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The Immaculate


Gold Cost
Voucher Cost
Max HP3719
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage158
Ability Power0
Max Mana470
Movement Speed380
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeMelee
HP Per 5 Seconds68
Mana Per 5 Seconds17
Mana Per 5 Seconds17
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating6
Attack Damage Rating4
Ability Damage Rating6
Difficulty Rating4


Holy Brand

Every 3rd normal attack, Xeniel deals 4-8% of his own maximum HP as magic damage (+1% at level 4/7/10/13).

Angelic Splendor

Xeniel selects an ally hero to bless with 40% damage reduction for 2.2 seconds as he roars into the air towards the ally hero's location ath the time of casting. After 2.2 seconds, Xeniel crashes down in the target area dealing 300 (+80% of AP) magic damage to nearby enemies, while also healing the ally hero for 15% of their maximum HP and increasing Xeniel's movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.


Xeniel keaps towards the target area, dealing 350 (+60% of AP) physical damage magic damage to enemies in the area, while also stunning them for 1.25 seconds.

Divine Protection

Xeniel forms an enveloping barrier that absorbs 450 (+40% of AP)(4% of his own maximum HP) damage. Xeniel can detonate the barrier after 2.5 seconds by pressing the ability button again, dealing 450 (+40% of AP)(4% of his own maximum HP) magic damage to enemies nearby and reducing their movement speed for 1 second. If the barrier is destroyed by an enemy, then no damage nor movment speed impairing effects will be dealt.

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