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The Demon Hunter
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Valhein Stats

Max HP3592
Armor Pierce0%
Magic Defense141|19%
Attack Damage173
Ability Power0
Max Mana440
Movement Speed360
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeLong Range
HP Per 5 Seconds50
Mana Per 5 Seconds15
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating1
Attack Damage Rating10
Ability Damage Rating3
Difficulty Rating3
Attack Damage173
Critical Chance0%
Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Cooldown Speed0%

Valhein Abilities


Arthur is blessed by the heavens and gains 88 armor (scales with hero level).

Curse of Death

Valhein throws a golden glaive, dealing 150 (58% of AD)(+60% of AP) magic damage and stunning the target. Grants 1 stack of the hunter buff.

Bloody Hunt

Valhein throws a red glaive, dealing 300 (+80% of ad)(+80% of AP) magic damage to the target and enemies nearby. Grants 1 stack of the hunter buff.

Bullet Storm

Valhein fires six silver bullets at once. Each bullet deals 200 (+100% of AD)(+100% of AP) magic damage to an enemy. If a target is hit by multiple bullets, additional bullets deal 40% damage. Each hit increases movement speed by 10% (up to 60%) and attack speed by 8% (up to48% for 3 seconds.

Pocket Glaive

Every 3rd normal attack becomes a glaive with an additional random effect and grants 1 stack of the Hunter buff, which increases 10% movement speed for 2 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

Valhein Guide


Valhein is a ranged hero with the special ability to deal magic damage with AD gears with his incredible AoE damage and crowd control skills.


Passive - Pocket Glaive

Valheins every third normal attack yield additional AP damage and shoots out a glaive with a random effect. This is Valheins core skill as it allows his normal attacks to be with normal damage and effect. Giving Valhein a significant advantage when his other skills are on cooldown.

Ability 1 - Bloody Hunt

Valhein fires a red glade dealing damage to the target and other enemies within range. Bloody Hunt also grants Valhein a temporary 25% movement speed increase. This skill is extremely useful in team fights as it deals the same damage to the target and all other enemies in range.

Ability 2 - Curse of Death

Valhein fires a golden glaive dealing damage and stunning the enemy. This skill also grants a 25% movement speed increase. For Valhein, curse of death is a great initiation in team fights stunning the enemy before dishing out tons of damage.

Ultimate - Bulletstorm

Valhein draws his pistol and shoots out six silver bullets at one dealing magic damage. By each shot, all enemies within range will be damaged the deal maximum damage. Get close to the enemy and fire at point blank.

Valhein can easily kill an enemy once he stuns the enemy. Use curse of death to stun the enemy and finish the kill easily with a combination of other skills along with the effects of the passive.

In battles, use normal attacks and pocket glaive. It deals some initial damage followed by curse of death to stun the enemy while continuously normal attacking.

Activating a passive bloody hunt for a burst of damage get close to the enemy and cast Bulletstorm at Point-Blank hitting all six shots to kill the enemy. The key here is to get close to the enemy once he is stunned making sure that all six silver bullets hit.

Overall Valhein is an incredible damage dealer who can easily carry his team with his stun and massive damage output.


"Mankind's only hope during the century-long vampire war."

Valhein was not born a famous vampire hunter. A pious man, he did not believe in superstitions or folklore. This changed while traveling to Romania to claim an inheritance left for him. The journey robbed Valhein of the possibility of a normal life. Helpless and horrified, Valhein could do nothing as Dracula abducted and murdered his wife. His world shattered, Valehin swore vengeance upon the Nosferatu and his entire species!

"I hereby swear in the name of God that I shall defeat all the dark powers lurking within the shadows. I will battle the vampire scourge until my last breath!" A man possessed,this solemn vow became his singular driving force.

Valhein sought out vampires wherever they nested, and one by one he slew each and every one of them. When the last had crumbled to dust at his feet, Valehin felt a sudden and certain emptiness. An ethereal voice called out to him "You have dared to do what few mortals in the history could have done. You have fought back against the creatures of night and triumphed. Yet darkness takes on many forms, vampires were but one of many. " As the voice spoke, Valehin felt himself renewed. It continued,  "Please lend aid, there are other terrors, demons which only you are capable of vanquishing."

Valhein steeled himself for his new vigil, as demon hunter.

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