revived. In some modes, the Altar of Life can be used to restore your HP and mana over time. Sometimes, you can only buy items while you are inside the Altar. Whenever enemy is near to the Altar of Life range, it could attack the enemies which deals tons of true damage and 1-2 shots the enemy.


Health Pots

Health Pots are usually spawned behind the first towers in the game. They can be found in Abyssal Clash 5v5, Both Grand Battle and Ranked Matched 5v5, Valley Skirmish 3v3, 1v1 Solo Battle and Hook Wars 5v5.

The health pots are different in Hook Wars and 1v1 Solo Battle, they heal more compared with the other modes. Don't forget or hesitate to take the health pots whenever you took damage from the enemy team.



Bushes is one of the mechanism that is in the game. Bushes can be found in all modes (5v5 Grand Battle/Ranked, Abyssal Clash, Valley Skirmish, Hook Wars, Solo Battle). While you're inside the bush, you will be hidden from the enemies.

There are two situations where they could see you hiding in the bush:

  1. You basic attacked the enemy while you are inside the bush, that could reveal your location.
  2. Enemy walked into the bush, you can reveal yourself while you are in the same bush with the enemies.

Bushes are mainly used for sneaking to prepare a gank or counter-attack. You could even use the bush around the jungle to confuse your enemies while you are trying to escape. There are so many possibilities that you can do with the bushes, be creative and outplay your enemies!



There are walls everywhere in the map, especially in the Antaris Battlefield. It blocks paths and forces you to take the longer way. Some certain heroes could hop/dash/jump over the walls that could make yourself very versatile and mobile. You could escape from enemies or chase down enemies really easily with these mechanics. Some of the heroes that could do so are Wukong, Skud, Airi, Violet, Lu Bu, Murad and many more.



There are three different type of minions in game-Melee Minions, Ranged Minions and the Siege Minions. They can be upgraded to Super Minions whenever you have destroyed the enemies' Inner/Third Towers.

Melee Minions- These minions are the one wielding hammers and attack in melee range. They don't hurt too much but they have decent amount of maximum health.

Ranged Minions- Ranged minions are the one who wields guns and attack from a distance. They deal slightly more damage than the Melee Minions but in sacrifice of their maximum health, they are quite in low in that department.

Siege Minions- Siege minions are the giant vehicle which looks like a balista. Their damage and health is the highest among the other minions. They are great at siege-ing towers. Siege Minions also grant you a large amount of gold when killed.

Super Minions- They are larger in size, all of their stats are increased which makes them harder to kill.

When it comes to farming minions, it's really important to try to last hit every single enemy minions in lane, especially in the early game which would impact your total amount of gold.

What is last hitting? The definition of last hitting the minions is killing the minions on your attacks instead of the ally towers or ally minions. You will obtain an extra amount of gold by last hitting the minions.


5v5 PvP Ranked Match/ 5v5 PvP Grand Battle


Antaris Battlefield

The name of the map for both 5v5 PvP Ranked Match and Standard PvP 5v5 Grand Battle is Antaris Battlefield, it is the largest map in the game. The map has three lanes, which are called the Dark Slayer Lane, Abyssal Dragon Lane, and Middle Lane. Antaris Battlefield's gameplay usually lasts between 12-18 minutes, depend on the situation. There will be five players in each team, choosing an unique hero to play in the battlefield. Your winning objective would be destroying the enemy core, and you will lose if your team's core is destroyed. Playing in the Antaris Battlefield also gives the best reward for gold and experience.

The eSports and competitive games are usually played with this map as this is the most competitive and strategy-based map. Antaris Battlefield is the slowest game mode that can be found in Arena of Valor, it takes a lot of teamwork and rotations. Each players start the game with 300 gold, you have to farm up by killing the minions in the lane, taking down towers and getting objectives to earn more gold!

Altar of Life is enabled in this mode, you can Recall and heal your health or mana while under your Altar of Life. You don't have to be in the Altar range to buy items. You can buy items in anywhere of the map.


There are 3 towers each lane - Dark Slayer Lane, Mid Lane and Abyssal Dragon Lane. The towers are usually named as the Outer Towers/First Towers, Middle Towers/Second Towers and Inner Towers/Third Towers. Each enemy towers has an attack range radius which is visible to players whenever they are near, if the radius is in yellow color, it means the tower is not attacking you. If it's red like it shows on the screenshot, that means the tower is attacking you.

How do you get attacked by the towers?

  1. You are under the tower radius without any ally minions.
  2. You are attacking the enemy heroes that is inside their tower range while you are inside the enemy's tower radius.

The towers does really high damage no matter if you are in the early game or in the late game. Now, your goal is to destroy the towers so you could get to the enemy Core. You can't attack the next towers if you haven't destroyed the first. For example, you can't attack the enemy core if all three Inner Towers are still not destroyed, you can't attack the Inner Towers if Middle Towers aren't destoyed, etc. You don't have to destroy all three towers to get to the next, each lane can be pushed to the end, the Core.

Destroying towers also grant your team gold, it's really important to push out enemy towers and also defend your own. Enemy towers are vulnerable whenever there are ally minions nearby, same goes to your team's tower. The towers would be very tanky and high armor/magic resist whenever there is no minions nearby, which makes you really hard to "backdoor" push without minions.

Destroying the 3rd/Inner Tower would also spawn stronger minions in the lane. The minions are visually bigger, stronger, higher attack and health.

What is "backdoor"? Backdoor or "BD" pushing means pushing a side lanes or sneak into destroying enemy towers while the enemy is busy on teamfighting or getting objectives.



The objective to win the game is to destroy the enemy's core. The Core are very alike to towers, but there is only one in each team. They are more tanky than the towers and works the same. They can attack, has a attack radius, and vulnerable when minions are inside the radius. The core can be targeted if one of the Inner Towers/Third Towers is destroyed.



Jungle are the off-lanes neutral monsters who grants you gold, experience and special effects or buffs upon killing them. They are found around the battlefield with the yellow/purple icons in the map. Be careful when killing each jungle camps, do not step outside the radius, once the jungle walks outside the radius, they will reset back to full health and walks back into their original state. You can see the radius whenever you attacked the jungle monsters. Every game, it's different. Sometimes, the Dark Slayer can be at the top side and sometimes it can be in the bottom side. It rotates and depend on which team you are in. Visually, you will always be in the blue team which is in the bottom left side but the jungle camps such as Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer rotates. There are different type of jungle camps in the Antaris Battlefield and I will be explaining them, let's proceed.

Dual-Wield Lizard Jungle Monster

Let's called this green jungle monster as a Dual-Wield jungle monster. It gives experience and gold. It's a melee monster who deals physical damage and is fairly easy to do within few seconds. You can find him in the first camp on the left-hand side the map.



Works the same with the Lizard jungle camp. Melee ranged, has gold and experience.



Killing it grants you gold and experience. It's a long ranged jungle monster who deals physical damage, nothing too unique, just a regular jungle camp monster.



Same as spider, they are long ranged and grants you experience and gold upon killing them.



Sage Golem

Also known as the "blue golem","blue buff" or "blue". Sage Golem is slightly more tanky than the other normal jungle camps. It grants you experience, gold and Sage Buff upon killing it. The Sage buff can be transferred to other player who killed the owner of the buff.

Sage Buff: Reduces ability cooldown by 20% and restores additional 2% mana every second.

You can level up from 1 to 2 with Hunter's Crossbow and Punish as a jungler by taking this Sage Golem itself only. It's important to have this buff if you are a mana pool-hungry type of heroes, especially in the early game.


Might Golem

Look alike with Sage Golem, except that it's crystal is in red. Also known as the "red golem", "red buff" or "red". Gives the largest gold and experience in the jungle (same as Sage Golem). The only difference that is it gives Might Buff whenever the player kills it. The Might Buff can be transferred to other player who killed the owner of the buff.

Might Buff: Normal attacks reduce enemy movement speed and deal 21-50 extra burn damage. Effects are halved for ranged attacks.

Might Buff is every marksman and melee attack damage heroes favorite buff. It's really strong and powerful than you thought. Prioritize this Might Buff for marksman in late game, and jungler in early game for easier gankings.


Vision Dragon/Ward Sentinel

Now, this is the only jungle monsters that doesn't attack. It gives you a good amount of gold, experience and a mini-vision ward which would travels into the enemy jungle and disappears. It's very good for side lanes to take in the early game, which gives you a lead against your enemy laners and also a mini-vision to spy on enemy junglers. You can find this jungle monster in both top and bottom lane.


Spirit Sentinel

Spirit Sentinel is like a mini-Abyssal Dragon. It gives some gold to your ENTIRE team. It's one of the important objectives to focus on in the early game. There is only one Spirit Sentinel camp in the Antaris Battle and can be found in front of Dark Slayer, either top or bottom lane depend on which team you are in.

The player who kills the Spirit Sentinel also retrieves a mini-buff called Life Source.

Life Source: Regenerate 2% HP per second and increase 60 movement speed when out of combat for 60 seconds. (NEW PATCH UPDATED!)


Abyssal Dragon

Abyssal Dragon is the second strongest jungle in the Antaris Battlefield. It is fairly tanky and high health. Once it is killed, it grants your entire team gold and experience. Yes, every member of your team gets the gold and experience even if they are in the death/respawn timer or the other side of the map. Important objective to take in the early game. Be careful, the enemy might try and steal the Abyssal Dragon and your team wouldn't get any gold or experience once it is stolen. It is recommended to kill the Abyssal Dragon with at least ONE teammate. The Abyssal Dragon is a priority for your team in the early to mid game.


Dark Slayer

Dark Slayers is the strongest jungle monster in the Antaris Battlefield. It's hard to be taken down but would be very rewarding if you have done it. Killing the Dark Slayer grants your team the Dark Slayer's Wrath buff. The Dark Slayer targets the first player who attacks it, best to make sure the tanky member of your team attacks it first.

Dark Slayer's Wrath: Whole team damage +30%, and recover 1% of HP and mana every second.

It's very game-changing to have the Dark Slayer's Wrath buff during the mid or late game. It impacts your team "power play" and teamfights. It is recommended to do with your teammates, at least two or three. While doing the Dark Slayer, it makes your team vulnerable to enemy team because the Dark Slayer would be doing a lot of damage to your teammates. Don't get caught in the crossfire, you can always catch 1-2 enemies off-guard first, then proceed to Dark Slayer. Play safe, always. Unless you are confident and believe that you can snipe down the Dark Slayer without the enemy team knowing.


Team Composition

In the Antaris Battlefield, there is different type of team composition and the best heroes to be use. Here are some of the team composition that has been played by different players.


The Normal Composition: One player soloing the Dark Slayer lane, one in mid lane, two in Abyssal Dragon lane, and one jungler.

The is the mostly played in the game from all ranks and levels. It's the most common team composition you will ever see in the game. Jungle tends to be the highest level most of the times due to the experience gained from the jungles.


The All Solo Lane/Roamer Composition: 3 player solo each lane, 1 jungler and 1 support roamer.

This is usually played by duo players (jungle and roamer) to have good communication and strategy to carry games.


Double Roamer Composition/Off-laners: 3 player solo each lane, while farming the jungle (also known as off-laners) and 2 roamers.

Mostly played in 5-man queue or competitive games, it's really hard to communicate with strangers that has no clue about it. The point of this composition is to have two support roamers helping the other three teammates get really huge lead to carry the game.


Heroes Tier

For the Antaris Battlefield 5v5 Tier List, check out the Tulen Patch Tier List.


Ranked/Casual Standard

In casual standard 5v5 Grand Battle, you can enter the game and pick any heroes you would like. Pay attention to the team composition, you may not want to end up a team with marksmen! The picking phase is called as "Blind Pick".

Blind Pick: You and your team can pick any heroes you owned. You can't see the enemies' pick till the loading screen, your team and the enemies' can be having the same heroes. For example, your team and the enemies' has Violet.

For ranked matches, it's the same as casual standard 5v5 Grand Battle UNTIL you are in a Diamond game or above.

Whenever you or your teammate is a Diamond ranked player, there isn't any "Blind Pick" anymore. The game would be in "Ban/Pick Phase".

Ban/Pick Phase: Each team can ban ONE hero. Both sides can see each other's pick, and the hero can't be picked twice. One side of the team would have the "first pick" and the heroes can be swapped between players if both of you owned the heroes. The pick would goes like this- First Pick from your team > Second/Third Pick from your enemies > Fourth/Fifth from your team > and it goes on until all ten players have picked their hero.


Ranked Tier

There are Seasons in ranked matches, each season last 3 months. There are different type of rewards every season such as skins, gems, heroes , etc.

There are different ranks in game which would judge your level of gameplay.

The rank as it follows:

Bronze- About 35% of all players currently share this ranking.

Silver- You are better than 35% of all players.

Gold- You are better than 65% of all players.

Platinum- You are better than 80% of all players.

Diamond- You are better than 90% of all players.

Master- You are better than 99% of all players. The Top 50 Masters will earn the "Conqueror" title!

Conqueror- You are the Top 50 players in your server.



Ranking Up & Brave Points

Every players first experience would start their ranks at Bronze III, which is the lowest rank tier in the game. Every tier requires different amount of stars to evolve into the next rank. There are also different amount of divisions in each tier. Here's the full information for each ranks. You earn each star by winning a game and lose each star by losing a game. Whenever your rank has full stars, you will need another victory to proceed into the next tier or division.

  • Bronze III > Bronze I - 3 Stars
  • Silver IV to Silver I - 4 Stars
  • Gold IV to Gold I - 4 Stars
  • Platinum V to Platinum I - 5 Stars
  • Diamond V to Diamond I - 5 Stars
  • Masters & above - Highest Top 50 Stars in Masters would be Conquerors.


Braves Points

Whenever you win or lose a game, you will get Brave Points which would fill up the empty bar you can find in the ranked match screen. When you have enough brave points, you will gain a bonus star. The amount of Brave Points required increases as you reach higher ranks.

When you have 0 stars and lose a game, your Braves Points will be deducted. If you don't require the minimum amount of Brave Points, you will be demoted.

Players Difference in Casual vs Ranked

The type of players you would find in casual are usually players who are free and wants to spend their time playing the game casually or players who wanted to try new heroes. Nothing too serious, they don't give too much effort or care about winning or losing.

The type of players in ranked are the "try-hards". They try their best most of the time in order to win games. It may be frustrated to meet against 2-3 man queue if you are a solo player.


Season End

Whenever a season ends, all players will receive the rewards based on their ranks. The higher the rank, the better the rewards you will get! However, your seasonal rank would be soft-reset for the next season. However, they did not hard-reset your rank to the lowest, this would ruin the new player's experience to the game.

The full soft-reset tier list:

Bronze III - Bronze III

Bronze II - Bronze II

Bronze I - Bronze I

Silver III - Bronze I

Silver II - Silver III

Silver I - Silver III

Gold IV - Silver II

Gold III - Silver II

Gold II - Silver I

Gold I - Silver I

Platinum V - Gold IV

Platinum IV - Gold IV

Platinum III - Gold III

Platinum II - Gold III

Platinum I - Gold III

Diamond V - Gold II

Diamond IV - Gold II

Diamond III - Gold I

Diamond II - Gold I

Diamond I - Gold I

Master/Conqueror (0-10 Stars) - Platinum V

Master/Conqueror (11-50 Stars) - Platinum IV

Master/Conqueror (51-100 Stars) - Platinum III

Master/Conqueror (101-150 Stars) - Platinum II

Master/Conqueror (151-9999 Stars) - Platinum I


3v3 Valley Skirmish


Flatland Battlefield

The map for 3v3 Valley Skirmish is called Flatland Battlefield. There is only one lane, two jungle camps each side and a mini-boss, Garnak in the middle. 3v3 Valley Skirmish is really a fast-paced and short game. The gameplay of 3v3 Valley Skirmish usually lasts 5-8 minutes. The objective to win the game is to destroy the enemy Core. The Altar of Life is enabled in this mode, you can Recall back to base to heal your health and mana. Although, I would recommend walking/running back to the Altar because the map is really small. Walking/running would be faster than recalling. The game usually ends really quick, the towers can be taken down pretty easily whenever there are minions pushing.  You can pick your favorite heroes to play in the game, there is no ban phase. Each player starts the game with 1000 gold and you can buy your items anywhere in the map!


Towers & Core

The is only ONE tower to protect the Core from each team. The towers and Core in Flatland Battlefield works the same as the one in Antaris Battlefield. The only difference is there is only one tower, and only one lane. The towers and Core in this mode are destroyed a lot faster and easier because of the amount of gold, items and level you could get in this map is a lot faster compared with the others. Everything in this mode gives a lot of gold and experience, you don't really want to miss any minions out.



Flatland Battlefield is a very small map, but yet there is still spaces for jungle camps. The jungle camps in this map gives huge loads of gold. It's really important to secure them to get a massive gold lead. It's also very easy and takes a few second to clear the jungle.

Goblin: Quick to kill, very squishy, quick gold and experience. Doesn't take too much to clear it. As the game goes longer, the gold increases.

Sage Golem: Also known as the "blue golem","blue buff" or "blue". Sage Golem is still easy to kill in this mode. Gives even more gold than Goblin and also gives the Sage Buff to it's killer. The Sage buff can be transferred to other player who killed the owner of the Sage Buff.

Sage Buff- Reduces ability cooldown by 20% and restores additional 2% mana every second.


Garnak is the mini-boss for the 3v3 Valley Skirmish. It gives tons of gold,experience and a buff called "Dragon's Curse". Teams who kills Garnak will get themselves a significant buff that stacks up to three times. Unlike any buffs, the Garnak Dragon's Curse will stay with the players even if the player died. The buffs would not transfer to the killer or disappear, it lasts till the end of the game.

1st Stack: Damage to towers increases

2nd Stack: Damage increases by 20%, damage taken decreases by 15%

3rd Stack:  Regenerates 1% max HP regen per second.

Because of how easy and fast Garnak can be slayed by your team and also it's huge buff bonus, it's a high priority for you and your team to secure Garnak as the team kill but not the enemies'.


Speed Boost

At the start of the game, there is an area which marked with a special rune on the floor spawns a floating boot which could grant you a movement speed buff when you walk to it. It's not a game-changing buff but it will help you a lot especially in the early game to commit the "Hit and Run" harass and dodging skill shots.


Glowing Gate

There's a glowing gate near the tower on each side of the team. It's there to block the enemies from getting inside, it helps when you are retreating from the jungle. You can bypass it by using any ability that can dash over the wall.


Team Composition

Balance Team Composition: A marksman (jungle and lane farm), a mage and a fighter or tank.

Double Mage Composition: Two mage and a Fighter/Bruiser.

Three Deadly Fighter: 3 bruiser/fighters

It could be anything! But it's really important to have at least one fighter to shut down the enemy back lines if there is any. When you're jungling, it's not recommended to buy jungle items! Just take Punish and proceed to complete your core items! The powerspike of the items without jungle item would be much better and faster.


Heroes Tier for Valley Skirmish

The strongest heroes in the mode would be bruisers, fighters, mages and marksman. Nonetheless, here's a mini tier list for the 3v3 Valley Skirmish.



Abyssal Clash 5v5

To all League of Legend fans and players, Abyssal Clash is very alike to the game mode "ARAM". ARAM stands for All Random, All Mid for those who don't know. Abyssal Clash 5v5 is a mode where you don't get to pick your heroes, but instead it's random. Whenever you entered the heroes selection screen, you will automatically locked a hero that is in the weekly free rotation heroes pool, the heroes you owned or on trial. You can't change your hero but you can always use the "Reroll" button. It's free to reroll for the first time, but it costs 10 gems next, 20 gems next, and it goes on. Using the reroll function would randomly rolls your current hero into another. You can't pick your hero but there is some heroes which is significantly stronger among the others. Overall, it's a very fun mode to play whenever you are getting tired of the 5v5 Grand Battle.

Abyss Canyon

The map name for Abyssal Clash 5v5 is called as Abyss Canyon.  Each player starts the game with 800 gold. Abyss Canyon has only a single lane with two turrets from each team protecting the Core. Your winning objective would be destroying the enemies' core. The map sounds easy, but don't get too excited, it's not as easy as it sounds. In this mode, the Altar of Life is disabled.

Which means you are not able to purchase items or restore your heal and mana pool with the Altar! You can only buy items on the first time you entered the game and after you have fallen! Don't be afraid to enter the respawn timer if you are very low on health and hoarding with lots of gold. You would be killed sooner or later, you should do it quick before the enemies' slayed you themselves which would open an opportunity for the enemy team to destroy your towers. The fun part about this map is that the gameplay is a massacre! You will always be in a 5v5 teamfight or trading skill shots against each other until someone gets really low.

Another part of this mode is: There is no jungle camp in this map!

Which means no buffs, no Dark Slayer, no Garnak, no Abyssal Dragon or anything else. The only way to get experience and gold is killing minions and heroes.

Every players in this map would gain a free talent spell "Flicker" and you can still choose another talent of your own choice. The best choice available would be Heal because there you couldn't heal yourself in the Altar of Life once you have taken heavy damage. Thus, stacking heal with your teammates would be really powerful.


Heroes Tier for Abyssal Clash

Although players can't choose their favorite hero in this game mode, they can always feel free to reroll their heroes into another random ones. Keep in mind that some heroes are stronger in this map, especially tanks and mages. Here's a mini tier list of the heroes.



Solo Battle 1v1 

Black City Arena

The map for Solo Battle 1v1 is called Black City Arena. It is similar to the Abyss Canyon map from it's size and texture. The differences are the bushes placement, health pots and the towers. There is only one tower from each side protecting the Core. Your objective to win the game is to destroy the enemies' core. The picking phase for this game mode is Blind Pick. Altar of Life is enabled in this map, you can return to your Altar to restore your mana and health. You can also purchase your items anywhere in the map unlike the Abyss Canyon map, you don't need to be on death timer to unlock the shop. Just like Abyssal Clash, there is no jungle camp in this map. It's only you, your enemy hero, minions, towers and the Core. The minions drop tons of gold upon death, be sure you are always in the range to pick up the gold.

The Solo Battle 1v1 is the fastest gameplay in Arena of Valor, each game took around 5-9 minutes long but it usually ends quicker that we thought. If you don't have much time to play, but you want to have fun while farming gold and experience from Daily Battle Rewards, this is the best mode to go. Although, you won't receive much gold or experience after battle itself.

Heroes Tier for Solo Battle

Just like any other map, there is always some better heroes just for the map and here's the list.



Hook Wars 5v5

Hook Wars 5v5 isn't really a mode that you can play any day of the week. It's only available and playable during the weekends. Hence why it's such a unique mode in Arena of Valor.

Treasure Bay

The map for Hook Wars 5v5 is called Treasure Bay. The texture and design of the map is based on pirates. The objective of the game is gaining control of the squared box and reach 100% base point to achieve victory. There is a river gap in between the box so players can't just initiate as long as they saw their enemies. Altar of Life is disabled in this game, which means you can't purchase items once you exited the Altar after every spawn and you can't restore your health or mana pool from the Altar. The level experience of the game is evenly distributed, everyone would be same hero level at any stage of the game.

Players can't pick their heroes in this game mode! It's random and can be rerolled for free in the first time, cost gems for the next rerolls. There are no towers or Core in this game! You can only win by gaining 100% Base Point.

You can gain control faster with more ally heroes inside the box. If you are overwhelmed by enemy heroes, the enemy would gain control instead of your team so it's important to stay in the box at all cost. Remember, don't go running around outside the box!

Every players has an ability to use hooks to pull enemies over the river. The hook itself deals a really high true damage when it hits an enemy hero. Beware when you are using the hook because during your hook travels, your hero would be immobilize for a moment which puts yourself in danger from enemy hooks.

There will be chest spawning in the top side of the river, when the chest is destroyed by a team, the entire team gets a movement speed buff or gold coins. Another fun fact, there would be special hooks spawning in the river such as Giant Hook, Blood Hook and Fire Hook. You can obtain them by hooking it will enhance your next hooks with special effects.

Heroes Tier for Hook Wars


Death Match

Death Realm

No minions, no towers, and especially no brush or jungle.

  1. Play on a brand new map in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 matches.
  2. Heroes start out with full equipment (matching that of battle prep) and fully leveled up abilities.
  3. All heroes start with double their normal HP, BUT 0 hp regeneration.
  4. Heroes will not respawn after detah (resurrection abilities are an exception).
  5. The game ends when all the heroes from one team have been defeated.


Now, this sound like an extremely fun game mode. Unfortunately, they have been on the "Coming Soon!" sign for months. There is still no news about this game mode but when it's released, I'll definitely check out the mode, so should you. Let's hope that we will get news about Death Match in the upcoming patches, for now let's all have fun in the Arena of Valor.






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