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The Adventurer
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Roxie Stats

Gold Cost
Voucher Cost
Max HP3815
Armor Pierce0%
Magic Defense80|11.7%
Attack Damage170
Ability Power0
Max Mana400
Movement Speed360
Magic Pierce0%
Attack Speed0%
Critical Chance0%
Critical Damage200%
Life Steal0%
Magic Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Attack RangeMelee
HP Per 5 Seconds69
Mana Per 5 Seconds0
Magic Life Steal0%
Constitution Rating5
Attack Damage Rating5
Ability Damage Rating6
Difficulty Rating5
Attack Damage170
Critical Chance0%
Life Steal0%
Cooldown Speed0%
Cooldown Speed0%

Roxie Abilities

Agnie's Grasp

Agnie reaches out, pulls the first target it touches towards itself for 1.5-2.5 seconds (the closer the target is, the longer the duration is), marking the target and dragging it along as Roxie moves. The cooldowns for Wild Fire and Blazing Shield are immediately reset if it hits an enemy hero. Dragging is ineffective against enemies that are immune to control effects. While being dragged, the target ignores obstacles and is immune to other control effects. The target also takes 40 (+4% of target's current HP) magic damage every 0.5 seconds.

Wild Fire

Roxie's boots are infused with the power of fire while consuming 8 mana (+2 every level; tap again to cancel) every 0.5 seconds, and a fire spawns at her current location until she runs out of mana. The fire lasts 2.5 seconds and deals 20 (+16% of AP) magic damage every 0.5 seconds to targets nearby (stacks up to 3 times). If enemy is marked by Agnie, Roxie's health is restored by 1% of HP she lost, (2% if the target is an enemy hero), but this effect does not stack and is only triggered once per enemy hero. Wild Fire's damage and healing effects are doubled within the first 2.5 seconds of using this ability.

Fire Spirit

Every 40 maximum HP grants Roxie 1 ability power. On every 3rd normal attack that hits an enemy, her mana is restored by 8% and agnie puts a mark of the target that lasts for 5 seconds.

Blazing Shield

Roxie gains 25% movement speed and a flame shield that absorbs 150 (+6% of max HP) damage and lasts for 3 seconds. The movement speed of enemies that come into contact with Roxie while her shield is active is reduced by 50% for 2 seconds.

Roxie Tips

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