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The Stalwart Twins


Gold Cost
Voucher Cost
Max HP3551
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage154
Ability Power0
Max Mana420
Movement Speed380
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeMelee
HP Per 5 Seconds59
Mana Per 5 Seconds15
Mana Per 5 Seconds15
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating6
Attack Damage Rating3
Ability Damage Rating5
Difficulty Rating9


Pooty Poots

Tee starts to build up the gas in his stomach, increasing his movement speed for 5 seconds. During this time, Tee tries to hold it all in for as long as possible (can be unleashed earlier by tapping the ability again). Tee then unleashes a stinky plume, causing all enemies in the area to suffer up to 700(+165% of AP) magic damage and become stunned for up to 1.2 seconds. Cooldown is reduced up to 30% when this hits an enemy hero. Damage stun duration and cooldown reduction all increase as Tee holds in the funky fumes longer.


When a non-hero enemy dies near TeeMee, t he brothers quickly up pick the spoils and give nearby allies an extra 20% gold.

Being a Bro

TeeMee channels their armor's resurrective powers to protect themselves and the nearby ally hero with the lowest health for 3 seconds(can still be used while TeeMee is being subjected to control effects). While this ability is active, if TeeMee or the protected ally dies, they will be resurrected in 2 seconds at the spot they died with 2000 (+250% of AP) HP and full mana. When a hero is resurrected, the resurrection will deal 600 (+80% of AP) magic damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Chain Lance

Mee shoots forth a chain from his lance, hooking the first thing it hits. If the chain hits an enemy, it deals 450 (+69% of AP) magic damage and stuns them for 1 second.

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A Tanky support with two control abilities that aid with both catching enemy heroes and keeping teammates out of harm's way. Teemee has both a strong laning presence and extreme utility in late-game team fights.

Warning: Teemee's ultimate being a bro will make your opponents annoyed And/or confused with despair at how many times they have to kill your allies. We are never going back to the base


Passive - Scavenge

When a non-Hero enemy dies near Teemee the brothers quickly pick up the spoils and give nearby allies extra gold. Scavenges effect does not only apply to minions but also applies to jungle monsters so Teemee can move around the river and earn as much gold as possible in multiple lanes to farm faster.

Ability 1 - Pooty Poots

Tee begins to build up gas in his stomach increasing their movement speed temporarily during this time Tee tries to hold it all in as long as possible. Tee then unleashes a stinky plume causing all enemies in the area to suffer magic damage and become stunned for up to two seconds.

The longer T holds in his funky fumes the higher the damage and stun length Dealt upon release. Pooty Poots can also be activated earlier. Simply by tapping the ability again during its duration. Pooty Poots is a core ability for Teemee with a short cooldown. Teemee can use the increased movement speed granted from this to both rush to a team fight to support allies or escape from a bad situation.

Ability 2 - Chain Lance

Teemee shoots forth a chain from his Lance hooking the first thing it hits launching Teemee forward to the hook target. If the chain hits an enemy it deals magic damage and then stuns them for a second. Chain Lance can be applied to monsters teammates enemy heroes and minions on both sides. Thus you can use it to hook target on the other side of the wall to pass through it.

Ultimate - Being a Bro

Teemee channels their armors resurrected powers to protect themselves and the nearby ally hero with the lowest health for a short period of time. While the ability is active if Teemee or the protected ally dies they will be resurrected at the spot where they died. When a hero is resurrected the resurrection will deal magic damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Being a bro can be unleashed even when Teemee is under control try to always use it when teammates are running low, otherwise, if you unleash it too early or too late it will get wasted.

Chain Lance can easily be blocked or dodged. Try using it while you're in the brush for a higher success rate for an effective combo use pooty poot to get Teemee within range follow it up by using chain lance to close distance and stun. Then release the fully charged pooty poot to stun the enemy again to achieve maximum control.

Teemee doesn't have any poking ability so they should avoid a prolonged melee fight. When pushing enemy towers Teemee can use pooty poots to force the enemy to retreat from the tower and help teammates to take it down.

Flicker is useful as it can help Teemee escape from a fight and can be used together with a fully charged pooty poots as a clutch opener. For Teemee is extremely strong in the early game so they're great at harassing the enemy jungle from the start. Choose pooty poot as your first ability then have allies clear monsters on the enemy side and take their might golem or sage golem to interrupt the enemy's jungler and slow the enemies farming speed.


Tee and Mee lived carefree lives before they became knights. No matter how close the war came to the land of Afata, the clever Mee would always say, "The sky will never fall on me!" Meanwhile, all Tee cared about was eating his fill each day.

Sadly, the good days were about to come to an end. It became harder to find food, what with all of the forest's resources being funneled into the war. The brothers had to get jobs cleaning up the battlefields in exchange for food and daily necessities. Even so, Mee never let any opportunity slip him by. "Finders Keepers!" he would say.

When the humans and the Veda join the war, TeeMee began to find stranger items, teh most valuable of which being the armor of a knight. It was just large enough to fit both brothers and was engraved with the Vedan symbol for "resurrection." The masterpiece was built by Max the Wunderkind. Sweeping (and scavenging) the battlefield may not have compared to the fray of war, but it was still rife with danger. Still, they never in their wildest dreams expected this armor to save their lives.

One day, in the midst of battle, the Lokheim army suddenly retreated. After the opposing army had cleared their troops from the battlefield, they sent in a crew to sweep up the battlefield, TeeMee among them. It was at this time that Lokheim army returned. Forced into battle, Mee used all his wits to guide Tee and their allies on the battlefield, leading them to fight back from higher ground.

And Tee, faced with the threat of death, grew focused and determined. He followed Mee's every command and even put himself bewteen their allies and danger. With the armor's incredible defenses and the power from the engraving, TeeMee held off teh Lokheim army until the army returned and proceeded to crush their enemies.

After the battle, the brothers were showered with praise and gratitude, and it gave them a swell of pride. "This feels pretty good, huh?" Mee cautiously suggested. "I love it!" Tee replied emphatically. And so it came to pass that TeeMee fought in the front line. The brothers came away with their share of ridiculous and funny stories, but it was their determination and bravery that earned them respect.

"We'll make out own path to the stars!" Mee exclaimed.

"To the stars!" Tee echoed.

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