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Stream Bracers

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Stream Bracers Stats

Movement Speed+5%
Cooldown Speed+5%
Mana Per 5 Seconds20
General CategorySupport
PurposeArmor & Regen
Cooldown Speed+5%
Cooldown Speed+5%


"+5% Cooldown Speed +20 Mana / 5 sec +150 Armor +5% Movement Speed Unique Passive - Tidal Force: Grants player hero and nearby allies (within 800 units) 20 HP regen (scales with level). Unique Passive - Devotion: Gain a stack of Devotion buff every 30 secondsup to 3 stacks. When a minion dies within 8 meteres of youyou will automatically consume a stack of this buff which grants 20 Gold and 26 EXP and the nearest ally 30 Gold and 40 EXP."
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